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Viral Clickbank Profits – Make Money With Viral Trends

viral clickbank profits

So what are viral trends? Remember when that girl was on Dr. Phil and she said the world famous phrase, “cash me outside how bah dah”

There was BIG money in that.

Or what about “Damn Daniel….” From Snapchat…..

They made a killing with their social media presence, and you could have profited off of that too.

But how do you profit off of these huge viral trends?


Memes are extremely popular. How often have you scrolled through your Facebook account and see that these memes are the only things that your friends are sharing? Probably very often. Memes are ruling the world every single day.

You can profit off of ANY trend with the help of memes, and it’s all about knowing how to get these memes out to other people and leading them to an existing offer similar to what the meme is talking about.

Reread that sentence again….. “Lead people to an existing offer similar to what the meme is talking about…”.

Let me explain it further:

“Meme about funny subject/trend”

“Existing Offer from Clickbank RELATED to that subject/trend”

“Traffic To That Meme”

$$$Clickbank Cash$$$

There’s several different ways you can do this method, and I have tried all of these strategies below. They’re all a mixture of both short term and long term strategies based on what you’re looking for.

Before I get started with how this strategy works, let’s quickly talk about making memes. It’s so simple and easy.


Because the Internet is so kind to us and we’re living in an age that is so fast forward, we don’t have to worry about doing much work. There are meme and gif generators all  over the Internet. And there are memes already made and all you have to do is add the words.

I use sites like IMGFLIP –

Or Make A Meme –

As you can see, making a meme is beyond easy. Just add in a few words and you got this. Creativity goes a long way for you so remember that.

And when a viral trend is going on, all you have to do is find that image on these sites online and you already have the hard work done for ya.


This is where it can get pretty fun. Finding a product and choosing a niche is something I find where the creativity lies.

So to choose a niche the right way….

I highly recommend doing what I do..

  • Go To Clickbank Marketplace
  • Go Through Every Single Category
  • And Look Through The Top Products In Every Category
  • And Try To See A Product That You Can Make A Meme About


Let me get your mind rolling..

Think of all the hilarious memes you see about those being single…..

You can find a relationship product to add to that….

Think of the memes about being in college and being broke….

You can sell a make money online product with that….


Is your mind spinning around just yet with how powerful this can be?

Now your only goal is a matter of knowing how to promote these memes and gifs, and I’ll show you how to do all of that throughout this report.

I found a hilarious video of a guy sitting in the back of a car as it’s driving giving his daughter a dollar every few seconds as she’s running towards the car….

Talk about legitimate motivation….

So I took that video and turned it into a hilarious gif and added my own words to it as a meme, and I used one of the strategies below to get it the traffic it needed and from that I actually made a couple hundred bucks in like 3 days from that single meme.

So How Do We Make Money Off Of The Trends?

Well, go to your Facebook account and just see what’s happening with the online world.

I always see some kind of America’s Got Talent video gaining millions of views within days…..

You can always jump onto Buzzfeed or any major news outlet to see what everybody is talking about….

As for me, I just stay updated on what’s happening within current events through news outlets or from what my friends are talking about….

Just recently the new Spider-Man Homecoming movie came out and that movie alone is going to have a huge following, and you can easily profit off of that for the next couple of weeks….


It also doesn’t even have to be a viral trend. If you don’t see anything happening, just work with what you are given. Instead, try to focus your time on creating funny memes that could have the potential of going viral, or at least be shared a decent number of times to get organic traffic.

Again, it’s all in the imagination. I hope these ideas are getting your mind boggling and your head moving.


Viral Clickbank Profits Strategy #1 – Facebook


Now just because I said Facebook I don’t want you closing this report and thinking this is a lame secret. I know you’ve heard X amount of things about FB and that it’s an old social media site. Trust me, I know what I’m talking about. I’ll show you what I do to use this site the right way.

This is the core of this report, and it is ultimately where all the money is. Have you seen those posts on Facebook going crazy viral?This is where the money is. With billions already on it, you are sure to make big sales when your meme is shared.

I highly recommend joining these sites but with another Facebook account. Go ahead and create a fake account with a fake name or picture. Stock sites have all kinds you could use. I have another FB account with my face on it just with a different name.

The strategy begins by joining groups related to X amount of niches…..

It’s amazing how many groups there are in so many different topics. Let’s go ahead and choose the “Relationships” niche just for example.

If you go to Facebook and type in “relationships”, you will then be directed to another page but you should be clicking on “GROUPS” at the top.

This should then show you dozens of different groups in this one topic. I recommend joining whatever you feel right with. Don’t be afraid to join these groups and just try to get to maybe 100+ friends after a few days. You can add them from the groups you see. Don’t add too many people all at once. You really only need one Facebook account for this entire method to work successfully.

Once you have joined at least 10+ different groups, don’t be afraid to join in the conversation. Comment on some posts throughout the group. “Like” up some posts you see. Don’t be afraid to engage in these groups. All you need is like 10-15 mins in a day to just engage.

For your first day doing this method, just join like 10 different groups in 10 different niches and try to comment and like up different posts in every group.

Follow that up with a funny meme that you can make. As in, make a funny meme and share it without trying to make any money. This will showcase your realism.

I found that a profile that just posts something with a link in it shows that you come off as a spammer. Try to share some kind of genuine content first and show yourself as a real person.

Do this for a day or two. Don’t get greedy with this.You can also look through how engaging all of these groups are and only be social in the ones that have actual activity.

Once you have already made a genuine post, it’s time to get started. Create a funny meme and find a Clickbank product related to it.

For example, I took a relationship meme and added in the quote…”When you’re so lonely and he doesn’t want to text back…” and it was a gif of a girl shaking her leg in anxiety and anger.

I added in the following in the description of the meme.

“Ugh when he just doesn’t want to text you. I’m so tired of hoping that a guy likes me when he clearly doesn’t. I need to know how to get a guy to text me back already..I wonder if this will help: Clickbank Affiliate ID”

The product I used was something similar to a “text your crush” product.. and I made an easy $100 from that quick campaign. And I had used it on at least 6 or 7 different Facebook groups. I made sure to do them on at least different days to not appear too spammy.

I recommend using a link shortener or any site that it similar to that one.

As you can see, it doesn’t seem spammy. And usually people in those groups who are also struggling with the same problem as the meme feel the struggle.

You can do this strategy on any Facebook group in ANY niche.

Make Money Online is an interesting niche that can be very profitable, but you need to be very careful of not being too spammy with that niche. Usually they’re much smarter about affiliate links. Sometimes you need to change up your approach.

This method is about creativity, but I hope gets your minds and thoughts moving. Gone are the days where you can post these links and you can’t be spammy. Using memes can help a lot.

When it comes down to posting something currently viral/trendy, people are more willing to share that meme to their friends and family, and what they won’t know is that your link is right there and you can make sales left and right.


I once had a meme that was shared at least 150+ times, and let’s just say I made a killing with that single post because of the thousands of people who eventually came across that meme and the affiliate link.

So I hope this got your mind turning. You can scale this up by posting more often to different groups or even having

another FB account, but let’s focus on you getting this started and making money NOW.

Instagram Meme Success – Long Term Method

This is more of a long term method and it’s something many have talked about, but I can show you the real INS and OUTS of this method.

Find One Specific Niche You Want To Target

It could be anything from relationships to funny videos. It doesn’t have to be anything too specific actually.

You’re just going to post your memes and always hashtag them with a ton of hashtags so people can find your account. Don’t be afraid to follow about 30-50+ people per day. Who cares if you’re following a ton of people. The goal is to have people follow your account back.

If you have ever come across accounts like @Bitc.h or anything similar, they are accounts based off of memes alone. I won’t give away my username, but I do have a small meme account that I have grown to about 17,000+ followers on Instagram in the last two months.

It’s a growing account that kind of just takes famous memes and photos from Tumblr or whatever, and I post them. I just make sure to give credit to whomever posted them first. I also post my own memes.

This strategy is more focused on long term growth and success, and this isn’t about spamming or trying to just sell. This is a long term business idea that could help you generate traffic to any website you want to lead people to.

I have used this strategy to even build my list. I would post memes often and when I got to 500 followers and averaged about 75 likes on each post, I finally posted a meme money related and I told them to check out my bio for my website which was a webpage to a squeeze page that said at the top…

“Stop Wasting Time On Instagram and Actually Make Money In Your Spare Time. Submit your name and email and find out how you can earn money right now”

And it was something along the lines of that…and I would delete that link from my bio after two days and do it like 4 or 5 days after.

I would use all kinds of squeeze pages to build my list for things like for my relationships list, another for making money, and one for weight loss.

When you have a meme that goes viral by accident and you didn’t have any plans on having it get so popular that you didn’t even put anything in the description, don’t be afraid to edit the description, lead them to your bio, and the link to a squeeze page.

The goal is to post at least 2-5 memes throughout each day and know that this is a long term method. Eventually, you can promote almost anything on this Instagram account.


I didn’t want to share this only because Teespring is the expected strategy to be found regarding this program for those of you who bought this WSO and have experience.

I won’t share a whole lot about this, but I will give you a few pointers about using Teespring to capitalize off of huge trends.

The truth is that a lot of people still don’t see the power of Teespring as long as you have great designs and a powerful strategy behind it.

You can get a feel for what Teespring is like by visiting their main website, Http://

The overall idea is to first design a shirt, promote it, and use my Facebook strategy or the IG strategy to promote the shirts.

The next time a big viral trend is happening, you can easily profit off of it in an instant by simply creating a shirt about that trend. Of course, there is a lot of creativity involved with this. I’m also not a designer, so Fiverr is a great place to go if you’re willing to invest on a shirt design. Or, you can work together with any graphic designer friends you may have.

Teespring requires for you to sell at least 10 minimum shirts for the company to print it out and provide the shirts and give you the money on top of the fees. In other words, with just a decent design and at least 10 sales, you’ve made a profit. I do recommend having some good backup money before you invest on a designer just to avoid any risks.

And if a shirt isn’t selling, the goal is just to sell at least 10 and you could always go and resell the shirt and just promote it more again another time.

Once the shirt has been designed, use either of the strategies above to get traffic. Might I mention that selling on Teespring using the Facebook group method is sooooo easy because it’s such a simple approach.

For example, one of my descriptions for my Teespring shirt was something like, “OMG…this meme gets me every time. I’m thinking of getting this shirt..what do you think?”

This method is all about two things: good marketing and a good design. If you have a decent design skill, then you are golden. Don’t be afraid to spend some money on a designer if you happen to have the extra cash for it. My best bet is to earn some money selling a Clickbank product and eventually do this when you have the upfront investment for it.

There you go. Viral Clickbank Profits is a mixture of ideas and strategies. It’s up to you now to put this into motion. Do with this information what you will. You can be making hundreds or even thousands of dollars from this strategy.

It definitely is no walk in the park. You can use this report to eventually make more money and start investing what you have on websites, building an email list, and doing everything in between to succeed. In the end, this entire report can be a long term and short term method for making money, but there is no doubt that this system can bring you actual profits and help you make serious cash if you put in the work.

Don’t be afraid to share your success story with us!


A quick note about the reviews on this site: I am an affiliate for every product I review. The vendors of these products give me them without charge in order for me to test them. However all my reviews are done as honestly as possible and I make no promises to the vendor prior to writing my review. Should you click a link on this site that takes you to a paid product this link will be an affiliate link and I will be paid a percentage of the sales price should you decide to purchase that product.
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