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TEWEBSTAR Review by Zoran Simovic

 Traffic Advertising Exchange System

TEWEBSTAR  definitely appeals to the average person because the layout
is so simple but very VERY effective.

It is a clean site with a flawless look, and someone without any technical background would definitely appreciate it.

The layout makes anyone feel comfortable because it is so well done and clean looking. You feel as if you are in good hands and you know that you will be able to find anything you need on this site.

The design is completely professional and  done from scratch.

I love the logo image of the STAR with letter A !.


The site feels great.
Images are unique and so inspiring.
The colors of the images go together nicely.

It is easy to navigate this site because all of the links are right
there on the left hand side, and people without image-loading browsers
can access the links via the text at the bottom which is very handy
and essential for a good site.

“It is a good idea having a highlights section right in the middle of the screen because it is obvious, and all important information can be accessed by the reader easily.”

The content flows very well and is well written.
All of the information is in the appropriate place.

The design is very consistent throughout all of the pages- clean and
easy to read.

The load time of the page is quite fast.
I did not find any typos or broken links, just very well written information!
Overall a Magnificent UNIQUE HAND MADE  site with not only great design but excellent content as well.

Great job MARYANNE MYERS !!!.

TEWBSTAR whats does it for you ! REVIEW

TEWebStar employs the caging of attention to multiple websites you may have – all in one session. This will keep the visitor attention on YOUR stable of websites. Why show just 1 site here and there at random, when you can show 8 sites in a row to a visitor?

HOW DOES IT WORK? For example, a member is surfing and signs up to your site, this means they like at least one of your sites and will probably like your others. When they click to view another site – you’ll have the opportunity to keep that attention because another one your sites will show. PLUS, if someone quits surfing for the day, when they come BACK…. it automatically picks up where they left off on viewing your list of websites.



Again, it shows up to 8 of your sites in succession, one after another. Every member surfing is viewing a different set of websites, it’s not a site wide broadcast of 1 site at a time.

“This will show more of your websites faster so you won’t lose a
visitor’s attention on YOUR sites… making you the Web Star!”


Absolutely. 100% absolutely!
It’s simple, you refer others and you get 50% of the pro sales AND 98% of the sales of “THE BOX” PLUS GET THE $20 HANDS FREE as your referrals grow!!
You can also find numerous Super Web Star’s while surfing and get MORE money/credits for numerous advertising methods, AND get your website banner showcased on every referral page and the members area for a full 24 hours. No games, nothing to collect = it’s back to the basics. You just click “Next” on this easy surfbar to instantly get MORE! As shown in Picture Bellow …

You visit member websites and in turn, other members will visit your sites, that is a TE, period.
They are as old school as Search Engine Ads or Safelists.

It’s that simple and it’s for the little guy on the internet. Traffic exchanges are a valid and easy advertising method to show other people your blogs, websites or opportunities. You can buy credits instead of doing the visiting (in cheap bulk amounts!) or not.

You WILL also reach several different camps of internet marketers, business owners , bloggers, etc as my sites attract all sorts, and into the 10’000’s of members – repeatedly since the late 1990’s.

Bottom line: This site is a straight forward, straight up advertising method that can make you alot of money if you use it for advertising your websites and refer others to TEWebstar.

Just click here to fill out the form to get the ball rolling.

To Your Advertising Success



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