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Pinterest for Bloggers 2018: How to Increase Your Traffic with Pinterest

Before I started my travel site Two Scots Abroad, I had dabbled with Pinterest. I used the platform to search for nail art ideas and Halloween costume inspiration but never considered how Pinterest could help those with a business. Pinterest drives traffic to your website.

It fast became my number one referrer by simply creating one new pin for every article I published (it’s now rivaled by organic search traffic from Google).

The point is, Pinterest is easy to use and can get hundreds – thousands of new eyes on your pages every day. All you have to do is add your pins to Pinterest, which are directly linked to your posts.

If pinners are inclined, they can click through to your website to find out more about the image/pin.

Now I receive traffic from Pinterest daily. Warning, if you do use Pinterest already, your Pinterest strategy may be outdated. Don’t worry, we’re here to show you what is hot in 2018.

The following 8 steps will get you to this stage in no time.

By the end of this post, you will be able to

  • Create quick, good-looking pins
  • Engage with and gain followers (not actually that vital)
  • Pull traffic to your site via Pinterest in 2018

Set up: Pretty Pinterest boards

1. Add keywords to Pinterest 2018

Why do I need keywords on Pinterest?

How do I find keywords on Pinterest?

The problem with Pinterest keywords

2. Extra tip: Pinterest board images

Adding Showcase/Featured Boards to your Pinterest

3. How to create pins for Pinterest

4. Hashtags on Pinterest

Don’t miss out:

are not just important for Pinterest, they help you rank of Google too which means you can get an enormous amount of traffic to your site. Come to join our free Facebook group {Make Traffic Happen} for more tips on driving traffic to your website.

5. Pinning + sharing pins to increase traffic

Want to increase traffic to your site?

Consider optimising every article you write. Here is out

6. Group Pinterest Boards

Free resources:

Here’s a list of the Pinterest group boards I pin to and am active in

7. Pinterest plugins for your website

8. Pinterest Facebook groups

Did you find this useful?

Pin to your blogging Pinterest board for others to see!

Travel Bloggers Pinterest Weekly Task

  • Go to Canva or Adobe Spark
  • Select the Pinterest template
  • Create a stylish pin using the grids, templates, or free reign
  • Upload to your specific Pinterest board (remember to edit/link to blog/add keywords)
  • Join a Pinterest group board
  • Share pin with group board/add someone else’s pin to your own board
  • Join a Facebook share group and share your pin/share pins from other bloggers
  • Sign up for our newsletter full of tips and tasks to drive more traffic to your site today

Pinterest is so useful for traffic and ideas – what have you found that works?

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