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A huge welcome to my WP Auto Commissions review!

Thanks to the explosion of internet technology, everyone now can create their own websites and blogs in no time. Even if your website or blog is more of a hobby than a business, it’s always good getting to know how you can generate some saucy income with it!

You have been through all the bitterness to get high quality traffic, solid content and good interaction with your audience. So, if you don’t deploy its potentials for monetization, it is kind of wasting your own resources.

That’s why you should consider my review today about some awesome strategies to monetize your website easily and effortlessly with WP Auto Commissions.

With my understanding about this renowned product creator, Ankur Shukla, the man who helps thousands of newbies successfully build 6-figure income, and my testing experience withWP Auto CommissionsI strongly believe it is helpful for your journey somehow. So, roll down right away to explore the product!


Creator Ankur Shukla
Product WP Auto Commissions
Launch Date 2019-Jun-13
Launch Time 10:00 ЕDТ
Official website
Front-End Price $27
Bonus Yes, Huge Bonuses
Skill All Levels
Guarantee 30-day money back guarantee
Niche WP Plugin
Support Еffесtіvе Rеѕроnѕе
Recommend Highly recommend!


In short, WP Auto Commissions is an amazing WordPress Plugin created for you to monetize your website 10 TIMES in 17 different waysAUTOMATICALLY.

Not just basic Adsense income or Amazon ads or regular old banner ads. This plugin takes things to a whole new level by the following list of monetization methods:

    ♥    Banners Ads

    ♥    Adsense Style Text Ads

    ♥    Adsense Code

    ♥    Amazon Product Ads.

    ♥    Ebay Product Ads.

    ♥    AliExpress Products

    ♥    Walmart Products.

    ♥    BestBuy & GearBest Ads.

    ♥    Clickbank Product Ads

    ♥    Envato Products Ads

    ♥    Automatic Inline Text Link Ads.

    ♥    INFO LINKS style HTML Ads.

    ♥    Viral style Image Ads.

    ♥    Floating call to action + Video Ads

    ♥    Top “Hello Bar” / Info Bar Ads.

    ♥    Slider CTA Ads

    ♥    Popup ads.

Do you want to see in details how exactly 17 methods bring you money? Let’s move on the rest of my review.


You may have heard many times about the name Ankur Shukla, pioneering man in both Internet Marketing and Software Developing. Ankur has a forward-looking vision and deep knowledge in what he is doing. Thanks to that, he has empowered his customers to enhance business valuations and higher profits.

Ankur Shukla earns his reputation for lists of TOP products such as: 1 Click Affiliate Site; Explaindio; VideoMakerFX; The Commission Machine; VideoRobot; Backup Beast, WP Fan Machine, WP Content Machine,…Search randomly a product and you will be surprised that ten thousands sold out together with high evaluation from experts as well as users. His achievements are admirable!

Let’s take a look at his admirable achievements:


To be honest, I am not exaggerating the product at all. WP Auto Commissions covers the most and trending methods for making money online that you can actually profit from any blogs and websites.

Method 1: Adsense Ads – Add Adsense to show ads anywhere on your site

Simply add your Adsense Code

Then decide where to put your ads, float or not, where exactly to display your ads, post types,

Method 2: Banner Ads – Add Unlimited Banners in Posts & Categories

Method 3: Text Ads – Create Your Own Adsense Style Text Ads Coming With Affiliate Links

Method 4: Image Ads – Create image ads with text to show all over your site in just a few clicks

You know, people are easily attracted by stunning images. You can make an attractive offer by using colorful images or something, with a solid content, and you will WIN.

Method 5: Amazon Products – Instantly monetize your site with Amazon Ads

Simply enter a keyword then you have ads filled with description, image, price, CTA, displayed on your site

Method 6: Ebay Products: Recommend Ebay Products & Earn Commissions Automatically

This is similar to method 5 with Amazon products, giving you more chance of earning money from e-commerce

Method 7: Aliexpress Products – Show AliExpress Products Ads on Your Site in Posts & Categories

This is similar to method 5 with Amazon products, giving you more chance of earning money from e-commerce. Remember you can even add more images and information so that your offers will appear more attractive.

Method 8: Walmart Products Monetize Your Site with thousands of Walmart Products

When readers go to the end of your blog, they will see ads of Walmart Products. If they feel interested and click on “Buy Now”, this means that they buy through your affiliate link.

Method 9: Bestbuy & Gearbest Products: Show Ads from top Ecom sites like BestBuy and Gearbest

You cannot ignore those 2 Econ Sites that people love shopping in. Putting ads to promote their products is profitable because they already have loyal customers, which makes it easy for you to sell the products.

Method 10: Clickbank Products: Show Unlimited Clickbank Product Ads on Your Sites

Method 11: Envato Products – Add Thousands of Envato products and affiliate links to the bottom of your site and earn high commissions

Method 12: Inline Links – Turn any text or phrase into an offer link using Inline Text Link Ads

Add any number of keyword and the link you want

Method 13: In-Text Ads – Add INFO LINKS style HTML/Graphics adverts to any text on your site dynamically

This is like an advance of “Inline Links” because when people access the keywords, a banner ads appears with beautiful images and short description for readers to buy.

Method 14: Floating CTA – Add any number of floating call to actions with HTML/Buttons to your Posts

Floating CTA already has CTA button encouraging readers to take action. When they watch the video and realize it is in-demand, they can click on CTA button which redirects them to the sales page.

Method 15: Top Bar – Add a Top “Hello Bar” style info bar promoting new offers and discounts

CTA button comes with the links, which redirect people to selling product sites where they buy the product and you get commissions

Method 16: Add a Simple Slider to show a SLIDE-IN advert with HTML/Graphics

You can customize how Simple Slider looks. The one in my screenshot is an example

Method 17: Popup – Show a Popup ad on your site, on entry or exit, completely up to you

With so many money-making opportunities you can get mentioned above, do you agree with what I have said that WP Auto Commissions is the right choice for you to deploy your website? One more thing convinces me is that, although it can perform that many functions, WP Auto Commissions actually works simply. Please keep your eyes moving on the part to see the using instruction.


After installing this plugin in your WordPress website, you just need some more clicks to finish adding ads into your post. There are 17 kinds right, and I am going to demonstrate one – Inline Links. So sorry for not displaying all but the fact it, they all work similarly. Ok let’s get started

Step 1: Install WP Auto Commissions plugin

Step 2: Choose the method you want to monetize your website

I roll down and decide to add Inline Links

  • Enter the keywords in your post that you want to monetize, then add your aff links
  • You can display everywhere or on specific pages
  • Click on “Save Changes” and done!

Below is the result:

Step 3: Rinse and repeat

You can do similarly with other 16 methods to earn commissions by running ads or promote products


A quick note about the reviews on this site: I am an affiliate for every product I review. The vendors of these products give me them without charge in order for me to test them. However all my reviews are done as honestly as possible and I make no promises to the vendor prior to writing my review. Should you click a link on this site that takes you to a paid product this link will be an affiliate link and I will be paid a percentage of the sales price should you decide to purchase that product.
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