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Meeting Your Guardian Angel

Meeting Your Guardian Angel

Meeting Your Guardian Angel

In the realm of the invisible, where your Soul resides there is a Presence that you can bring into your conscious awareness that is your Guardian Angel.

To begin to open your mind and your heart to a greater and more conscious awareness of the Presence of your Soul

starts you on a journey of living within the full scope of your being with your Soul a part of your conscious everyday awareness.

One of the benefits and blessings that come with this relationship with your Soul is that

you can begin to be aware of, and access more of, the invisible world that exists beyond the material world of spirit


I think we all do have a guardian angel. I believe they work through us all the time, when we are thoughtful and good and kind to each other.

– Roma Downey

Within the dominion of the Soul are the angelic beings that are, like your Soul, connected with and supportive of your life.

Perhaps one of the most significant of these is your Guardian Angel.

You can connect with and develop a relationship with your Soul through Meditation by the act of invitation and invocation.

You can

also o

pen your heart and your mind to the impressions and guidance of your Guardian Angel.

Meditation is the portal through which you can experience and discover a world more magical and fantastic than you had ever dared to dream.

The nature of your Soul is Love and as you develop a conscious relationship with your Soul that Love and that Healing Presence becomes ever more available to your conscious mind and awareness.

This Love is Divine Love and is therefore unconditional.

It rejoices in the good that you do with no requirement that you do good.

It is available to you but makes absolutely no demands

, and it gives, in response to each time you invite it through meditation, exactly what you are ready to receive, no more, no less.

The same is true of connecting to

Guardian Angels


The footprints of an Angel in your life are Love.”

– Genevieve Gerard

Your Guardian Angel made a commitment to you, to your life, and whether or not you ever choose to become aware of that Presence consciously or not, it is there for you.

In this way,

your Soul Presence and your Guardian Angel are alike

. Both are composed of the essence of Divine Love. Both Love you unconditionally.

Both await in readiness and willingness your desire for relationship

with absolutely no demand or requirement that you ever turn to them.

The full extent of this incredible nature of unconditional love is beyond the typical experience of our human consciousness.

It reveals the truth that God is Love, and on some level may explain some of the mystery of how God demonstrates and expresses Love to us through the emissary of your Soul and your Guardian Angel.

So much of the true nature of the life of the Soul and the Presence of the Guardian Angel is a mystery because the concepts of eternal life and eternal commitments of Love are beyond what our human personality, ego, mind or even emotions can truly grasp.


when you open yourself, your mind and your heart to the experience of Divine Love

, whether it is through prayer or meditation,

the grace and the joy that accompanies that inflowing blessing can be amazing


Just know that when you turn your attention to Divine Love it is available to you for the asking.

Experience this brief

10 minute Gift of Love Meditation

that was created to help you experience the beauty and blessing of Divine Love in your life.

When you open to the Presence,

whether it be to call upon your own Soul for greater relationship, insight or wisdom, or to call upon God in prayer or your own Guardian Angel,

there is no wrong way to do it.

How To Meet Your Guardian Angel

All of the teachers and guides who have ever walked the earth in the annals of time can only share their wisdom and insight from the perspective of what worked for them or what was revealed to them.

Although their teachings or my own can be used as a guide, this journey is unique to you.

Your Soul and your Guardian Angel are both deeply committed to you and your life experience

so that you learn, grow and manifest the plan and purpose that guides all lives.

That there are an overall plan and purpose of evolution is to me both comforting and inspiring. To call upon your Guardian Angel and your Soul to receive the wisdom, insight, and revelation to understand and support your manifestation and fulfillment of that purpose just makes sense. To leave such powerful and dynamic resources untapped does not.

My writings and my guided meditations provide you, to the best of my ability, an opening to these energies.

However; the experience you get when you make the conscious choice to open yourself to your relationship with your Soul or your Guardian Angel is completely individual to you, and it is determined by your readiness and willingness to be receptive to it.

That said I will provide you with a simple technique to use to open the portal to meeting your Guardian Angel.

A Simple Technique to Meet Your Guardian Angel

As always, I

remind you to Calm Your Mind, Open Your Heart, and Invite the Light.

Sit quietly and receptively with the intention to come into conscious awareness of your Guardian Angel.

It is always helpful in meditation to have your spine aligned and your feet firmly on the earth.

Bring your awareness to your heart and imagine a connection of Light from your heart to the top of your head

(called your crown chakra.)

Imagine that Light continuing to ascend to a radiant point of Light 3 to 6 feet above your physical head

(which represents your Soul.)

Realize that by doing that simple visualization from your crown to the Light of your Soul

you are building, with intention and etheric substance, a rainbow bridge to your Soul

that is called the Antahkarana.

Then say in your mind and heart this Mantra of Invitation.

Beloved Come


. . .


. . .


. . .

Incorporate in living substance


All Thy Will.

Then I recommend sitting quietly and receptively for the next 10 to 15 minutes.

In that time if you are keeping a Spiritual Journal (as I recommend) you may wish to record the impressions and insights you receive.

Remember that communication with the Angelic realm and the Soul comes in the stillness.

An attitude of gratitude for what you have received is also always a good idea.

Once the time you have set aside for meditation has passed

return to your daily life and agenda knowing you are enhancing and empowering your life by keeping this sacred time


I know that your life will be blessed by this intention and invitation to Meet Your Guardian Angel.

This ability is your birthright as a child of God.



The Blessing of Love on All That You Do!

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