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There is so much weight-loss advice, and information on weight-loss around, one can easily become confused – even the most knowledgeable weight-loss gurus.

Truth be told, most advice out there is pretty generic stuff you probably already know.

However today, I am going to share with you some of the most


weight-loss secrets.

Some (if not most) of them you may have heard before, but when you put them together, you may




for success!

So without further ado . . .

The 7 Most Unique Weight-Loss Secrets

1. Variety is


the Spice of Life

Most people believe that having just a little taste of


is okay.

Are you one of them?

It has been shown that indulging in many different foods, or sampling a


of foods, may only ruin your weight-loss results.

Studies show, people who have a variety of foods in their diet may


, which could pack on extra calories.

And this could boost your weight



Plus, people who have




– ate the same foods and limited the amount of variety in their meals.

In order to stick with your weight-loss goals, try to stay consistent with your food options.

2. Power up Your Bland Salad

Do you enjoy eating a


salad at lunch?

Do you then find yourself


a few hours later?

Not that salad is a bad food option, but a


salad may leave you wanting more.

And this could cause you to make a late afternoon visit to the vending machine!

Try adding a chicken breast and some healthy olive oil to your salad.

This will boost your calories – but more importantly – will leave you feeling full and satisfied.

And, this should last you all afternoon, or until your next meal.

3. Fidget MORE

It has been shown that fidgeting – yes, moving your hands, feet, legs, and even thumbs  – may be a great way to increase your weight loss.

Fidgeting is a form of


– or non-exercise activity thermogenesis – meaning that you may burn more calories through the tiniest of movements, and not just by exercise alone.

Plus, fidgeting may also increase


– a potent fat burning molecule – which could improve your body’s ability to shed extra fat stores.

4. Watch Out for Loopholes

The loopholes I’m talking about here have to do with food labels.

For years food manufacturers have been deceiving the average consumer – which could result in extra weight gain.

For instance, for a food label to be considered fat-free – it must have less than 0.5 grams per servings.

And sometimes – for instance in cooking spray – the serving size is so small, that there is no way a person will not exceed it.

When you are out shopping next time, be sure to read the label on your favourite foods.

You may be surprised at what a serving size is – which may be stark in comparison to what you use – and how it could be leading you down the path to weight gain.

5. Slowly Step Away from Your Monitor

Do you feel chained to your computer desk at work due to excessive work demands or projects?

Do you often eat at your desk while answering emails or surfing the web for information?

Trust me, you are not alone!

Most working people find it difficult to step away from their desk for lunch due to the demands of the job.

So they eat in front of their screen, trying to maximize as much time as they can.

And this may cause weight gain if you are not careful.

Studies have shown that people who eat in front of their computer at work may be twice as likely to overeat – due to lack of attention.

And this could seriously put your weight loss in Jeopardy!

The best advice – step away from your desk for lunch.

Unless you are seriously pressed for time, you should be able to step away for 15 or 20 minutes to enjoy your lunch.

This could seriously sway your weight loss results – in the right direction!

6. Have a “Party” Tray

Now, you know that vegetables and fruits are full of fibre, water, vitamins, and minerals,

and that they are great foods for weight loss!

So why not have a tray full of vegetables and fruits in your fridge for anyone to grab?

Make sure you place the tray at eye level, which may encourage people to grab the healthier snacks – in place of calorie-laden, nutrient-dense, snack options.

7. Nothing says Weight Loss like a Chilly Room

Most people – at this time of year – like to bundle up and hunker down for the winter, and this leads to some serious poundage!

If you want to avoid the winter weight gain, try lowering the temperature in your house.

This may stimulate brown fat tissue which could increase



And this could lead to extra calories burned!

It may not be a lot, due to small amount of brown fat tissue on your body, but even a little bit of calorie burn may go a long way towards your maintaining your weight loss goals.

Try These Weight-Loss Tips

If you are serious about

your weight-loss

– which most everyone


– then combine these seven tips, with a sound diet and exercise program, to boost fat-loss and reclaim that lean, sexy body from your youth!

Why not try my

7-day detox plan

to help you get started?!

Jo xx 😉

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