Video Marketing for Events: 6 Ways to Leverage YouTube

Video marketing for events is challenging, but it’s growing more important by the day. People often forget or simply don’t know that YouTube constitutes a social network. It only makes sense then that you use this

video stream channel

to promote an upcoming event.

For starters, you should use this site to


a seminar. From there, you have a wealth of other tools for promoting your conference and getting scores of people tuning in both during and after the event.


Include Several Versions of the Event at Hand

After the live stream, you can include the video in its entirety for people to review at their own leisure. However, not everyone wants to view a drawn out video. For this reason, you should upload several edited versions of the original video.

This can be one that just shows the main presentation, or one that just shows highlights from pertinent moments. Likewise, it can show other notable moments, such as the host making his welcome speech, or a segment that shows snippets from the different tradeshow exhibits.

If the event included a high-profile speaker, then there should be uploads dedicated exclusively to the speaker’s segment. This gives the video a vibe similar to those popular TED Talks uploads on YouTube.


Show Different Types of Videos

Your company YouTube channel doesn’t have to be just a collection of videos from past


. Mix it up and show a variety of content. For starters, why not show a whiteboard animation that illustrates your company’s history? How about a random “tip of the day” video to provide some useful, informative content?

Such videos strengthen your viewership as a whole, and videos uploaded in the weeks before an event serves as good marketing content especially if you can tie the video’s content to the event. If the event includes a product launch, for example, then perhaps you can upload a video the week before that covers some of the product specs. You can end the video with an on-screen annotation that takes the viewer to the event registration page.


Actively Promote the Live Link

It’s especially important that you promote the link to

get people to tune into the livestream

. Here are a few tips that cover this aspect:

  • Promote the link on other social media channels at least 48 hours before the event goes live

  • Use the “embed link” on your YouTube channel to copy and paste the code to your website, blog, and other affiliated sites willing to upload your video.

  • Send social media posts encouraging followers to share the link with their respective followers.

  • Encourage staff members, sponsors, and other affiliates to do the same by spreading the link to their own social media followers.


Optimize Your Videos

Yes, you can apply the basic rules of SEO to your YouTube videos. The description and title is where you apply longtail keywords to get the URL indexed by the search engine. This step is very important because YouTube is a very competitive network, with

100 hours’

worth of videos being uploaded every minute.

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To get your video to appear in the search engine results page, it helps to write a lengthy video description, which allows you to get in a few important keywords. To cover a lengthy description, it helps to recap what the video is about. Don’t be afraid to write a description that is 200 word or even upwards of 300 words. This will help you squeeze in your keywords a good two or three times without the description sounding awkward.

On a final note, also be sure to include the keywords in the tags section.


Encourage Comments and Likes

Google doesn’t just rank a video according to keywords in the description. It also takes a number of other factors into account. This includes the total views, number of comments, number of subscribers, the number of likes vs dislikes, the number of shares, and so on.

This is why it’s so important to

be active on social media

to spread word about the video. Your staff members should be instructed to do all of the above, and followers should be encouraged to follow suit.

Not every video you upload is going to go viral. However, if you actively spread the video, then it will certainly get way more views than if you were to upload the video and do nothing else but cross your fingers.


Include a Call-to-Action

There are several ways you can include a CTA in a YouTube video. Consider these CTAs:

  • Add a CTA in the description along with a link to the event registration page.

  • Add an


    . This is similar to an annotation but it appears at the end and is very prominent. The image below is a primary example of an end-card with a very obvious intent:

  • Finally, there are the aforementioned annotations. One way to add this is by having the person in the video telling viewers to click on the annotation below. Be sure to set the annotation settings accordingly so that it appears at the bottom right as the person mentions it and points at the bottom.

Don’t Neglect YouTube

YouTube is just as much of a

social media promotion tool

as Facebook and Twitter. Use it to create an archive of videos for your events. This way, the material can be retrieved for future viewing and reference. This helps promote your event should you have another event approaching.

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