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Orienteering – How To Find North Without a Compass

Mail SS Portal Contact Us News Sponsors ScoutSociety.org only Boy Scout Cub Scout Girl Scout Venture Crew Repository Phoenix Lair Orienteering – Finding North Support Scout Society by Shopping @ Amazon.com Amazon.com Widgets While the compass is part of the scout’s Ten Essentials, I find that scouts will either forget to bring it or destroy

How to Find True North

You can use your watch to find true north. HowStuffWorks If you’re lost during the day somewhere without a map , compass or GPS handy, the best method to find your direction is to look up. The movement of the sun can illuminate your way true north. But to use this solar guide, you’ll need

Ways To Find True North Without A Compass

Are you scared of getting lost in the woods? Well, if you know how to find the true north you shouldn’t be too worried. Knowing how to use a compass in finding the true north is one of the basic survival skills, but what would you do if there’s no compass available? Finding True North: