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Re-Conditioning Batteries is Big Business

What makes battery re-conditioning big business? Reconditioned batteries are quickly becoming the consumer’s first and best choice for battery replacements. According to a representative from one of the leading forklift battery suppliers on the west coast, “the overwhelming consumer demand has created a shortage in the supply of reconditioned batteries”. The reconditioning of batteries is

The 3 Best Batteries For An Off-Grid Energy System

It’s the question that anyone using alternative energy inevitably asks at some point… What are the best batteries for an off-grid energy system? Because of the falling prices of renewable energy systems, more and more people are looking to use alternative energy sources as a way to: Save money Become more energy independent And break

How to Prolong and Restore Lead-acid Batteries

BU-804: How to Prolong Lead-acid Batteries Explore what causes corrosion, shedding, electrical short, sulfation, dry-out, acid stratification and surface charge A lead acid battery goes through three life phases: formatting, peak and decline (Figure 1). In the formatting phase, the plates are in a sponge-like condition surrounded by liquid electrolyte. Exercising the plates allows the

How to Recondition Consumer Batteries in 2018

Table of Content: Why you cannot just throw away a battery Scope of application and types of consumer batteries Battery replacement time and how to determine if it has charge left How to use a battery charger properly #1 Get an appropriate charger #2 Use only the appropriate batteries in the charger. #3 Mind the

How to Restore and Charge MacBook Batteries

MacBook batteries require a process called calibration to restore and charge the lithium-ion battery inside. All batteries eventually need replacing. Provided your MacBook battery indicator doesn’t tell you the battery needs to be replaced immediately, calibration can help you get the most out of your battery. Small business owners that use Macbooks on-the-go need to

WorldWideBattery – Indianapolis Batteries

S ealed Lead Acid batteries, sometimes known by “gel-cell”, Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) or SLA batteries are rechargeable replacement batteries for a range of applications including UPS systems, wheelchairs, scooters & mobility products, security alarms, telecommunications, lighting, portable tools, medical equipment, consumer electronics, lawnmowers, ride-on toys, and more! Lead acid batteries where the first rechargeable

Pros and Cons of Using Reconditioned Car Batteries

Knowing the existing pros and cons of using reconditioned car batteries is something that car owners should keep in mind because doing such is very helpful in understanding that the use of reconditioned batteries has its own benefits. Unfortunately, the available information about the good side of the reconditioning method is limited, and this prevents

How to Recondition Batteries?

I s your rechargeable battery on laptop, vehicle, or cordless device running down quickly? Are you unable to charge the battery of your mobile phone or any other cordless gadgets at all? If you are facing any of these problems then you should consider learning, ‘how to recondition batteries?’ Some people discard their old batteries