Red Tea Detox Review – Can Liz Swann Miller Unique Red Tea Recipe Melt Stubborn Body Fat?

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Red Tea Detox review

. It’s a new year and many people are eager to kick 2018 off in style by losing weight. There are many potential diet plans to choose from, and we like to give you the best possible information about the weight loss products and plans available…

And one product we’ve been hearing a lot about lately is the Red Tea Detox, created by Liz Swann Miller. On the official sales page the author claims that this unique Red Tea can help you melt fat, fill full and relax. So let’s dive into this Red Tea Detox review and see if we can help you make an informed decision.

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What Is The Red Tea Detox?

Red Tea Detox is a 14-day diet and detoxification program that’s based on a special red tea with origins in Africa that the author claims can help with melting fat and a number of other benefits. Liz Swann Miller claims to have traveled to Africa and got the recipe from the shaman of a remote tribe. Of course, there’s no way for us to prove this happened either way.

The Red Tea Detox program consists of several books. Here is what’s included:

  • The Red Tea Detox plan, which contains the recipe for the red tea.
  • A 14-day meal plan that spells out what to eat each day of the detox
  • An exercise plan that tells you when and how much to exercise
  • A motivational booklet to help keep you on track and inspired

This is an information product only which is being sold through Clickbank. You’re not paying for the tea, just for the recipe to make it and the supplemental materials.

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Who Is Liz Swann Miller?

When you visit the Red Tea Detox sales page, you learn that the creator of the product is Liz Swann Miller. We had a hard time finding out anything about her beyond

a few books on Amazon


On the page, the woman speaking in the video claims to be a personal fitness coach, but she provides no credentials. We think there might be a reason for that.

It’s possible that Liz Swann Miller is merely a pseudonym. In the absence of any professional qualifications or online listings beyond those associated with Red Tea Detox, we can’t say for sure if she exists or has the qualifications she claims to have. It is quite normal for online authors to use pen names in this business.

What Claims Does the Red Tea Detox Plan Make?

As is the case with many weight loss products, the Red Tea Detox Plan makes some claims about what it can do for you. In this section, we’ll explain what those claims are, and then in the next, we’ll see whether they hold up under scrutiny.

Here’s are a few of the claims:

  • Help you lose 14 pounds in 14 days
  • Make it so that you don’t feel hungry
  • Allow you to lose weight while eating more and exercising less than you do now
  • Reduce stress

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In the video, Liz Swann Miller also talks about some other things drinking this red tea did for her, including transforming her sex life and changing her husband. Those claims are personal and can’t be verified, so keep that in mind as you decide whether to buy her program.

Do The Statements Made By The Red Tea Detox Plan Hold Up?

Now, it’s time to review a few of the statements made by the Red Tea Detox Plan and ask if there is scientific evidence to support them. We’ll also talk about whether these claims are realistic given what we know about healthy weight loss.

Statment #1: Helps You Lose 14 Pounds in 14 Days

The first statement is that drinking this tea and following the detox plan will help you lose 14 pounds in 14 days. In our opinion, this claim isn’t possible to verify, Here’s why:

  1. Most doctors and nutritionists agree that

    losing one or two pounds a week

    is healthy.

  2. Weight loss results can vary greatly from person to person. There are various factors that play a role, including age, genetics and if the person follows the program and instructions. Losing 14-pound in 14 days loss sets up an unrealistic expectation for the average person.

While it’s certainly possible that some people who try this plan may lose 14 pounds, not everybody will. So just keep this in mind, but even if only one or two pounds a week is loss than you’re still making progress every week. As with the majority of most online programs, the key is to stick with the plan and see it through till completion.

Statement #2: Makes It So You Don’t Feel Hungry

The second claim the sales video makes is that drinking the special red tea recipe that comes with the plan will take away your hunger. If that were true, it could explain the rapid weight loss, but hunger is subjective. It’s not normal never to feel hungry. Hunger is your body signaling you that you need nutrients.

I feel this is more of a wording issue with the sales page. The tea does tend to fill you up compared to drinking sodas and fruit juices which can be loaded with sugar and leave you wanting more. And I think that is what the author meant.

Statment #3: Eat More/Exercise Less

Our issue with this claim is that, again, it’s subjective. A person who currently overeats to an unhealthy level probably isn’t going to be able to eat more than they do now and lose weight. Likewise, a person who doesn’t exercise at all can’t exercise less.

What is true is that if you fill your diet with healthy foods, you can eat a higher volume of food than if you stuck to processed and fast food. It’s also true that some workouts are more efficient than others. And this can result in exercising less and getting more benefits in less time. So just something to keep in mind.

Statement #4: Reduce Stress

There’s no doubt that stress is a killer.

It can cause people to gain weight

. However, stress may be caused by many things. No one solution can entirely rid you of all stress. But…

Drinking red tea may help with oxidative stress due to its antioxidant properties. However, it certainly can’t eliminate situational stress.

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Red Tea Detox Plan Ingredients

It’s hard to dive deeper into this subject because there is little information available about the ingredients in the red tea that is the heart of the Red Tea Detox Plan. The website says the tea has five ingredients, but only one of them is named – and then, only indirectly.

The named ingredient is aspalathin, one of the key components of rooibos red tea. Since that’s what we have to work with, let’s see what consuming aspalathin can do.

  1. It’s effective at scavenging

    some free radicals such as DPPA

    , but less effective than other antioxidants when it comes to prevent lipid oxidation.

  2. Likewise, it has

    similar properties

    when compared to black tea and green tea.

  3. The aspalathin in rooibos increases the body’s

    uptake of glucose

    and reduced blood glucose levels in diabetic primates.

  4. Rooibos has an effect on hormones – but it may not be a good one. One study found that female pigs who were given rooibos experienced

    reduced ovarian function


  5. There is some evidence that aspalathin consumption leads to weight loss when

    combined with a reduction in food intake


The takeaway here is that there are some health benefits to drinking rooibos tea, but there have been very few studies that involve human subjects. More research is needed before anyone can say definitively that drinking red tea will help you lose weight.

The price of the Red Tea Detox Plan is currently $37. That works out to less than $10 per book. Everyone who purchases is also protected with a 60-day money back guarantee. If you’re not happy just contact Clickbank and they will refund your purchase with no questions asked.

Click Here To Visit The Official Red Tea Detox Website

Red Tea Detox Review Conclusion

Our final take is that there may be some health benefits to The Red Tea Detox Plan, but we expect that the results will vary significantly from person to person. I’m a huge fan of green tea due to its benefits and fat-burning effect and I think this unique red tea detox could be a good “tool” to help aid in your weight loss effort.

As with most online programs, I feel the marketing is very strong, but the red tea itself can be a solid and much healthier alternative than drinks like fruit juices, sodas, and energy drinks. If you want to give The Red Tea Detox Plan a try we recommend you

check out their official website here


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