TrafficWave Autoresponder – Introduction and Campaign Creation

This is Traffic Wave the basics autoresponder video training series.

For this training series I’m building an autoresponder campaign from scratch that will be used to help me sell my product to squash men screwdriver.

By the end of this video series you will have seen all the steps needed to create a fully functioning campaign.

To learn about some of the more advanced autoresponder features please refer to our training wiki page.

Let’s take 60 seconds and talk about the autoresponder subscription process the process starts with a potential subscriber filling out their contact information into a form on the internet.

The common expression for this is a lead capture form meaning sales, lead capture forms are very common on websites.

If you do not have your own website there are also companies out there that will host a lead capture page for you.

A lead capture page is typically a single web page specifically meant to hold a capture form.

Traffic Wave is a double opt-in email marketing company, this means that when someone submits your capture form on the internet, it goes to traffic wave, who then emails the confirmation message that we set up when we created the campaign profile and shows them a subscription landing page.

This subscription landing page tells the submitter that they should check their email in a few moments for this confirmation message.

When the submitter confirms by clicking the link contained in the message they go back to traffic wave who then shows them a confirmation landing page.

This confirmation landing page tells them that they have been successfully added to your autoresponder campaign, these two steps are what makes it a double opt-in process which helps protect both parties from unintentional misunderstandings.

It’s time to create the squash Minh screwdriver campaign.

I’ll click on the autoresponder tab at the top and scroll down and click on create new campaign, this will launch the campaign creation wizard where we will add basic information that we need to get our campaign up and running.

Step one asks me for a nickname description in order to identify my campaign.

I’m selling squash Minh screwdrivers someone called my first campaign squash man an optional description will help me if I have multiple campaigns to set up later.

I verify my nickname and then we move on to step two.

Step two is asking me to set up my campaigns signature tokens, for now we’re going to focus only on the ones that are required for all campaigns a return email name and a return email address as I want them to appear in the from field for all of my outgoing letters and a campaign title.

All subscribers in the traffic wave autoresponder system are required to confirm their subscription before being added to a campaign.

This campaign title is used to remind them of what their subscribing to let’s call it squash Minh screwdriver newsletter and we move to step 3.

The United States can spam Act of 2003 requires that all commercial emails include a valid postal address to be displayed in the footer of  traffic wave.

We’ve done that we’ll do that for you automatically but you do need to tell them what postal address you’re going to use for your convenience.

If you want to use the postal address from your traffic wave profile, you can just click this button and it will fill it in for you, otherwise fill in these steps and we move on to step four.

Step four is asking me to define what campaign subscribe or data I intend to collect, this will allow the system to create correct web forms for subscribers to fill out on my website or capture pages .

The traffic wave  autoresponder system also allows campaigns to collect lots of subscriber information including addresses, phone numbers, countries or even create customized pieces like favorite flavor of pizza.

Today we’re focusing on just the basics which is to collect a subscribers name and email address.

I’m going to choose name in a single field an email address so that my forms will be just two lines ,name and email address ,on to step 5.

Step 5 has me filling in the final configuration settings from my new autoresponder campaign.

Here’s the checkbox to tell traffic wave to send me an email anytime someone confirms their subscription to my campaign, then we have a language preference this is for sending any outgoing confirmation messages or subscriber management instructions into another language.

That’ll make more sense after we look at this next section customizing a confirmation message remember the traffic wave is a double opt-in service, meaning that a subscriber must confirm their desire to join a campaign before they’re in.

This is done with a web link that’s provided by traffic wave, after their email address has been submitted, this small message will be included with the confirmation message.

You can use it to remind or encourage them to click the included confirmation link to be added to your campaign.

Let’s look and see what a whole confirmation message looks like by clicking this button here.

Here’s the section that I can customize followed by a confirmation link as well as a removal link and the can-spam postal address that we talked about earlier.

If I decide to change my language preference to another language say Spanish, then we can see how these outgoing instructions are also changed to Spanish.

This is very helpful if I have a subscriber base that’s primarily speaking another language, it doesn’t really apply to me in this case.

I’m going to leave mine in English, I click this box to let traffic wave know that I understand that this outgoing message is not to be used for links or any additional advertising.

I click finish and I’m ready to start creating letters from my new autoresponder campaign.

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