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Spiritual Development in the Arms of Your Guardian Angel

Spiritual Development in the Arms of Your Guardian Angel – Your Personal Progression

You have taken huge steps forward into developing your relationship with your Guardian Angel. Your Guardian Angel is literally jumping with joy for the connection you have already made and will keep reaching out to make that relationship stronger and clearer than ever.

Look out for 11:11’s as from now on this is your Guardian Angel’s way of saying “Hello!” and encouraging you that you are making progress.

Can I help you?

I would really like you to know that I am here to support you to connect with your Guardian Angel and deepen your relationship in many different ways. Your continued growth and success always at the forefront of my mind.

I would love help you to take the next step with your Guardian with a Guardian Angel Reading. Once you know your Guardian Angel’s name, their colours, their meanings and the number of bands, you are absolutely flying!!

Many students are really encouraged by how close they were and how much validation their Guardian Angel Reading gave them.

Guardian Angel Reading

One to One Personal Sessions with me are the very most powerful and personal way in which I can help you.

I am a Guardian Angel Communicator and I specialise in connecting you with your Guardian Angel. Your Guardian Angel holds all of the details of your life purpose and exists in order to remind you of what you came here to be.

A Guardian Angel Reading is where I recommend everyone begin their spiritual journey and will reveal your Guardian Angel’s name, colours, meanings and details of your life purpose goals and intentions.

Please take a look at full details on my website

Want to Take Another Course with Me?

I have lots of courses ready to share with you here on Udemy, to support your continued growth.

I recommend you take Spiritual Development with the Archangels Part 1 next. If you just enter STARTNEXT15 you will instantly receive the course for just $15/£12

Facebook – Udemy with Ros

I have also created a special place where you will always find encouragement and good vibes only!! The closed group I have created on Facebook just for my Udemy students is ‘Udemy with Ros – Course Discussion Group’

Here’s how to join ‘Udemy with Ros || Course Discussion Group:

1)     Ask to join the group on Facebook


Send me a message through


to say you have just asked and what you Facebook name is.

3)     As soon as I have this from you I will grant you access immediately.


I would like to thank you sincerely for your support me on Udemy and I warmly welcome you to reach out to me personally if you would like me to help you further at

I believe in you, I appreciate you and I am always here to support your growth and success

With love always,

Ros xxx

Ros Place

Guardian Angel Communicator & Success Symbol Expert

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