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When you are selling eBooks, you are selling the same computer file over and over again. Even if each individual eBook sells at a very low price, you can still make a sizeable profit.

Almost any kind of information can be collated and packaged into a sellable format. You need to create a product and duplicate it for sale, usually in the form of eBooks which can be downloaded or emailed to the customer. The abbreviation eBooks stands for electronics books.

When you are selling eBooks, you are basically selling the same computer file over and over again. That means that an information product can have zero costs and you can make an infinite number of copies. If you browse the bidorbuy eBook section, you will see that some of them sell for as little as R1. Even if each individual eBook sells at a very low price, you can still make a sizeable profit if your information is valuable and you sell a lot of copies. This is one of the fields where the saying: “Tiny payment can mean big money” really applies.

Simply type your book in a word processor and then convert it to a PDF file format. You can find free PDF converters online. This format is preferred among eBook writers and publishers because it makes the final product look like a real book, albeit on a computer screen. On top of that, the person who buys an eBook in PDF format can not change anything in it. It is possible for a buyer to convert the PDF back into text – but then all the formatting is lost.

Good formatting is important for the success of your eBook. This goes especially for the cover and requires a basic understanding of graphic design. Your aim is to have the end result that actually looks like a book cover. However, when you are selling your eBook, make sure to include in the description that it is indeed an electronics book, that there are no shipping costs involved, and that buying it involves downloading a computer file.

When writing an eBook, consider in what ways it will be useful to the prospective buyers. Sometimes, your product will be valuable because it contains information that is otherwise freely available, but scattered all over the internet – and not everyone has the time, the patience and your superior organisational skills to find it and piece it together. Sometimes, your product will be valuable because it contains a set of instructions no one else provided. In any case, do not publish just to make a quick buck; instead, write something that will help others and keep in mind the following pointers:

  • Make sure your information is current and up to date.
  • Research your subject matter well.
  • Read everything you can about your subject. Take over from others – but do not copy anyone. The final product must be your own.
  • Include links to your contact details in your eBook so that people can easily email you or visit your website.
  • Always offer another title in every eBook you create and sell – but never make any of your eBooks look like one big advertising leaflet.
  • The development of eBooks is a fast growing trend in publishing, because it has several advantages over traditional books. In electronic format, whole libraries of books become easily portable. Electronic books are also environmentally friendly. Best of all, they are less expensive than their paper counterparts.

Of course, writing an eBook is only the first step on the road to success. The next is as important: marketing. You need to create the buzz, to make people see your product, and want to buy it. One of the best ways to do this is by presenting your eBook in your own blog. Be sure to insert the links to your

eBook offering on bidorbuy

. Then, comment on other people’s blogs and mention your eBooks in your comment – with the link to your eBook offering on bidorbuy. Also, join relevant forums and post there often, always mentioning your own eBooks and including the links.

And if the idea of selling eBooks attracts you but you shun from writing one, why not try selling somebody else’s eBooks. Just do a quick Internet search and you are bound to find a host of places that offer every title under the sun. When you register with them, you earn a commission every time you sell one of their titles.

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