Russell Westbrook pushes away Denver Nuggets fan after fan gets in Westbrook’s face | ESPN

With 1.4 seconds left on the clock and the Nuggets inbounding the ball, Russell Westbrook lost Gary Harris on the final inbounds play.

That one second allowed the Michigan State guard to get wide open across the court. When Westbrook realized that the ball was going to Harris, he high-tailed it to try and recover, but in the NBA, all you need is a inch of daylight to get your shot off. As you may know, Harris ended up hitting a buzzer beating three that gave the Denver Nuggets a 127-124 win over the Oklahoma City Thunder.

But the drama wasn’t over. Shortly after the shot, a frustrated Westbrook was walking along the sidelines when an idiot fan stood in his way. The fan, who was on the court, was in Russ’s path and not just that, but was goading the defending NBA MVP.

Westbrook shoved the foolish fan in the shoulder using his left hand as a referee and a Nuggets employee jumped between them. The employee and security escorted the fan to leave the court.


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