Tips to Get You Started

Advertising 101 – Tips to Get You Started

Telling Your Business’ Story

Advertising really just boils down to telling a story in order to convey a message about your business, products, or services. Advertising “stories” can be told with words, sounds, videos, or even simply using images.

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Advertising Should Be Focused, Not All-Encompassing Attempts to Reach “Everybody”

  • Keep ad campaigns small and simple;
  • Choose a specific consumer group to target;
  • Do not use ads to promote personal, religious, or political agendas unless that is your business’ mission;
  • Choose a specific product, product line or service to promote;
  • Offer

    coupons, discounts or incentives

    – everyone loves a bargain.

Advertising Requires the Ability to Take Criticism

Business Cards – The Little Big Promoter

Start a Blog

Buy a Domain and Start a Website

Pay-Per-Click and Other Internet Ad Services

Television and Radio

Register with Your Local Better Business Bureau (BBB)




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