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Treatment of acid battery by Battery reconditioning

In our day to day life, the use of modern technology has increased. At present we are using several types of different gadgets where we have to use battery backup as well. It is commonly seen that after some time the performance of the batteries start falling and we have to suffer from insufficient power backup or no power backup at all. For this, either we have to spend the hard earned money to buy the new batteries or start depending on the direct power cable. There are some portable devices where the battery backup is very important and without it, there is no use of such devices. Battery reconditioning is a great solution for this. So,

how to recondition batteries


Objectives behind reconditioning

Now you must be thinking that what kind of batteries can be reconditioned and what about the process of doing so. You will be glad to know that you can do battery recondition in a very simple method in less than fifty dollars. Every type of battery can be reconditioned using different types of method. You will need to have distilled water, voltmeter and other necessary gadgets to do this task on your own. This will not take much time of yours and you will be able to save precious money by it. After the process of battery reconditioning, your batteries will be working just like new one without any problem.

Dealing with different types

There are different types of battery around us. You must also know that the method of battery reconditioning is also a bit different for each type. For example, you will have to choose a different method in order to do the reconditioning of the laptop battery and acid battery. Before starting the procedure you must know about the type of battery properly and use the appropriate method to avoid any kind of unwanted consequences. The next thing that you must know is that some batteries have acid and you must take proper precaution while dealing with them.

Why acid batteries are more important

Lead acid


batteries are very common and highly used. They are also expensive and thus it is very important to know about the process of acid battery reconditioning. By doing this, you can run them for many years without compromising with the performance. After the reconditioning process, they will be working just like the new one. You will not need to buy the new batteries more frequently and you will be saving money. But for this, you will know about the proper procedure and steps to follow. You will need distilled water, voltmeter, acid and other necessary items to measure the performance of the battery after the procedure of reconditioning is completed.

Methods and process

The procedure of acid battery reconditioning starts with the removing of removing the battery. After this, you must open the caps and check the water. There are some batteries which come with the additional protection of the rubber. You will have to remove them as well and this is very simple. Just in few seconds, you will be able to do it. You must put all the caps carefully until the process is completed well. You should also collect other material like distiller water, voltmeter and acid at one place to avoid any kind of problem.

In the next step of reconditioning, you must ensure that battery must have enough distilled water. Most of the batteries stop working when the water gets dry and nobody refills them at all. This hampers the performance and life of the battery very badly. Now you must put the distilled water to the required level and put the battery for the recharging. Make sure that you are putting on the recharging for nearly 12 hours in one go.

Great results and measurements

The above-mentioned process will give a new life to your battery and you will be able to use it again just like a new battery. Before using it you must ensure that battery is giving nearly 13 to 14 volts. For this, you are required to measure it through the voltage meter. In case the battery is not coming with any change and not showing the sign of recharging, use the acid. For this, you must take a pack of the acid and put it in the battery. Now you must put the battery again for the recharging process for nearly 12 hours.


There is no doubt that with the above-mentioned process you will be able to get the life back of your batteries. You must also remember the fact that acid batteries are very dangerous to process and it is necessary to take all the safety measures when you are going through this process. Ignoring the safety measures can be extremely dangerous. You must also check all type of batteries and their respective process. Use only appropriate method and don’t interchange them.

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