SOLVED: Battery pack refurbishing with new Li-Ion cells? Opening the battery? – Dell Inspiron 6000

Well I read the same wave-offs regarding my old IBM laptop battery (Ni-my). With having spent $120 on a replacement I figured why not? I had to use a sharp knife to split the seams. It may be necessary to use a heavier tool like a hammer or vice-grip (use your imagination). Carefully split the seams open all round, taking care not to damage the internals. Note that the seams may not for whatever reason follow a straight line. Prise the halves apart taking care not to break them. The battery of cells should be removable at this point. Now for the delay in progress. You probably have no clue as to what to ask for. Carefully measure the dimensions of one of the cells. Draw a rough sketch of the cell upon which to record the information. If you’re lucky there may be a manufacturer’s part number on it. If not, you’ll have to reference these measurements with a distributor’s literature or catalogue to get the right item(s). Sometimes due to progress you’ll find a significant improvement in capacity over the old cells, which can translate into longer run times. As they say, size is important. This all has to fit back into the old casing. Once the parts have been ordered and received, you may carefully solder the new battery together. I hope you’ve been honest with yourself about your soldering skills. A couple clip-on heat sinks may come in handy here. Before you begin, refer back to the old battery. There may be one or more protective devices installed amongst the cells. After taking care to record their position on paper (again, you may want to make a drawing) clip them out so as to preserve them from yet another exposure to soldering heat. You’re going to re-use these. Using the drawings and the old article as a guide, assemble the new cells so as to fit them into the old casing. It may be helpful to tape them together. Scotch Magic Tape worked for me. The newly assemble replacement should fit back into the old case. The plastic “clips” on the case may not hold well now, or may have been damaged upon removal. You may use adhesive to hold it all together. With an eye to possibly (ugh) having to do this again I opted for a wrap or two of the aforementioned Scotch tape. It would be easily removable, doesn’t add too much thickness, and was quite adequate for a battery that resides inside an easily accessible battery bay.

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