Rich Jerk Review: Is this Jerk for Real?

Rich Jerk Review: Is this Jerk for Real?

Despite what you may or may not have heard, the Rich Jerk is not about selling sex to the widows of 9/11.How the brand became associated with that scandal isn’t clear.

What is clear is that the recently resurfaced Rich Jerk does not want to be associated with scandals so if you decide to go beyond the lander videos and into the training library, you’ve gotta agree to the Rich Jerk disclaimer to not hold the RJ brand responsible for what you do with your websites and all your marketing.

Your marketing is on you!

They show you how to do it above board though, so you’re water tight there. You’re just not allowed to take some of the stuff disclosed and twist it for evil marketing with a selfish agenda.

Stay on the right side with FTC and all state laws and you’ll be good as gold.

Think you can manage that?

Good, cos here’s the thing…

The RJ brand is one of those love ‘em or loathe ‘em ones. There’s no middle ground.

To find out which side of the fence you’re on…

Well, that’s what this review of the Rich Jerk is about, so first let’s…

Draw back the curtains and delve into the history of the RJ brand

2004 is when it all kicked off. A simple 47-page ebook (included inside the members area) that quickly become Clickbanks #1 best selling internet money making product of all time, and continues to be a legendary publication to this day.

The marketing was brand new for its time. It’s pretty much what you see on the current website. A schmuck, complete obnoxious dickhead of a guy who goes all-out to cause offense and doesn’t give a rats ass about how people feel.

If that last paragraph offended you, RJ is NOT for you.

That’s the last swearing here though… Pinky promise.

The obnoxious sales page is nothing more than a brand identity. One there’s no other like, and likely never will be because it’s just not considered smart.

Especially in the business world so don’t try and copy the techniques. The training inside RJ doesn’t teach to cause offense.

Fast forward from 2004 when the RJ brand had had its heyday…

2010, the ‘open confession’  came (which has since been removed) from Kelly Felix when he pulled the curtains back and openly spilled the beans of being the snake oil salesman, using gimmicks to get people to put credit on their cards, pass money over to him and he could care less about customer service.

In fact, he admitted to laughing at the idiots who bought from him.

Kelly Felix was that guy.

That open confessional got some heat on review sites because shortly after, the first version of Bring the Fresh hit the market. So the open confession was tipped as a marketing ploy to grab attention and again… sell.

Sell it did, because Bring the Fresh quickly became the go-to resource to learn affiliate marketing, SEO and the ever popular – Launch Jacking.

The training pushes Google to the max because what is taught in Bring the Fresh gets results!


What’s that got to do with the Rich Jerk?

Everything, because Kelly Felix is the guy running it. He’s not pegging himself as the Rich Jerk this time around. It’s supposedly a buddy but that’s probably just to add flavor into the mix because the RJ brand cannot exist without the bad boy look.

Kelly Felix is the one running the show and one thing you need to know about Kelly is that he’s not a jerk. He’s among the smartest marketers on the planet and nowadays, he gives a damn about his customers, his reputation and the success of members who put themselves through his training.

For all we know, the Rich Jerk is a hired Gob! After all, Kelly did start out to become an actor. He’s certainly hired a few for the sales videos.

His training’s online, it’s accessible, affordable (for some) and has a support team inside on their Facebook group.

The Support Team of the 2016 Rich Jerk Revamp

As you’ll have gathered by now, the original RJ didn’t give a crap about customer support. This revamp of the Rich Jerk is a brand reinvention. They run their support through Facebook. It’s a closed private group and all RJ members are a part of it. You just need to ask to join the group.

The team include:

  • Kelly Felix – He runs the show and manages the RJ brand

  • Pyong Kim – Pyongs part is the launch jacking training (massive training collection)

  • John Crestani – Johns part is the Facebook training series

  • Donny Gamble – Donnys part is the SEO training

Those are your main guys who will be active in the support group. In addition to those four, there’s also Matt Trainer and none other than Mogul Ryan Moran serving as an RJ advisor.

For those who don’t know, Ryan has been through a major learning journey and pretty much documented the lot since his early days in his career. He started with Rich Jerk in 2005, moved onto Wealthy Affiliate, became best buds with the marketing genius Travis Sago and now runs an eight-figure business through Amazon, selling white labeled products.

He’s someone to listen to…but enough about Ryan, because his training isn’t what you need to be starting with. Well, you probably should because his simplified approach to business will open your eyes to see the big picture.

He’s there as for investment advice – you know like where to put your profits when you start earning. His expertise is in scaling your business to more profits.

Back to RJ…

The buying process

The first step couldn’t be simpler. When you land on the home page, you’re greeted with a video featuring Gary Busey.

Now, this guys an actor and likely best known for his part in the film ‘The Buddy Holly Story’, which saw him nominated for an Academy Award. In other parts of the world, he’s remembered as being that guy from Celebrity Big Brother. Highly entertaining he was on that show. You can find clips of his debatable best bits on

To find him on a sales page for a MMO product was not expected.

Now, if you were to look at any of his moments on the reality TV show, you’ll know he’s a deep fella. He’s a spiritual guy and all about truths in life and everything happens for a reason. All that funky stuff. His video on the RJ sales page is a good watch but do not take it as meaning RJ is softly softly.

Enter your best email and you’ll instantly get access to the main page and then the fun begins.

When you reach the main video, you have the RJ character presenting in traditional Rich Jerk style. Full of cursing, obnoxious behavior and pretty much being a Bell End.

Also starring in the video is Dennis Rodman, and there’s another guy there – Guys, listen up – do not admit to recognizing the face in front of your missus or your Mom and try to figure out who he is. He’s Ron Jeremy and considered porn star legend, so you may want to ‘not know of him’ in front of your partner. (or Mommy)

What would the Rich Jerk be without starring a porn star and sexy models?

The VSL (Video Sales Letter for those new to IM) is highly entertaining. There’s also five rules they mention – worth paying attention to even if you don’t buy into the RJ lifestyle.

A turn off for the video is that they have disabled controls to pause or rewind. That’s probably just RJ style to peeve you off. It lasts for 13 minutes and 35 seconds and if you don’t want to fall prey to the annoying RJ tricks and get full controls, right click on the video and an option will pop up to ‘copy video URL’. Select that and paste it into your browser. It’ll play the video on and you’ll have all the controls you’re used to. Other than to comment. Those are closed because it is a VSL.

If you decide to hit the add to cart, you’ll have two upsells to decide if you want them or not.

The RJ upsells on offer include:

  • Upsell 1

The first is a done for you package where the team build you 13 websites to get you on the fast track. It used to be ten sites, but it’s since been increased to thirteen.

Having the websites done for you isn’t a big deal with this though. For the price of each site, it’s Dutch cheap so don’t expect much for your money. Where the real sale is, (which John could do better at explaining) is the advertising campaigns you get for your sites.

These are all ready to go Facebook advertising campaigns to plug and go, get traffic flowing, and hopefully get your sales rolling in.

It’s in John’s best interest to be getting these sites converting because he owns his own affiliate network in the health, beauty and nutritional supplements market. The average payout is reported to be $40 per sale and when you’re approved on his network, you’re assigned an affiliate manager too.

So not only do you get access to the support group through Facebook, but you are assigned an affiliate manager to help you increase affiliate revenue. You get that without the upsell too though, so it’s not needed. Basic members just don’t get the advertising campaigns ready to plug and go.

  • Upsell 2:

(Models not included)

This is all about coaching and it comes from all four members of the team. The one missing in the picture is Kelly Felix. It’s priced currently at $67 recurring monthly. These coaching calls are held every two weeks so in essence, the second upsell is private coaching sessions at $33.50 per session, paid monthly. It’s up to you if you feel the need for more in depth support to get you going.

Now with the upsells out the way, let’s get into the meat of what’s…

Inside the New Rich Jerk Training

  • Dashboard

When you login to the member’s area of Rich Jerk, you’re instantly greeted with your dashboard. There’s a quick reminder (or plug if you will) for the upgrade options. Then, there’s a member orientation webinar.

Why that’s there? They must’ve thought it’d be good but for some reason it just doesn’t seem to fit. The only thing it really does is let you get a feel for who’s doing the training.

Watch it if you like, but you really don’t need to. You’d be better spending your time jumping right in.

The rest of the dashboard is about getting your access set up for the private Facebook group, reviewing training, and getting domain and hosting and that’s something you need to some more about.


RJ has a reasonable hosting plan in place that’s customized to meet the needs of RJ members. However, hosting is affordable, and the prices aren’t exactly earth shattering on savings. It’s convenient to run with it, but if you really want the best for your buck, shop around to find the best web host for what you need, when you need it and can scale when you need to cross that bridge.

For the size of the RJ brand and the big names inside it, you’d expect to have a whopper of a deal. For a Rich Jerk, he ought to be better with procurement by leveraging volume sales. Hosting’s a letdown so shop around for a better deal.

Next you have…

The RJ Advisors

The rest of the page is broken up into sections.

The five RJ Advisors mentioned earlier, this section has photos and you click those to take you to their specific training.

PDF Guides

  • Module one is SEO

  • Module two is Facebook advertising

  • Module three is launch jacking.

Each section has PDFs to download and you should do that first. Otherwise, some of the video content won’t make sense. So when you go into any module, download the associated PDF for it, and then work your way through the video training.

A quick note on the videos: The videos are hosted on Wistia and due to the length and the sheer amount, the playback can be buggy. The Flash version seems the most reliable so if you’re going to be pausing, rewinding and jumping forward if you’ve perhaps had to reload the page, right click on the video and select the Flash option. That plays more stable in comparison to the default from Wistia.

Module 1 with Donny Gamble

The first module is about getting you online. In this section you get five video modules and a PDF, with accompanying bonus material created by Donny specifically for the techniques he covers in the training videos.

Important to note about this section is to read the PDF report first. It lays out everything that Donny’s going to cover and sets the stage for what’s coming up.

If you know what you’re doing with site set ups and niche research and about different affiliate networks and the types of payouts available, save yourself over ¾ of an hour by skipping the first few videos or you’ll be bitterly disappointed.

Donny teaches the basic stuff. But then he puts a spin on things to show you how to do SEO without really doing SEO. It’s pretty neat.

Video #1: Walks you through niche research

Video #2: Is an affiliate explainer because this is how you’re going to make money

Video #3: Is setting up your website. It’s basic stuff but he does go into configuring plugins so it’s better than what you’ll find on Youtube

Video #4: Is a silo set up for your money-making content. Donny walks you through some key content components and how to set them up on your site for maximum profitability and the all-important ranking in search engines.

Video #5: Is described as a game changer. Doesn’t sound much in the first half of the video, but give him time because he does eventually get around to putting his unique spin on things – and then it all makes sense.

And that’s it from Donny.

Module 2 with John Crestani

This one’s all about Facebook. You know that place where can you reach a boatload of people worldwide, who’s far more engaged than the Google surfers? Facebook is where the money is and John’s aim with this module is to get RJers making bank through it.

What’s included…

  • PDF Guide: 60 pages

  • 7 Videos

  • Premium Add-On in this module is your done for you ready to go campaigns. This will depend on whether you upgraded or took the RJ basic package.

Video #1: A No BS Introduction

This is where John gets right into it and tells it like it is. No woosies allowed. He does a mega ton of work to run an affiliate network and expects you to be working too. Not long of the nattering though as his core concepts is getting things right in your mindset before diving into the nuts and bolts.

Even if you don’t plan on running advertising campaigns, listen to what he says in this video because it’s why people suck at online marketing, face palm themselves and give up the opportunity that knocks.

Video #2: Covers targeting on Facebook. Even if you think you know marketing, stay with John here as he gives a refresher on direct marketing and totally nailing your target demographics. Then he gives you an over the shoulder walkthrough inside his Facebook ads.

Video #3: A supa dupa follow up to the Facebook targeting, because this is a crash course on copywriting. Years ago, it was all about Google ads. With the newly revised RJ edition, they’ve definitely moved with the times and brought in a guy that knows copy, direct marketing, Facebook targeting, and how to use the extensive data of FB to get mass reach, add appeal to the copy and make bank.

You’re getting the inside scoop as John walks you through copywriting and creating ‘pretend’ ads so you know how to create your own.

Video #4: This one doesn’t make sense from an affiliate perspective. It’s focused on sales, landing pages, and social proof. From the affiliate side of things, the only way it’s relevant is not for you to be creating this type of content, but instead, be looking for any merchants you’re promoting to have all the elements John talks about in this video on their sales material. That’s what will boost your conversions as an affiliate. So you’ve kinda got to read between the lines on this one.

Video #5: This is all about affiliate managers and working with affiliate networks. Sounds like a plug to start with, more so because you know he has his own affiliate network. It’s easy to think he’s squeezing in a plug to get you over to his network. Might be the case but there’s still plenty of insider intel shared in this video. Don’t skip ahead based on bias.

Video #6: This one is all about data and optimizing your ads for best performance.

The only thing to dislike here is the paid software he recommends. It’s pretty expensive and does not fit in with the newbie audience the RJ brand is attracting.

It’s good to hear him step aside from him being an affiliate and tell you to ask for a referral link inside the Facebook group because working together, all members can help each other by sharing their affiliate links.

This is advanced stuff and advanced tools!

John makes a HUGE assumption here that you know what you’re doing with Facebook advertising. However, remember that RJ membership is lifetime and not recurring so you can come back to this when you reach the stage of using it.

There are a lot of mentions about data terms that for those who have never dipped into advertising, will have no clue what he’s talking about. Stick it out though because in terms of knowing what your your competition is doing and how data is gathered, you will learn loads of tips.

You can expect to hear some terms in this video and be opening new tabs to find out what they are. A quick suggestion is to have notepad or a Word document open and any terms you hear that you don’t know what they are, write it down to investigate later. Before long you could have created your own glossary of terms you need to know about.

Another part you’ll want to pay attention to is cloaking. It’s what the video is supposed to be about but it takes a good twenty minutes to reach that topic and when it does, take heed of the disclaimer. Do no harm!

You could do a lot of damage with the data you’re gathering by being blinded by the money and setting up redirects to fake your landing pages for approval.

This is not what’s suggested or recommended so for those who may get greedy – Be warned… That’s just unethical and if you’re caught using these tactics John shares for the wrong purposes, you’re liable to have your account closed. That includes your Rich Jerk account. And as stated at the beginning of this review, you must agree to the RJ terms of membership that you will not attempt to hold the RJ brand responsible. He’s lawyered up so don’t even try to blame it on the training.

Video #7: This is about wrapping everything up and showing you how everything works together. The video time shows you that it’s over two hours long, but by the time you reach the hour mark, you’ll realize you’re actually watching one of those webinars, which surprise, has an offer. So you’ll probably not watch past the hour mark, unless you’re absolutely stoked with John’s video lessons. There are a lot of tips and tricks shared but given the audience RJ attracts, i.e. newbies, his offer is a stretch. Watch video 7 at your leisure but his other six, go through them all. And then again.

Module 3 with Pyong Kim

Pyong covers the launch jacking training and includes a PDF Guide that’s 68 pages long. And boy, does this guy know how to jack a launch… or a few hundred.

For his PDF, for some reason he’s went with some weird font that doesn’t fit into the style of the others, but nonetheless, it’s an epic guide to have up your sleeve.

Overview of Pyong’s videos

Pyong has 17 videos and they’re all awesome!

Video #1: This is just the intro and it’s only a few minutes overview of what he’s going to cover. He does admit he’s not too happy about it because this is what he does to pull in seven figure revenues. So he’s creating competition here. RJ must’ve made him one sweet deal.

Video #2: This one covers the other opportunities that exist when you’re involved in launch jacking and getting your name out there. It goes beyond commissions.

Video #3: This one’s a run through about domain names. If you know anything about launch jacking, there’s nothing new here. If you’ve never heard of launch jacking, pay attention because this is the part that makes it or breaks the entire process if you get it wrong.

And a heads up – when you reach video 7, listen to what he’s telling you about domain names because you’ll likely come back to this one.

Video #4: This one goes over where you can find products ripe for the picking. Pyong gives you ten places and despite what you may think, they are not all in the IM industry.

You can go away from the make money online market and hit other industries. If you do, be sure to stick to what he covers in his previous video about picking domain names because he covers trademarks and how to keep yourself within the terms of service of promoting vendors products.

What’s also good here is he tells you how he goes about picking products that are worth putting your time into jacking the launch of them.

Also, don’t skip ahead of this because all the way through it, Pyong is dropping names, which gives you a rundown of who the big name product launch managers are because in this business, it’s all about knowing who’s who. Pyong talks about that in here but not specifically giving you a list of names.

Like John in his video about sales landers, you have to read between the lines here.

As you watch this video, have notepad open and write down every name he mentions.

Video #5: Continuation from video 4 about finding products to promote. This one isn’t about using the boards that every other launch jacker is doing. This is about finding the underground offers that do not explicitly recruit affiliate partners, which makes them ripe for jacking launches. You’ll want to pay attention to this video if you’re intending to make a real go at this to make some serious bank.

Video #6: This is getting into the researching of products to determine if it’s worth your time and even financial investment for getting behind a product launch. What you’ll learn from Pyong is that when he gets behind a product launch, he goes all in. So do all the big guns making bank from this business model.

You need to determine if the numbers make financial sense, and get to know some other crucial information about each launch. Pyong walks you through the process of picking good products worth you going all in with a launch jack or whether to pass it up.

Video  #7: Don’t be fooled by the title of this video, which is ‘installing WordPress’ because even though it goes through that, there’s some key information in this video you want to know because this is what your competition is doing on high ticket launches. They have an unfair advantage and it’s mentioned in this video. Despite it being about installing WordPress – It’s much more.

Video #8: This is inside your WordPress dashboard and setting it up for the best performance in search engines. It’s how to set your site up to show up in search results.

Without setting your site up with SEO in mind, the rest of the process won’t work. So pay attention to this part as it’s what will make your site visible in search engines.

Video #9: This takes you into the plugins that power launch jacking websites, themes that work and have proven to be able to rank. Some are paid, some are free, but all are easy to use and more importantly – customize.

Video #10: Pyong shows you here him going through ordering content and discusses the outsourcing aspect of it. Important to note here is that when you’re doing this, time is pressing. In the example Pyong uses in this video, he actually has a launch coming up and on very short notice.

He’s only a week to get things in place.

When time is pressing, you will need to bring aboard a writer to help you put things together. When that time comes, you’ll want to know the tips Pyong shares here to keep your hiring smooth and painless. And this is where his video on the numbers making financial sense comes into play.

Video #11: This is an introductory video on buying links. In this one, Pyong shows you his sources. You’ll want to take note of these because it will save a lot of trial and error, and the obvious costs if things go wrong.

Video #12: This is live walkthrough of Pyong buying the links. It’s good to hear him cover the penalization issue because what you’re doing is going against Google terms of service. They frown on paid link building, but – with this, you’re in and out so what he’s explaining to you here is about controlling the link building in a timely way so that by the time your site is penalized, the launch is over. And you’ve made the commissions.

Video #13: This is supposed to be about link building DIY style and the only real way shown is reverse engineering. Pyong does show you how to do that but in terms of coming through and showing you a way to build your own links for launch jacking the free way – No.

Launch jacking moves too fast and that’s why he emphasizes outsourcing links, so definitely budget for links. Video 11 shows you the sources to get your links and they don’t cost a fortune, then video 12 shows you a walkthrough of the buying process.

To be honest, he could’ve left this video out completely and told you in the previous video that if you don’t have x amount to pay for links, don’t bother launch jacking. He does give the exact costs and where to get them and it is cheap! So there’s no reason you should be DIY link building.

Watch this to learn about reverse engineering but don’t expect to get a lesson on building your own links for launch jacking.

Video #14: There’s a bit of jump here. This is about paid advertising and using retargeting to continually serve your ads to prospects. If you are using PPC, you need to know about this because without using it, you are losing money. Basically, if you’re spending on advertising using PPC and not using retargeting, this is worth the price of entry alone!

Video #15: This takes you into Facebook advertising and there is an emphasis on the right products here. This is worthy of your attention when you have the right offer. Videos 5 and 6 goes over researching products so you will know what offers Facebook advertising will work with.

It’s not something you’ll want to do right off the bat, but when you do have a high converting offer and a good ROI, then definitely log back into your RJ account and review the Facebook advertising module because Pyong has a lot of tips to get your advertising dollar go that bit further.

Video #16: This one is all about getting your site performing conversion wise. Getting click throughs on your affiliate links is one thing but getting buyers motivated to buy is quite the other.

In this video training, Pyong goes over a variety of things that he does, which many other launch jackers now copy because these techniques are tested and proven to improve conversion rates, ensuring that the majority of the traffic you send to offers convert into sales.

This is the stuff that put names to the top of leaderboards winning all sorts of crazy JV contests and big whoppers of prizes. (Cars aren’t unusual in contests)

Video #17: In the final video of Pyong’s training series he’s showing you some of his launch jacking sites, explaining how they’re put together the way he does them and then does some digging into other launch jacking websites to show you how other people are doing it with suggestions on how they could be doing better.

RJ Advisor Ryan Moran on Amazon (and ANY business)

Ryan’s a guy who started out pretty much where you’re likely at just now. Selling digital products – be it PDF reports, information guides, recipe books, online training programs, or maybe even selling tangible items as an associate of

Whatever you’re doing, you’re likely doing it as an affiliate and with no product of your own to sell.

That’s where Ryan started back in 2005 with the original Rich Jerk system. That worked extremely well for him, however, over the decade+ he’s been doing this stuff, he’s built his business up to multimillion dollar revenues and that’s because he moved onto selling his own products – physical items through Amazon. Still hands off and fully automated.

In his mini video series on RJ, consisting of three videos, he breaks down the business model into three basic components. The basics of business, where to start, how to grow – and fast.

He distills everything you need to know to understand how your business is going to work online.

It’s worth mentioning that even though Ryan is there as an advisor, you really should go through his training first because he gives you the big picture and where you should be aspiring for when you start out. It’s all about data and using that to grow.

Bonus Module with Matt Trainer

Unless you’re into gambling and taking risks, you may want to skip this. This is a part of RJ that is disappointing because Matt is a skilled coder and super with SEO but he doesn’t cover that.


Rich Jerk Bonus Section

There are additional videos (over four hours) and it’s deliberately not covered in this review because at the core of the information you’re paying access for – that’s from Donny Gamble, John Crestani, and Pyong Kim. The bonus material is chocked full of different strategies you can use to make bank and none are mentioned here because it’s not the point of the RJ training.

Take your pick from SEO with Donny, Facebook advertising with John, or Launch Jacking with Pyong. Pick one of them to start and run with it. Just be sure you go through Ryan’s mini video series so you know the big picture of what you’re doing.

Rich Jerk Overview

Grade A

Pricing: $297 and that’s Lifetime Access

3 x payments of $97 – They do say the payment option may be removed and they likely will because if you haven’t realized yet, it’s cheaper on a payment plan and it’s likely a mistake. It should be $99.

Who’s the jerk now, eh?

Once you’re in, there are optional upgrades. The upsells were covered already but inside there are tools recommended that make your job easier and help you get profits coming faster. None are forced on you as in you need them, because all you need in addition to RJ is hosting. Shared hosting is fine for what you’re going to be doing.

Despite Kelly Felix running the brand, he isn’t anywhere in here providing training. The only place you’ll get advice from Kelly is in the Facebook support group, and if you opt for the coaching. He’s on all the coaching calls.

What you get with the newly revamped Rich Jerk is an entirely different experience from the original as this is a collective of training from experts in each area.

It’s not a general marketer giving you his opinion.

It’s experts teaching you what they know from their experience and successes in what they do every day to crank serious revenues. With the notable exception of Matt Trainer. He’s the only let down, but the other four make up for that and some.

Facebook with John, SEO with Donny. And Pyong… There is no doubt he’s the guy to learn launch jacking from. He’s all over leaderboards and there’s nothing held back in his training. Or the others for that matter.

Since the price is lifetime, it doesn’t matter where you start. When you get the money coming in, you’ll be going back to the members area again…and again…and again.


A quick note about the reviews on this site: I am an affiliate for every product I review. The vendors of these products give me them without charge in order for me to test them. However all my reviews are done as honestly as possible and I make no promises to the vendor prior to writing my review. Should you click a link on this site that takes you to a paid product this link will be an affiliate link and I will be paid a percentage of the sales price should you decide to purchase that product.

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