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here are many an article written on importance of YouTube video marketing as a part of your overall internet marketing plan.


if you are an internet marketing newbie

and you are not doing it, then just take my word for it – start now.

If you are an established marketer

and you are not doing it, what’s the point of telling you about the importance of video marketing… again? You’ve heard it all…  Now get of the couch and do it.

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Now, a lot of marketers did heed this advice and started producing and uploading their videos to YouTube.

Where most of them go wrong though is assuming that their video marketing content will just be somehow discovered.

Not in today’s marketing landscape…

The following YouTube marketing tips will help you gain the right audience, get them interested in what you have to say, and get them to ACT UPON IT.

#1. The more friends you have on YouTube, the more subscribers you will have.

Makes sense, doesn’t it?

However, choose your friends carefully

(I sound like my grandmother now.)

Spend time looking for channels that are similar to yours in content and send your friend invites to their friend lists and, even better, to their subscribers list.

Even if those invited friends don’t end up accepting your friend request, they might at least click on your YouTube channel, and

that click will count towards your channel views.

The more channel views you have, the more “page authority” or “page rank” your profile acquires.

That will increase the probability of your YouTube videos to rank higher for your chosen keywords = more YouTube video marketing traffic.

#3. Watch and comment on other people’s videos.


The video owners are likely to click on your name to see who you are, so at the very least, you will get a channel view.

If your content is interesting, they might even subscribe.

Also, my personal tactic:

I like to check out people who actively leave comments on other channels – that means that they are active community participators, and that’s exactly the kind of people I want as my YouTube channel subscribers.

So if you are active on my YourTube channel, I will definitely check out yours.

#4. Leave comments on other people’s channels.


The same reason as above.


Your channel name in channel comments section becomes a Do-Follow link

(whereas in video comments section it’s a No-Follow link – if you don’t know what it means, Google it; I will also make a post on it very soon).

Thus, you will be getting some link juice coming to your channel

, assuming of course, the channel you comment on has higher page rank than yours.

#5. Subscribe to other high-traffic channels in your niche

Make comments on their channels and videos.

You know why.

#6. Start posting your videos as responses to other high-trafficked videos in your niche.

Your videos don’t have to be DIRECT responses to those videos

, i.e. you made them specifically as a response to that particular one.

Just make sure your response talks about similar topics and does not compete with theirs.

Since most channel owners don’t automatically approve video responses, they’d better like and agree with your video for it to be posted.

#7. One more tip on posting video responses

The more responses you post, the better likelihood that your video will come up the “Related Videos” section alongside  those chosen videos.

#8. Create inbound links to your videos as well as your YouTube channel

This is SEO 101 strategy

: you do it for your website, your blog, your articles, and you need to do the same for your videos.


The likelihood of your video making it to the first page of Google for your chosen keywords is far greater than that of your website.

So optimize your videos and get them to rank high on Google while you are waiting for your website to get there.

#9. Avoid “Related Videos”

When you have a lot of videos and you don’t want other people’s productions to show up in the “Related Videos” section, leave your tags blank or chose several uncommon words as your tags for all your videos.

This will give you a good chance that all your videos will come up as “related” to each other.

#10. If you only have a couple of videos uploaded, then do this:

Copy and paste as many tags as you can from other popular videos in your niche into your own video metadata.

Doing that might get your video recommended as related to theirs.

Well here you go: 10 more YouTube video marketing secrets on getting traffic to your YouTube channel and videos.

Happy video marketing!





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