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What Is Clickbank University About?

Clickbank is unarguably the biggest affiliate marketing platform in the world. Clickbank is a SaaS platform that provides a proprietary software which enables vendors to promote and sell their digital products. However, the platform did not have an organized training program to teach vendors and affiliate marketers on how to take advantage of the huge

What you need to know about high-efficiency solar panels

When it comes to solar projects, the main goal is producing as much energy in as little space as possible. That’s why high-efficiency solar panels thrive in the residential market, where ideal roof space is sometimes limited. While traditional solar panels average around 16 to 17% efficiency, modules labeled “high-efficiency” are at least 19% efficient.

The Truth About Angels

By Pastor Doug Batchelor The King of Syria was waging war against the nation of Israel. He tried often to attack by surprise, but his army was continually foiled. Somehow, his top-secret war plans were being divulged to the king of Israel. So one day the Syrian king confronted his generals, saying, “Which of us

What You Don’t Know About Guardian Angels

What You Don’t Know About Guardian Angels Many of us remember as children learning the prayer to our guardian angel asking him to light and guard, to rule and guide us. The devotion to one’s guardian angel should more deeply felt than a simple recitation of the prayer and more as a reliance on close,

God’s Army: the Truth about Angels

Picture an angel, right now. Okay, you saw two wings and a halo, right? Perhaps a white robe? Some glowing light? Where does that mental picture come from? Maybe from a painting you’ve seen, or possibly a movie. Do you know that Scripture doesn’t always depict an angel as having two wings? We see six-winged