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Guardian Angels of those born in September

And here now are the Guardian Angels of those born in September, culled as usual from Veronique Jarry’s book Who Is Your Guardian Angel? (courtesy of Tempo’s Ronald Constantino). This group of Guardian Angels belongs to the Family of the Powers, with Camael as Prince-Archangel and Mars as their Planet. Their characteristics are strictness and

Guardian Angels of those born in November

Reader Hannah of Parañaque City is requesting for the roster of Guardian Angels for those, like her, born in November, including Lipa City Mayor Vilma Santos who’s turning 48 (not 49 as Fanfare earlier mentioned) on Nov. 3 and Armida Tita Midz” Siguion-Reyna who’s turning 71 on Nov. 4.Here they are: • Ielahiah (Fourth Angel of the Virtues,