Pinterest Now 2nd Largest Driver of Traffic – and What This Means For Your Business

It has happened.  According to

Shareaholic’s latest report

, Pinterest now tops Twitter to be the 2nd largest driver of traffic from social media sites (next only to Facebook).

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so clearly put it:  “When it comes to referral traffic from social networks, there’s Facebook and Pinterest – and then there’s everyone else”.

What does this mean for your business?

  1. Get a Pinterest Business Account and start pinning (strategically)
  2. Start to think more strategically about your content on the web – because it will get pinned and shared by others (regardless of whether you have an account or not) if you do a few things right.

#1 Optimize Your Images

  • Don’t give everything away on your image. Add some text or information to provide context but do it strategically – ultimately you want people to come back to your website for more information, whether it is a blogpost, article, more tips or to review or purchase a product.  Dangle the carrot. Tease them a little!
  • Fill out all the information and pay attention to keywords. Ensure that you have your description and source info filled out.

#2 Listen to Your Community

  • do a regular audit of what is being shared using (where url is
  • check in on Pinterest analytics regularly (if you have verified your site – find out how to do that by going to the

    Pinterest for Business Homepage

  • Images need to be a minimum of 100 (wide) x 200 (long) pixels to be pinned to Pinterest from your site. Check that every page you want to be shared has a pinnable image on it – especially product pages.
  • Ask for visitors to your site to pin images – make it obvious that you want them to share!
  • Add the Pin-It Button to your images. Pinterest has just rolled out a new image hover button that you can add to your images as well – so that when someone runs the mouse over your image, they are encouraged to Pin it!

#3 Think outside the Square when creating your Boards and Pinterest Content

  1. Is it helpful?
  2. Is it inspiring?

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