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Laia Cardona

, on 16 November 2016

Did you know that your competitors are already using video in their content strategies? According the Web Marketing Video Council’s recent study, 60% of brands are currently using video on social networks.

This type of content is perfect to reach out to the Y Generation (ages 18 to 33) and to create a quick, direct and emotional connection with the user. Which is why I would like to talk to you today about

what Video Marketing is, the latest trends in this sector and how to use it in your social media strategies.

What is Video Marketing and why does it even matter?

As the name implies, video marketing is a digital marketing tool based on using audiovisual images, mainly on the internet, to achieve different goals in a marketing strategy. Basically, it’s about

adding videos to your content marketing strategy.

Another concept to keep in mind is

social video:

a kind of video designed especially to be promoted and shared on social media.

The goal is to create shareable video content (although they don’t necessarily have to go viral), and optimize and adapt them to each social network. Creating high quality video content does require a significant investment of both time and effort, but it is worth it.

Video marketing statistics clearly show that audiovisual content has a

positive impact on sales and ROI:

  • Tweets that include videos get 3 times more comments and retweets than those that don’t.
  • 1 in 4 buyers confirm having used YouTube to look up videos on a product they are thinking of purchasing.
  • 73% of users who watch a video tend to purchase one of the related products.

Video Marketing: a key trend

Video is one of the


key trends of 2016


, and will continue to be in 2017. If we look at some of Hootsuite’s predictions for the next few years, we can see that

video will not stop growing:

  • Today, the average user consumes 66 minutes of audiovisual content per day. The hours spent viewing videos on YouTube per month has grown 50% compared to last year.
  • In 2019, 80% of all traffic will be video content.
  • A person would need 5 million years to watch all the videos uploaded in just one month of this year.

Mobile devices also play a crucial role in this trend. Users are increasingly more willing to consume video on their smartphone’s screen, to the point where

50% of videos are watched on smartphones.

When it comes to Twitter, this number increases to a stunning 90%. Video is also no longer restricted to social networks, and has been amplified and diversified to be shared via many different channels.

For the first time, Facebook overtook YouTube with a dazzling 8 billion video playbacks per day.

Then add Snapchat’s impressive growth to this trend, who now has over 100 million daily active users: more of 60% of the american population between the ages of 13 and 34 uses Snapchat on their smartphones.

Video on social media: which ones are best for your brand?


When it comes to planning out your video marketing strategy, the first question is inevitable: Which network or networks should I focus my video creation and promotion on? To help you out, here are some interesting data about the

most popular social networks for video.


Since its launch in 2005, YouTube has become


world-wide go-to platform for high-quality videos on pretty much any subject there is. Their statistics are simply overwhelming: over 6 billion hours of video are viewed every month.

Its audience come mainly from the Y Generation: young adults between the ages of 18 to 34. To get it right, keep in mind that the most successful videos are around 3 minutes long.


As I mentioned above, Facebook recently managed to take over YouTube as the world’s

most popular video network,

with no less that 8 billion playbacks per day.

One if its bases is the auto-playback feature, as users scroll down their news feed. Facebook reaches out to people of all age groups, but their most common fans are from 25 to 34 years old (30% of its active users). The most popular videos are between 21 and 44 seconds long.

Facebook’s desktop video ads app offers the following options:

  • Automatically play videos in News Feed.
  • Offer a Call-to-Action on emerging videos (pop-up videos) that play on the right side of the page. At the end of the audiovisual pieces is the option included to play back the video or install the game.

In addition, Facebook offers several recommendations to create an attractive video and captivate viewers:

  • Create distinctive content that attracts attention during the first 2-3 seconds.
  • Make use of text that does not need a specific sound to understand the content.
  • Post simple and easy to digest videos with correct and compelling content.
  • Make it creative and 15-30 seconds maximum.
  • The landing page that comes after the Call-to-Action must take creative points be interesting and relevant. Because that is where the visitor becomes a lead or customer.


This network brings interesting news in the video marketing sector thanks to GIFs, its integration with Periscope and Vine and, since 2015, its native videos.

Twitter First View allows for immediate visibility, which greatly increases the probability of engagement. M

aking your video the

first tweet users will


is time limited to 24 hours, in other words, the same brand cannot buy the same space for two consecutive days, for example, in order to avoid frequent users from getting bothered or bored with the ad. Thanks two these two characteristics, Frist View is an ideal way to

launch ads that are closely related to a specific moment:

events, releases and launches, limited offers, etc. and multiply its viral potential.

Twitter is very successful on mobile devices, and can be useful for a great variety of video lengths, from half a second to 140.


The social network king of photography loves video too! Instagram has over 400 million monthly active users, and its audience is mainly female and under 35 years of age.

It launched its video options in June of 2013 and one of its main features is its brevity: initially, its videos were limited to 15 seconds, although they have been extended to 60 seconds.


The little ghost network has already gathered more users than Twitter, and is quickly rising up to Instagram’s level, just with an even younger user database.

Over 1 billion stories are viewed on this network every day, and over 400 billion snaps.

The videos on this network last only a matter of seconds, so if you really want to win over your audience, be quick!

9 tips for your video marketing to succeed on social media

If you have read our article from yesterday, about

what video marketing is, why it is so important to use it and which social networks are best for your brand

(if you haven’t yet, it’s not too late!), you will fully understand why it is so important and beneficial for your brand to be cashing into this fascinating and winning trend.

In that sense, I would like to take the opportunity today to share with you these

9 tips for your video marketing strategy to be as successful as possible on social media.

  • Make videos people will interact with.
    Basically, focus on creating content that people will want and be able to share. Make it as easy as possible and approach topics that people can connect with and reflect upon, that moves them to act or are useful for them.

  • Create emotional content.
    Aristotle said it first: pathos, provoking emotion, is one of the most effective tools to persuade and move the masses. Video is one of the best formats to provoke an emotional response, so use it!

  • Adapt your videos to each social network’s algorithms.
    Think about the different ways social networks like Facebook, Twitter or Snapchat behave when sharing content. For example, Twitter prioritizes latest news and updates, content on Snapchat is fleeting, where as on Facebook you have larger periods in which you can expect users to react.

  • Include SEO in your strategy.
    If your videos campaigns include YouTube in particular, it is vital to optimize your SEO to increase your number of playbacks. Each networks has their own positioning strategies however, so don’t forget your SEO homework!

  • The shorter, the better.
    Although each network has their ideal video length, making your videos shorter will make it much easier for them to succeed.

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  • Use


    to communicate more effectively.


    If you truly want to win your users over, and make them remember your brand, tell them an irresistible story! No one wants to see (and much less share) just “another ad”, so be creative and different, and you will win their hearts.

  • Turn the user into the protagonist.

    For your content to impact a user, they should feel it is talking directly about them. We live in a world overflowing with content, and we have automatically filter out content that we do not connect with. If you want your users’ attention, make them feel like they play a main role in your story.

  • Start off strong.
    One of video marketing’s greatest enemies are “dropouts”. Many users stop watching videos after only a few seconds, so you really need to reel them in right from the very start. The first 30 seconds are key to make sure they stay with you.

  • Integrate your videos with the rest of your brand.

    Digital marketing in general, and video campaigns in particular, are just one other ingredient in your brand and advertising strategy. Create videos that reflect what defines you: your style, values and unique personality.

If you need any help, remember we are your digital marketing agency, and that our goal is to help you improve both your branding and performance campaigns.

Are you excited to start creating your first video for social media?

Top 7 Keyword Guide to Video Marketing

If a picture is worth 1000 words, than according to research a video is worth 1.8 million words. In the age of youtube, netflix, vimeo, and twitch, we can all agree that video is exponentially more powerful than the written word. This trend is clear when it comes to digital content. According CISCO, 57% of traffic recorded corresponds to online videos. This figure is expected to rise to almost 70% in the next few years.

We’ve selected the top 7 most important keywords for you to know about video marketing.

Here’s a short guide, as your ticket into the world of videos.

1. Video Marketing

Starting off with the basics, what defines video marketing? Video marketing means using videos to promote brands, companies, products or services with the aim of increase sales, brand awareness and in general meeting the goals of the company’s marketing strategy.

2. Thumbnails

These are images that appear on the YouTube homepage or google video search. If optimized, these can portray your corporate identity and  increase the number of clicks and views.

3. Storytelling

Storytelling is a marketing technique to create video stories in with which the user can relate. These makes it easier for the user to identify with your brands vision, products and services.

4. Moodboard

A moodboard creates a design theme through textures, images, colors and text. Moodboards are used for orientation of style and a conceptual compass for your video marketing campaign.

5. Call to Action

An in-video Call to Action (CTA) is a request to your viewers to take a particular action after watching the video. Effective call to actions use verbs such as ‘download now’ so that the message is clear. Because you don’t want your viewers leaving you mid-video, the CTA usually comes at the end.

6. Explanatory Video

Video created to show all the benefits and ways of using a service or product, with the aim of increasing the demand of it. It is increasingly used by startups to easily explain what they are and why they should be used. Whether

vertical or horizontal

, these can take various shapes and sizes:

  • Animated videos.


    These use digital characters and objects to tell your story and offerings. Often these come with a narrated voice-over, although on-screen text helps support the message given that many videos are played in mute by default.

  • Live action videos.

    These feature non-digital characters and objects, in other words; real people and a real set. The beauty of real human interaction is that it is captivating. To boost audience retention,  features such as on-screen graphics and messages are used, which help support the message.

  • Testimonial videos.


    These are live action videos with the specific content of interviews. These interviews are generally conducted with anyone close enough to the firm to have an opinion, for example executives and employees talking about their company or customers promoting their (positive) experiences.

  • Screencast videos.

    These are ideal for featuring product user interface (UI). If you’ve ever seen ever seen google’s series of  AdWords tutorials, these show the AdWords complete user interface and highlights key features and value of the product.  Examples are always a great way to formulate an engaging narrative through key examples and an engaging narrative.

7. Video Email Marketing

This is the holy grail of the trending email and video marketing combined. Email video marketing is means sending emails with video content to people interested in your business. These can take form of the various types of videos previously discussed, but to generate conversions try to include key call to actions such as ‘download’ or ‘register’ now.

The world of video is rapidly changing, so we’ll ensure to keep you updated on the the latest terms,

features, and trends



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