The Rich Jerk Is Back! He Needs Your Hard Earned Money!

The rich jerk review

It was literally impossible for anyone involved in Internet Marketing to miss the pre-launch hoopla about the new product by a guy calling himself “The Rich Jerk”. Legend has it that he made a killing (several million of dollars) with his original version of Rich Jerk, which was a bestseller of Clickbank for almost 3 years.

Then it went real quiet about the Rich Jerk, not a peep to hear from him for about 6 or 7 years. But now he is back; louder than ever, obnoxious like hell, arrogant, annoying, insulting and outright ridiculous. In short, a big jerk.

Finally, after about 4 weeks of pre-launch hype, the new Rich Jerk was released on October 3, 2015. Let me tell you right off the bat, I did NOT purchase the product. A close associate of mine, who also is a Launch Jacker and Rich Jerk Affiliate, let me have a look behind the curtain, which enables me to tell you what it’s all about. Here is my Rich Jerk Review.

Who is The Rich Jerk?

I know but won’t tell. The person behind The Rich Jerk wants to keep his name anonymous and I respect his wish. I can give you a hint though.

Think about Colonel Sander’s famous, 3-letter

‘Fried Chicken

’ joint without the last letter, then you get the initials of the real name of the Rich Jerk creator. Dig around the web for a bit and look for a not so fresh IM product, released some years back, that got good reviews. Even yours truly bought it back then, used it with good results and wrote a positive review about it.

The Rich Jerk Sales Page!

The video production is great and the sales page is outstanding. I am talking only about the


of video & audio, and the


of the web page. As you scroll down, text boxes slide in from the left or right, from top down or bottom up, images move towards you and back. Not a bad ass design, I admit.

The Content

however, is a completely different story. It has all the elements of the typical Scam Products, we all know just too well.

Let’s start with the video. The person portraying The Rich Jerk is an actor simply named Mr. X, narrating a 15 minute long useless and idiotic clip full of foul language and insults. Of course, the main elements are a rented Mansion, a rented limo, and the supporting staff playing a chauffeur, gardener and an old fart with a walker. 5 different bikini wearing models sitting around the house doing nothing, or cruising with The Rich Jerk aimlessly around in the limo.

Like I said, just the usual stuff to build up hype and false hopes to lure in as many victims as possible. You will even see the former NBA player Dennis Rodman and famous actor Gary Busy making a cameo appearance. However, by far the dumbest scene is when he gets out of the limo and the fake chauffeur hands him a fake sub machine gun, which he then uses for skeet shooting. What a dorky video!

Oh, how dumb of me, I almost forgot. Of course, you’ll see three short testimonials from some guys claiming to have made immense sums of money with The Rich Jerks program in almost no time. And the big master himself DOES talk, even if just for a few minutes, about his product. Not that you will be any wiser what it’s all about, because all you hear is some platitudes like

“Why am I a multi-millionaire and you are not? Because I go where the money is”

and stuff like that. Basically, sitting through the whole thing is a waste of time.

And on we go, scrolling down the sales page, you’ll be greeted with the first insult, and a showing of 4 pictures of what you will never have, because you are too…………………… see for yourself.

There you have it; This is the motto throughout the page, with thrown-in testimonials (videos & written), scantily clad woman, more images of a big “

The Rich Jerk Party at the Playboy Mansion

” where he charged $1,000 admission fee.

And I won’t forget this time. He also lets on, if even just a little, what the program is all about. You don’t find out much though, but besides more of the usual bla-bla, he actually gives some hints of what to expect.

Of course, statements like……………

Newbies will be up and running with a profitable website in no time,

WITHOUT any prior SEO knowledge – even if you have no idea how to

make a website. It takes just 15 minutes to get started and is broken

down into simple step-by-step instructions that even my autistic

Nephew can understand………..

heebie jeebies, if you know what I mean. As if that ever worked, just 15 minutes and your site is ‘profitable’. LOL. LOL. And stuff like the image below does not make me feel any better about The Rich Jerk.

Tired of all this BS? Take a look at My #1 Recommendation……..100% BS free

Ok folks, I am done with my rant about the sales video, the sales page and this Rich Jerk. Let me show you what’s in the package.

What’s In The Rich Jerk Course Package?

The course comes in 4 sections:

Section 1: Ninja SEO Training

For the life of me I cannot understand what’s with all this Ninja crap. Can’t they just call it

SEO training

? Or maybe you get a Black Belt and a Ninja Star at the end of the course.

a look at the rich jerk members page

Anyways, the training comes with

5 PDF files


5 videos

  • Niche Research

  • How to Find Profitable Affiliate Offers

  • Build A Website

  • Content Silo Method

  • List Building

In addition, you’ll get a Case Study about Keyword Ranking.

This section is done by a successful Facebook Marketer. In this Case Study they cover everything you need to know how to make money with Facebook marketing strategies. They summarize it with a 2 hour video that shows the whole process.

Section 3: Launch Jacking

This is a very interesting topic and, to be honest, can be a real money maker IF you know how to do it correctly. What exactly is it? Here is a definition:

Launch Jacking

is the art of successfully riding on the momentum of product


. Why this is such a powerful strategy is whenever a new product


there is typically a lot of buzz, meaning lots of people searching for that particular item (source:


This is a very extensive section that includes a total of 17 modules (PDF and Video) and covers EVERYTHING about Launch Jacking. They teach you from getting the right domain, to how to use WordPress, picking products, creating or outsourcing content, and link building. All-in-all a complete package as far as I can tell from the content list.

Section 4: A Little Bit Of Some Other Stuff

This looks like a “


” bonus to make the package look bigger. Don’t get me wrong; I am not beating this section down. It contains some videos and ebooks from other successful folks showing what and how they did to make good money.

How Much Does The Rich Jerk Course Cost?




$197/3-monthly payments

The Rich Jerk’s Way Of Telling!

Are There Upsells (OTOs) With The Rich Jerk?

Well, he wouldn’t be a jerk if there wouldn’t be more stuff for you to spend your hard earned money on. There are 3 upsells in the area I had access to as non-paying visitor (remember my friendly associate?), but according to the JVZoo sales page, there are 7 sales funnels, meaning there some more.

Upsell 1:

By-weekly Coaching

$197/per month

Upsell 2:

Rich Jerk Software with one-on-one coaching via Skype


Upsell 3:

Rich Jerk SEO Software

$79 and up/per month

My Opinion About The Rich Jerk:

The Pros of The Rich Jerk:

They provide helpful insight into the techniques used by a successful marketer which many folks, me included, are not aware of. Personally, I am not a friend of FB for different reasons, and not really interested looking into that matter. However, if you are an active FBer, the case study contained in the Rich Jerk course may be for you.

Section 3 – Launch Jacking.

This is definitely a topic I am interested in. The beef I have with most of the typical Launch Jackers is that they seem to have no ethics at all. They don’t care if a product is good, bad or outright ugly (meaning crappy or scam), as long as their sales page, and the fake review, bring results and as many sales as possible. I am an affiliate marketer myself, making a decent living income promoting different products. However, I have not, and will not in the future, promote crappy products.

The Cons of The Rich Jerk:

The Sales Strategy sucks.

You may find the video funny, I just think it’s inappropriate. That point aside, there are some statements that are simply not true. To mention just one: Everybody in the business knows that it is


to have a site up and running, ranking and make profit within 3 days.

The Price of The Rich Jerk.

I believe the product is grossly overpriced. Take Section 1 for example. Most of what’s covered in just 5 videos is easily available for less money, some of it even for free.

The Upsells.

Come on folks, gimme a break. You charge $500 for the course and expect members to pay an extra $200 for bi-weekly coaching in a group session, or $79/ and up/per month for the use of a piece of software? Shaking my head about that. I don’t even want to touch the $1,000 for one-on-one Skype sessions with………definitely not the Rich Jerk himself, he may be too busy groping his bikini girls. Darn, I can’t believe I actually said that!

No Mention Of Necessary Investments

Nowhere I had access to could I find any information about investments necessary to run an online business. In essence, cost for domain name (min. about $10), hosting (min. $8/month), autoresponder system needed to build a list (min. $29/month), were mentioned nowhere. List Building by itself cannot be taught in ONE short video lesson and is the subject of many courses (eBooks or videos), which cost anywhere from $50 to several hundred dollars. Maybe this is one of the hidden upsells, who knows?

Is The Rich Jerk Trustworthy?

I don’t know about you, but I ask myself why I should trust someone who not only ‘

prefers to keep his name anonymous

‘, but also chooses a rude and insulting way to ask for my hard earned money, and not just for a little of it. I know this is a marketing gimmick, but still. Even the biggest crooks which ran the largest ever pyramid scam on the Internet were not hiding behind aliases. Just saying.

So, Is The Rich Jerk A Scam?

I cannot call it a scam. The course has definitely great value, in some areas, for people with affiliate experience, looking to take their business to the next level. I am not quiet sure if it can teach total newbies how to start an online business. Although the Rich Jerk claims his course will, I believe that beginners will be in way over their head, feeling overwhelmed and simply quit.

The creator of The Rich Jerk has put together a course that is not half ass bad, and can be of great help to struggling affiliate marketers. I cannot recommend the course to total newbies because important topics are not taught in depth enough, i.e. Website Building, SEO, Niche Research, Keyword Research.

There Is An Alternative:

Let me use The Rich Jerks words.

If you are a Loser and belong to the Little-Person group that cannot scrape together $500 or $600 bucks to change your life, the Rich Jerk doesn’t want you inside HIS member area anyways. He made that very clear. However, if you are serious about building your own online business, are willing to learn and work hard to achieve your goals, I strongly recommend you take a look at

My #1 Recommendation

, where I learned Affiliate Marketing from the ground up.

Happy 2nd Anniversary!

Tomorrow, October 14, 2015 I will celebrate My 2 Year Anniversary as happy member of Wealthy Affiliate, the best online business learning center. Join me, for


and find out what it is all about. It’s absolutely risk free to come in and take a look around. They will not even ask you for your credit card information.

That’s all for today, folks. I hope you enjoyed my little rant as much as I enjoyed writing it, and I would love to hear your opinion. Please, chime in and let us know your 5 cents worth by leaving a comment below on your way out.

Thanks for stopping by

John Worthy

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