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How to Upload Video to Pinterest

How to Upload Video to Pinterest Finally, for those of you who’ve been dying to learn how to upload video to Pinterest, here’s your step-by-step tutorial! Many of you have been asking how to get the native video player for Pinterest. Up until recently, you could only get access if you ran a video ad. Things

What are the benefits of editing software in video marketing?

Video marketing is an interesting marketing strategy that put together videos into the marketing campaigns. The business can use video marketing for everything including the building of customer understanding, promotion of brand, goods, and services. Moreover, video marketing is also an effective medium of presenting and promoting customer testimonials, live events and deliver entertaining content

5 Best Video Marketing Blogs to Follow Today

5 Best Video Marketing Blogs to Follow Today 4 min reading Alyona Chernyaeva Customer Acquisition Manager @alyona_cherny Do you work on video marketing campaigns? Think you could use some guidance on how to make videos, master video marketing and learn all things social but aren’t sure where to look for information? These top video marketing

2018 Video Marketing Tips, Tricks, & How-To: The Definitive Guide

What is Video Marketing? Anytime you press record with the intention of getting closer to your business goals, it’s with video marketing. From Snapchat stories and live social media, to the most highly polished corporate webinars, video marketing comes in every imaginable shape, size and format. Think about your other marketing content: blogs, infographics, ebooks,