The 12 signs of angels that must be understood and acknowledged

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Angels are one of the most powerful and divine creations that walk this earth. They are made of light, and that light is their pure soul.

Angels around us

all the time are providing us guidance in matters of our


and enhance our spirituality. When the divine nature wants us to realize the presence of angels around, we see

angelic signs

, and that is when we need to understand their clues to act according to the Divine instructions.

Signs of angels’ presence

are constantly being dropped around us to convey messages that they have for our benefits.

These signs, which convey that the

angels are around us

, may vary in form: angel feathers may be dropped around you, flashes may come during meditation sessions, or you may find some number sequences that seem to be everywhere. These are all the signs of angels but these are not the only ones, there are numerous other

signs of angels’ presence.

Disclosed below are twelve

signs of angels’ presence

which you need to look out for to benefit from

angel spirituality




Angelic sign: Feathers

If you have been coming across numerous feathers lately, the chances are that these are angels’ feathers that are a

ngelic signs

trying to tell you of the

angels around us

. The feathers are a sign of angel spirituality calling out to you.

These angel feathers can be in different colors, and each color is a different sign of angels’ presence and their message. The colors can be black, white, red, yellow, orange, blue, green, purple, pink, grey and brown. These

signs of angels

have their definitions. Therefore, it’s important that to have access to the messages these angels carry for you, you know how to interpret these

angelic signs.



Angelic sign: Scent

Have you ever suddenly smelt a sudden scent or fragrance that is coming from somewhere nearby you but there is no source of that fragrance visually present/ well! Here is the clue for you. Whenever we experience an unidentifiable fragrance, it usually points towards the presence of

angels around us.

The scent maybe flowery or of any other type and if there is no direct source available for you to associate that scent with, it is another one of

angelic signs.

However, rest assured! Angels set off a pleasant and memorable scent for you as a

sign of angel’s presence.

A pungent smell does not mean angelic presence.



Angelic sign: Babies and pets

Angels are pure souls that are here to spread love, peace, and prosperity. Angels are sent to guide us for our better future and to help us in difficult times. This is the reason why they cannot be seen by us, the grownups. However, you might notice that at times babies and even pets tend to look in absolutely no particular direction and give reactions that are a mixture of excitement and happiness.

It is considered because pets and babies are almost wholly pure and are not blinded by the spiritual vision like the adults; they can see the angels looking down upon them. When babies look up at the ceiling or in the corner of the room and laugh and clap their hands in excitement for no apparent, it usually means there are angels present. This is one of the

signs of angels

being around us. These

angels around us

can be seen by babies and pets because of the strong connection of purity and love that have in them.



Angelic sign: Music

Although this might not happen very often to you, people have reported sensing the

signs of angels’ presence

when they experienced angelic music or singing from somewhere that was not a part of their physical world. This can also be explained in another way. There are times when we feel like listening to one type of music, or various music scores with similar musical themes.

This is also considered a

sign of angels’ spiritual presence

and their attempts at conveying messages to us. The message may come through the kind of music you heard or you feel like hearing at all times, therefore pay close attention to the mood that the music brings to you.



Angelic sign: Coins

Finding the money, especially in the form of coins, is also considered a

sign of angels’ presence.

Try to recall if you asked for money or any other form of financial help. Or if the images or the numbers on the coins mean something important to you. It might be so that angels are trying to give you answers to your questions or the presence of coins might simply be an attempt to make you conscious of the other

angelic signs

around you.

However, the main meaning of the appearance of coins is that the Divine nature is listening to you, supporting you and is ready to provide you with true guidance. It is a sign of love from the angels and nature. The reassurance of having Divine help with you is why you must make sure you know the importance of

angel spirituality.



Angelic sign: Numbers

Angel numbers are another one of the most important

signs of angels’ presence.

Angel numbers are one of the most common and easy to notice

angelic signs

. These numbers may appear in sequences and the most easily accessible places around you. They may appear as you train ticket’s number or as the number plate of the vehicle in front of you or as anything else of your concern.

Each of these numbers means something different in the context of a personal message for you. Some numbers are very powerful, such as zeros and ones are considered to be extremely power packed. If you see such numbers together, such as 1010, they mean that angels are trying to convey to you that you are heading for great things. There is positive energy around you waiting to be embraced, and you must make bold and strong decision with confidence because you backed by the Divine power.

All these number sequences have different strengths and individual meanings for you. But there is one mutual meaning that all of the numbers have: when these signs appear, they simply mean that these are

signs of angels

and we have

angels around us

with whom we need to get in contact with and understand the messages they are trying to convey to. Those messages are from the Divine power and must not be ignored, and the only way to know of these angelic signs is to pay close attention to their appearance and not take things for granted or ignore them



Angelic sign: Voices

This is an

angelic sign

much like the sign of music that hinted at

the signs of angels’ presence.

If you feel like you have been hearing voices or heard your name being called a few times but you have not been able to locate its sources or don’t know where the voice came from, consider this

sign of angel’s presence.

Yes! You are experiencing angelic spirituality. If you are not sure what the voice is saying, try to connect with your angels and ask them to be louder to help you understand what they are saying. The appearance of this

angelic sign

is an assurance from the Divine power that it is looking upon you and taking care of you. It means you are protected and well guided, and you need to maintain your positivity and be yourself without any hesitation.



Angelic sign: Advertisements

These types of

angelic signs

usually occur when you have already asked for the Divine help. This is when the

angelic signs

appear through mediums of an advertisement or other random signs that may trigger you to notice them and think about the message being conveyed to you. It can be a certain shape or a color that keeps coming your way which is the message or the answer to your call for help. It’s better to keep a look out for the signs of

angels’ presence

because the

angels’ spirituality

has to be sensed and welcomed with positivity.



Angelic sign: Feelings

A human’s sixth sense is a very sharp and clever tool that must always be trusted upon. There are times when we are all alone, and there is no one with us, but yet we feel like there is someone nearby. This means that there are

angels around us

and our giving us

angelic signs

by reaching out to us through our sixth sense. Instead of getting scared or freaking out upon sensing an

angels’ presence

, embrace the

angels’ spirituality

with grace and graciousness. Remember: this is the Divine help that the angels are bringing for you, do not ignore their messages. Trust your sixth sense when you feel a presence and take guidance from it.



Angelic sign: Rainbows

They are the most beautiful and artistic ways in which angels communicate their messages to you. If you have asked for guidance or help from your angels, the angels are giving you the message that your prayers have been heard and you are being supported. The nature, with its ultimate strengths, stands with you and wants you to believe in yourself rather doubting yourself. Do not be surprised if the rainbow is an odd shape or can be seen even when there is no rain.

Such a rainbow is an

angelic sign

. It conveys the

sign of angels’ presence

, which in itself is a special wonder of nature. So do not be bewildered by this happening. The angles are talking to you and sorting out your problems for you. Be grateful upon witnessing such an important thing.



Angelic sign: Change in temperature


presence of angles

makes the environment heavier at times because they are creatures from the other world and totally unlike humans. Therefore, their pure should and the immensely powerful light they hold sometimes meddles with our environment and changes the temperature around us. Therefore, in case you suddenly feel the air around you is slightly warmer than it was or a tad bit colder than it ought to be, stay calm; you are experiencing the

angelic signs

and angelic spirituality

. If it makes you uncomfortable or scares you, think of it this way: The Divine power has been looking over you and has sent you the guidance and support you had been looking for.



Angelic sign: Lights showers or sparkles

Angels are a construct of pure light, which is why another

sign of angel’s

presence is light showers of light or sparkles of colors whose source can’t be determined. Once again, as in the case of voices and fragrance, the source here will be unknown, which is the

angelic sign

in itself. Rest assured, you have the support, and constant guidance of you angels and your angels are gladly protecting you.

Angel’s spiritual powers and signs:

The point of this discussion is that we live in a world that is constantly in a state of jeopardy. We all need constant guidance and protection from the Divine entity, and the most common type of help sent to us is in the form of angels. The angles protect us, guide us and awaken our sense of spirituality through the

angels’ spiritual


To help us understand and acknowledge their presence, we get

signs of angels presence around us.


angelic signs

convey to us the messages of nature and the answers to the questions we have asked for. To take full help from our angles and to accept the nature’s support, we must understand these signs and act upon them to let nature know that we are thankful for the help. Moreover, guidance that has been extended to us and this can only be done by understanding and acknowledging the numerous

signs of angels.

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