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Creative Ways for Teaching Kids to Love Reading

By Claire Zaruba I didn’t always love reading, but it wasn’t because I didn’t love books. In fact, I loved the idea of reading. Yet it was a chore that I avoided at all costs because I was frustrated. Despite having encouraging parents—who were also teachers—the foundation of my frustration stemmed from being a painfully slow


TEACHING READING COMPREHENSION A Look At Reading Comprehension Strategies Check out our Strategies for Reading Comprehension Page! Check out our Reading Comprehension Worksheets Page! As Steve mentioned on the Teaching Reading Page , comprehension is the only reason for reading. Without comprehension, reading is a frustrating, pointless exercise in word calling. It is no exaggeration

Strategies for Teaching Reading to English Language Learners with Learning Disabilities

Print Resource Cheryll Duquette and Mary Land Description of practice, approach or strategy: Changing demographics within society (and therefore within schools) has resulted in an increased number of students in English-language schools who do not speak English as their first language (Ortiz, Wilkinson, Robertson-Courtney, & Kushner, 2006). A variety of terms have been used to

5 Effective Teaching Strategies for Reading

As you know, reading is a fundamental skill that we all use every day of our lives. From reading the mail to a food menu, to reading your text messages and email, there is no escaping it, reading is everywhere. This makes the development of proficient reading skills for primary learners even more essential —

5 Strategies for Teaching Close Reading with Tech

When we think of close reading, we imagine students wrangling a set of colored highlighters, books stuffed with sticky notes, and text margins filled with hand-scrawled observations and questions. While these methods are essential for close reading, they can be a hassle to manage. Surely technology can offer us an easier way! If we focus on the methods and purposes

Teaching Reading Strategies (Comprehensive Assessment-based Interventi – Pennington Publishing

Teaching Reading Strategies is designed for non-readers or below grade level readers with low fluency, poor comprehension, and lack of decoding skills. Ideal as both Tier II or III pull-out or push-in reading intervention for remedial readers, special education students with auditory and visual processing disorders, and English-language learners. This full-year (or half-year intensive) program provides

The Key to Comprehension: Teaching Reading Strategies

The Key to Comprehension: Teaching Reading Strategies posted January 25th, 2017 by Brian Neese Thirty-one percent of fourth-graders in the United States failed to achieve basic skills on the 2015 National Assessment of Educational Progress reading test. Thirty-six percent demonstrated reading skills at or above the proficient level. In a review of research on comprehension

Teaching Reading Strategies

All classrooms contain students at varying levels of proficiency in multiple reading skills, and individuals’ access to background knowledge is vast and immeasurable. Meeting the reading needs of diverse learners is often cited as one of the most challenging tasks for teachers and parents. This dilemma exists for three primary reasons. 1. Educators and decision