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Using Amazon’s Affiliate Program to Boost Your FBA Sales

Amazon affiliates

Affiliate programs offer a great benefit to online marketers, bloggers, and influencers.  If these affiliates can get people to purchase products through the links they provide, they can make money.

Amazon’s Affiliate Program works in much the same way.  Once an affiliate link is created, it can send people directly to your Amazon product listing, boosting your sales and providing a commission to the affiliate.  You may be making decent sales on Amazon but if you are not taking advantage of their Affiliate program, you are missing an incredible opportunity to dramatically increase your FBA sales.

Amazon’s Affiliate Program offers a number of benefits to you as a seller and anyone who acts as an affiliate.  There is a commission earned through every single sale made through an affiliate link.  And while the commissions are lower than they are with many other affiliate programs, they are applied to every product a customer purchases.  So, not only will the commission be applied to the product featured in the link, it will also apply to anything else the customer buys during that session.  Given the impulse buy tendencies of Amazon shoppers, this is a massive plus for affiliates.

So how exactly does this help you as an FBA seller? Let’s take a closer look:

1) Creates more sales

Amazon is a crowded marketplace and selling your products depends largely on the right people seeing your listing.  This can be tough to accomplish organically which means spending money on advertising or email campaigns to entice new or existing customers to buy more.  This is money well spent, but the Affiliate Program is free and can get you customers from places you may have been otherwise unable to reach.  When you form an affiliate partnership with bloggers or influencers in your space, you are tapping in to their base.  They have built trust with their followers and if they recommend your product directly or have a banner ad for it on their site, potential buyers are more likely to feel that your product is worth their money.  In other words, because these potential buyers are coming to your from someone they trust, and they are arriving at another site they trust — Amazon, they are far more likely to make a purchase from you.

2) Creates more revenue

The Amazon Affiliate Program doesn’t just boost your sales and increase revenues for any affiliate partners, it can increase revenues for you too.  If you sign up and are approved for the Affiliate Program, you can create links to use on your own site.  This is perfect if you do not have your own store already established.  You can create a page the provides all the information a customer might want about your product and either carefully place the link on your page or you could use any number of enhancement options made available by Amazon.  When customers click through these links, you can make money even if they never buy your product.  If they enter Amazon through your link and then go on to browse other items and make purchases, you’ll earn a commission on those purchases.

Affiliate links can also be posted to Facebook and other social media sites, again increasing your chances to make a sale and earn a commission.

Be careful linking to your own products.  Read

Amazon’s Participation Requirements

to make sure you are not unintentionally violating the terms of the program.  For example, it is a violation to use your own links to make your own purchases and you cannot encourage friends and family to make purchases through your links.  It makes sense when you think about it.  It would be wrong for you to make purchases through your link just so you could earn a commission on those purchases.

3) Provides insights

As any successful seller knows, gaining

data and insights

into your customers and their behavior can help you improve your product and your marketing.  Amazon’s Affiliate Program gives you the chance to access some of this vital information.

When a customer clicks on your affiliate link, a tracking cookie is created in their browser that follows them through the site and reports the information back to Amazon.  You are also able to see this information and can look at click throughs and purchases.  If someone clicks on your link, they have likely done so because they are interested in your product.  Whether or not they make a purchase, it is useful to know what else they were looking at.  Keeping tabs on this browsing information gives you an opportunity to potentially expand your product line to include more related products or improve your marketing by providing a deeper understanding of your base.  Anything you can do to speak more directly to that buyer, the better.


Amazon Affiliate Program

is easy and free to use and opens you to increased sales and revenues.  Being a successful Amazon seller means taking advantage of every opportunity that is available to you.  Give the Affiliate Program a try, and since different niches respond to different methods, you may have to experiment a little with the program to find what will work best for you.  But the money making opportunities are there if you are willing to go after them.

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