Pros and Cons of Using Reconditioned Car Batteries

Knowing the existing pros and cons of using reconditioned car batteries is something that car owners should keep in mind because doing such is very helpful in understanding that the use of reconditioned batteries has its own benefits.

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Unfortunately, the available information about the good side of the reconditioning method is limited, and this prevents car owners from taking advantage of the benefits that doing such can provide. So to provide this information, this article discusses the

pros and cons of basic reconditioned battery


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Reconditioned car batteries pros

Cheaper cost

Many car owners prefer to use reconditioned car batteries over new ones because they are much less expensive.  In most cases, the cost of buying a reconditioned battery is almost half compared to what would be incurred when getting a brand new one.

A reconditioned battery requires only a number of repairs and does not require all the cost involved when buying a new one. Due to this, the selling price of a reconditioned battery is significantly less than that of a brand new one.

Aside from that, engaging in DIY battery reconditioning further lowers the cost since you are able to revive a dead battery on your own and the need to pay for the repair service is avoided. But in order to do the reconditioning at home, you need train or learn how to properly do the task at hand.

To do this, you need to research and the most reliable resource materials about DIY battery reconditioning.

Abundance of supply

Using reconditioned car batteries is also regarded as a better option by a lot of car owners due to the abundance of supply. This simply means that reconditioned batteries are  sold everywhere and they are readily available when needed.

A lot of car experts and mechanics, however, strongly encourage buyers to purchase reconditioned batteries from reliable sellers to make sure that these are in good working condition. In addition, reliable and established reconditioned car battery sellers usually sell their products along with applicable warranty policies.

Strong sense of responsibility

The use of reconditioned car batteries is also regarded as a rational option for most vehicle owners since this provides them with a strong sense of responsibility.

According to those who recondition their used batteries, they become more responsible and regularly check their cars’ batteries to make sure that they are in good running condition.

In addition, many of these vehicle owners also see to it that they become more cautious in using the car’s accessories that require excessive electricity to prevent the battery from running down.  Also, this can be looked at as a way of recycling an old product and making it fit for use again.

Reconditioned car batteries cons


Many vehicle owners prefer to buy brand new car batteries since they consider  reconditioned car batteries unreliable. They always point out that most of such batteries were already damaged and no amount of repair can make them function as well as a brand new battery.

In addition, many brand new car battery enthusiasts also point out that using reconditioned car batteries can possibly place the vehicle’s electrical accessories to risk since these might get damaged due to short circuiting.

Thus, instead of saving money from not buying the more expensive brand new car batteries, they are afraid of up spending a lot for vehicle accessory repairs.

Higher maintenance cost

Aside from the unreliability issue, many vehicle owners are not open to the idea of using reconditioned car batteries since they think that doing so requires higher maintenance costs. According to them, a reconditioned car battery might be able to function  as well as expected and probably provide the same performance of a brand new ones.

However, reconditioned batteries are prone to breaking down and will require additional repairs and expenses.

As a result, the savings that car owners who use reconditioned batteries have obtained from not buying expensive brand new batteries will eventually be used to cover the cost of frequent battery repairs. Aside from that, frequent repairs are also time consuming and can possibly prevent owners from doing other productive things.

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