This is not another cliche post about SEO

Type SEO on Google.
Yes, you’ve just found yourself in the expert advice ocean, but also those who are probably not, about how to better position yourself in searches, and the number of sites that wrote or continue to write about it is not missing.
Many topics and recommendations have been repeated many times, that they have already become … cliches.
Hands on the heart, there are rare blogs with clearly applicable and practical information.
Therefore, we decided to shorten your pain and shift some of the more important SEO tricks that really help you make your website better ranked in the eyes of Google.

You already heard this. Choosing the right keywords can be crucial for positioning. But first, we need to know how to avoid starting errors.

Trash of popular keywords
From time to time you will find an interesting keyword during your research. But before the “competition” for that word, ask yourself how much this word is suitable for the placement of your company or product itself. The word for which great arouses arose is not necessarily good to use, but you need to consider what the goal behind the “bowling” of that word.
For example, “Google Analytics” acts as a good word for ranking at first glance.
But only at first glance. Why?
Because this word has over a million views per month only on the territory of the United States, it’s imposing, is not it?
Yes, an incredibly lost time for a poor ranking attempt, because in fact, people who have searched already have a clear idea of ​​where they want to end up – of course, on the Google Analytics page. And so your effort to get on the first side falls into the water.
Although, there is still a way to take advantage of these “juicy” keywords. For example, you can use the descriptive variant of the word “Google Analytics”. For example: “How to use Google Analytics”. This syntagma clearly indicates that someone is searching for an online manual how Google Analytics is used.

For cafes, the key words “coffee” and “coffee shop” are certainly required, but are they focused enough on the goal that we want to achieve?
The answer is: not.
To save your time and money, think about how to better describe this coffee shop. You can, for starters, put the site as part of a keyword, for example “a cafe in New Belgrade”.
Remember, demand is not the most important, but relevance, what makes the most of your business, and what will result in the so-called conversion. And that’s different from business to business. Someone is increasing the visibility of the brand, some new users, some increase in the number of site visits or phone calls.

Discover which keywords are used by your direct competitors
And then use them for your site.
Would not it be great to see for which keywords your competitor compete, and how much is the demand for that word?
They are cool, but also possible.
In just a few seconds, using the Ahrefs Site Explorer tool will get you valuable information.
Type your competitor’s domain into the Organic keywords searcher and get a list of the main keywords that your competitors compete with.

The very content of your site plays an incredibly important role in optimization. Content actually forms the basis of a good SEO. As has been said at least 1000 times in various blogs, genuine, interesting and fresh content is directly related to ranking your site. In addition to this well-known advice, we have prepared for you a few more who can help your site to climb a step further on the ranking list.

Use the right case studies
There is one simple way to differentiate your content when targeting a popular keyword.
Use true examples!
Show how your products or services have helped someone in your daily life or how they helped some company solve a specific business problem.
Official statistics and real examples are good for boosting the trust of your readers, but also for building an online reputation for the validity of information.
Link to another site
By linking content that is good quality, with good reputation and similar content, you also encourage the relevance of your site. It also builds relationships with people from your domain of business or interest.
So, here we will leave a link to the blog of one of our favorite SEO gurus, Digital Wizard Rand Fiskain of the MOZ, from which you can learn a lot about optimization.
No. Let’s continue.
It is also important here that we have found a link between the number of external links and Google ranking.
Keep in mind that Google is watching external links when it does not see other interesting ranking items on your site. So do not ever bundle external links and insert them where they are not. Exaggeration can not bring you much good.
Also, it’s important that these links open in a new tab, so that visitors stay on your site.

The term On page SEO refers to elements that are on the page itself or site pages and have a direct impact on site rankings.
We have prepared a few key things that you should pay attention to when these elements are concerned.

Optimize your photos
Did you know that many people, instead of classic Google searches, use Google Image Search?
This is especially important information for those who have online stores because through Google Image Search many can end up on your site.
But there is one problem:
Google is still not smart enough to know what’s really on your photos or thumbnails so you have to make it clear.

You can do this by adding alt text (image description) to all your photos. Google will then be able to read and understand what’s on them and what they are about. If you have a WordPress site, it’s enough to add a description of the photo in the Alternative text field with Image Details.
Another useful advice is to describe the name of the photo. If there is a clown on it, call the file klovn.jpg, not 78920.jpg.
It is also necessary to reduce the size of the photo, compress it so that users can quickly get rid of them.
Why? This is a ranking factor not only through Google Images, but also on a regular Google search.
To make it all easier we recommend the WordPress plugin called Imagify.
With this add-on, you can automatically compress the image and cancel it, and it is possible that even existing photos will be compressed for incredible 50%. What’s it just to save space!

Some domain name contains your brand name
If we are looking at SEO today, there is hardly any effect if there is a keyword within the domain. So it’s better to opt for a domain that contains your brand name rather than an interesting keyword.
In this case, it is better to circumvent the keywords and register a domain that will be interesting to people and who will easily remember.
If you run a business locally, for SEO it is advisable to use a local extension. That’s why i decided on the .com domain and registered

Accelerate loading the site with Google Help
The page load speed is a very important factor for ranking.
First, test the current speed of loading your page using Google Pagespeed Insights.

After the “diagnostic” is done, you will get a lot of recommendations. The sooner you start adopting those changes.
There is a claim that, if we have two sites with the same content and different loading speeds, the faster-loading one will be better ranked.
We have examined this claim and it turned out that the link between the speed of loading the site and the position in the Google ranking list is small, but it still exists. It does not affect much on SEO, but you should pay attention to it.

Link building strategy
You need to create a good link building strategy so that more links on other sites lead to your site. The process of link building is a very long and difficult process, we need to select the relevant sites with which we should build links. We offer you two tips that you can use right away so your site will go one step further in the ranking for the most important keywords.

Steal links that “do not work” (k) from your competitors
Theft of your competitors’ links implies the following:
– Find links that do not work, i.e. leads to removed or deleted content.
– Offer your resources as an alternative.
With the help of reports from Ahrefs Site Explorer, you can conduct an analysis and find links that do not work, Broken backlinks, your competitors in seconds. Go to Ahrefs’s site and follow the following:

Insert anchor text links, but do not overwrite
Anchor text? What is it all about?
Anchor text is the text you click on to go to a page, such as this text that leads to our page.
Recently, a study with 16,000 key words has emerged and it has been discovered that key words used in anchor text still have a major influence on ranking the search itself.
But after more detailed analysis, only one of the three links should contain the key word you want to overcome.
In order not to misunderstand Google, you should not put too many key words into anchor texts. Make sure the anchor texts are different.
It is also important not to put too many anchor texts into your content, contain those key words or not. As you already know, whatever we do, it will do more harm than good.

SSL certificate

At this time, having an SSL certificate is not only recommended for sites where users leave their data, but for all other types of sites. In addition to providing additional security in the form of regular malware scanning and the security that each certificate holds, SSL certificates will provide trustworthiness to the viewer.
Installing an SSL certificate on your site is absolutely one of the things to consider
Google gives little advantage to sites available as HTTPS currently, but in the future it will certainly become a very important ranking factor.
There are various types of SSL certificates, free, like Comodo we offer with any web hosting package, and paid SSL certificates that offer more.
We hope you will use these tips as soon as it will help you better rank your site. If you have any questions or you know about some other tricks that help SEO optimization, share them with us in the comments section.



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