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How To Sell An eBook On WordPress

When you start researching how to sell an eBook, one of the first things you discover is how important it is to build a community around yourself and your product. In this tutorial we’ll not only take a look at the technical side of how to sell your eBook, but also some tools and techniques

Build an Amazon Affiliate Site With WordPress

Affiliate marketing is one of the most popular ways of making money online. Recently, Amazon’s affiliate program has been gaining ground at an increasingly fast rate, thanks to its rapid expansion into a bunch of new countries. With many ready and willing to become affiliates of one of the biggest eCommerce sites in the world,

Yeloni’s WordPress Autoresponder Plugin

Your search for a free wordpress autoresponder plugin ends here. In this article, we explore Yeloni’s free email autoresponder feature that enables businesses to send a free email to their new subscribers. Yeloni’s Wordpress Autoresponder Plugin You’ve set up an effective lead capture widget and your visitors seem to be loving it, you can tell that much

SOLVED: 6 Biggest WordPress Speed Problems

Did you know that WordPress sites by their nature are slow? I’m pretty sure you’ve tied out many optimisation plugins which you tried on WordPress, but still nothing right?   It’s important that you optimise sites for speed to achieve higher rankings, better conversions, better user experience, lower bounce rates & for lowering your ad

This is not another cliche post about SEO

Type SEO on Google. Yes, you’ve just found yourself in the expert advice ocean, but also those who are probably not, about how to better position yourself in searches, and the number of sites that wrote or continue to write about it is not missing. Many topics and recommendations have been repeated many times, that