The Top 10 Free Blog Sites for Personal Blogging


Do you want to create an excellent web presence? If yes, then publishing the high quality content online must be your topmost priority. For this purpose, you can create the attractive blogs, which is continuously growing as the most advanced phenomenon in the field of online communication. You can either use the blog for the personal or the business functions. If you are planning to start the blog, then here the various top blogging platforms that can help you to spread thoughts and make money online:


WordPress is one of the best and popular free blogging platforms that is excellent for the bloggers to spread their thoughts. There are innumerable templates to choose from to enhance the look and feel of your blog. If you are not very impressed with the already existing themes and template design, then you also have the option to go for the

WordPress customization

to personalize the blog with your own designs. This particular blog has its own in-built analytics system that allows you to track the number of users visiting your blog. Whether you are an experienced or first time blogger, WordPress is altogether a safe bet for you to establish a web presence.

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If you are a beginner and scouting for an appropriate blog to create your own online presence, then Blogspot must be your topmost choice. You only have few template designs at your disposal, but the good thing here is that the Blogspot allows you to customize the blog and create splendid fonts, images and lots of other important things. With the help of the Google analytical tool available in the main dashboard, you can quite easily track down the traffic of your blog. The notable thing here is that here is that this platform also allows you to earn some extra bucks by monetizing the Google Adsense into your blog. You can seek the

services of the custom web development companies

to customize the blog and enhance its appearance.


Livejournal not only allows the users to create a blog, but also provides an opportunity to expand the social networking reach just by searching for the people having common interests and taking an active part in the community discussions. In this blogging platform, you can comment on other writer’s blog and create your own polls.

Moveable Type

Moveable Type is gaining a vast popularity among the bloggers from the various geographical locations of the world for its advanced features and ability to support renowned social networking websites. It is essentially a

content management system

kind of a website or blog that helps the people to create the best websites both for the personal as well as the professional reasons.

It is another free blogging website that has gained a significant amount of reputation over the years simply for its user-friendly interface and easy to understand features. It allows the bloggers to post their thoughts or ideas, images and videos. It is also combines some social media elements that allows the users to share their content in a hassle-free manner. There are plenty of stunning blogging themes and awesome features that help you to create a fine blog. The best thing here is that you can synchronize the Tumblr account with the various popular social networking websites such as Facebook and Twitter to update your feeds made in the social sites at a distinct location.

It is a popular micro blogging platform that comes with an excellent drag and drop interface to create a best website. It also has the integrated social media functions to spread the blog easily. A very unique thing about this particular website is that you can also use it as a content management system that provides you an opportunity to earn some money by designing the websites for the other clients.

If you are into an education or teaching profession, then Edublogs is an excellent choice for you. With the help of this particular blog, you can not only create your informative pages on various topics, but can also manage other teachers and students blogs in a trouble-free manner. It is not very difficult to use and it also allows you to upload the videos and photos that can be helpful to the people. is getting a lot of acceptance from the people all around the world as it also provides the blog hosting services that come with the unlimited bandwidth, especially for the free members of the blog. The excellent themes and the advanced plugins offered by this particular blogging platform helps you a lot to create a wonderful and attractive website.

It is essentially a community based blogging platform that allows the users to spread their thoughts to the people without any hassles. The blog also provides you with the real-time statistics where you can have a good look at the number of the people visiting your site. You can also subscribe to the blog of the people that are part of your community.

It is a renowned blog that is powered by WordPress. Here, you can make use a lot of attractive themes, post content and upload photos. You can also personalize the design of your blog or websites with the help of the blog customization services provided by many web design companies. A unique feature of this blogging platform is that it offers a forum that allows you to get the answers of your queries on certain topics.

Therefore, if you want to build a brand or just share some knowledge, a good blogging platform will certainly help you to achieve a great success that too without spending money.


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