Reasons your energy bills are about to skyrocket

3 Reasons your energy bills are about to skyrocket! And what you can do now to prevent this…

Are you sick of your energy bills going up every month?


Are you sick of seeing all the money you worked so hard for going to pay for your ever-increasing energy bill?

We all are.

But here’s the big secret the Big Energy companies and congress don’t want you to know…

Your energy bills are about to go up more …a lot more.

Not in 20 years, not in 5 years …Soon.

99.99% of Americans will be hit with these skyrocketing energy rates …But there is a way for you to prevent this by just doing something easy now – ahead of time.

First, let’s talk about the 3 reasons your energy bills are about to SKYROCKET…

Reason 1Our country’s cheapest and most abundant supply of energy is Coal…

But it’s about to be cut-off by the Obama administration and the EPA…

Coal is the main source of electricity for the US power grid. It is currently used for more than 40% of our nation’s electricity because it’s cheap and abundant and can be stored very easily.

However, most of the coal-fired plants in the U.S. will have to close down soon because of brand new EPA regulations that the Obama administration just got passed.

Do you remember when President Obama said “Under my plan electricity rates would necessarily skyrocket” (the video is to the right)? Well, he was referring to when “his plan” forced coal-fired plants to shut down.

…And that’s exactly what is just about to happen! Which means just like he promised, “electricity rates will necessarily skyrocket” soon.

These new EPA regulations are going to start going into effect very soon …it’s not just talk and politics anymore. It’s real!

…and because it will cost the “Big Energy” companies a lot more now to provide you with electricity – they will pass these costs on to you.

Daniel Kish (senior vice president of the Institute for Energy Research) recently said, “everywhere you turn, there are proposals and regulations to make prices go higher.” And every study out there predicts energy prices for American’s are going to skyrocket by 35%-70% in the next couple years …and unfortunately this will affect every American.


Many American’s are starting to see the writing on the wall though. They’re not panicking but are instead doing the most rational and smart thing they can and preparing now by producing their own cheap, renewable power supply at home.

And as if closing down our country’s coal-fired plants wasn’t enough, there are also many new federal regulations on toxic emissions, greenhouse gases …as well as other state mandates for renewable power that were just passed that will drive up the cost of electricity even further.

Reason 2: Our Country’s Energy Grid is Rapidly Aging…

And everyone who still pays for their electricity will be forced to chip in to
pay for the $673 billion worth of upgrades it desperately needs…

Our country’s energy grid is extremely old and rapidly aging (some of it dating back to the 1880s)!

In fact, the American Society of Civil Engineers just gave our energy grid a grade of a D+ (very poor)

They also said that the grid needs $673 billion worth of urgent upgrades and repairs …or we could be facing a widespread power crisis.


The problem is, the Government and power companies don’t want to foot this bill…

But something has to be done soon because every day the grid gets worse and becomes more and more susceptible to bad weather, increased power demands, and even terrorist/cyber-attacks.

What does this mean for you? …Well, the power companies DO have to fix and update the grid – otherwise there will be a widespread power crisis…

And guess who will foot this bill? The Government? The energy companies? …Of course not!

You will! …in the form of much higher energy rates.

But you don’t have to be helpless and take this! Because you take matters into your own hands now and instead easily and cheaply produce your own power at home.

Reason 3: Demand for Energy is Increasing Exponentially…

Not only is the supply for cheap energy shrinking (because of the new EPA regulations we already talked about); the demand for energy has been increasing exponentially over the past 15 years – and this trend is only going to exponentially increase.


Think about it…

American’s now want bigger and bigger homes, larger appliances, huge TVs and we are constantly “plugged in”.

Do you think this trend will increase or decrease? Without a doubt it will increase.

And economics 101 tells us that when demand goes up and supply goes down – prices go up.

Unfortunately, there’s really no way to sugarcoat it …energy prices will skyrocket for every American in the coming months and years – which is also the reasons so many Americans are starting to look into a cheaper way to get their power.

Is there a better way?…

Until recently there was not…

You used to have to just suck it up and pay whatever “Big Energy” charged you each month on your energy bills. The old alternative was to produce your own power at home with residential solar panels or wind turbines …but until recently this used to be way too expensive for the average family (Just to purchase a solar panel system used to cost more than the average family made in 1 year!)…

But a really unique new method completely changes this and now allows absolutely anyone to easily make their own free, renewable, and clean energy at home.

And when I say this method is easy …I do mean easy!

So far, I have used this trick and many other families all over the U.S. have used it too.

And if you’re someone who wants to:

  • Dramatically lower your energy bills
  • Stop waiting helplessly for when electricity rates skyrocket
  • Become more energy independent
  • And end your total reliance on our country’s aging energy grid and “Big Energy”…

…then you should check out this short presentation.

Watch it now though because I don’t know how long it will be up because the “Big Energy” companies are not going to like people knowing about this easy (and totally legal) new method to lower their energy bills.

I mean, you can browse the internet for the next few minutes or you can do something that can have a great impact on your life (and pocketbook)! Check it out!


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