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What’s up guys welcome to Operation 10k

this is the video that you must watch and it’s going to change your life

my name is Desmond Ong and I am one of the co-founders of Operation 10k and on something important that you have to know right now before you get started with the course as a few things that you have to understand.

99% of the people who are successful has one thing in common, yeah mindset right, so you have to be at reset the right mindset and have the right attitude to approach this course and this program in order to become successful.

now I want you to watch this video very very carefully I don’t want you to think that isn’t one of those mindset videos that you think you can skip through do not skip through.

I track my members behavior attract my customers behavior and I help personally with all my clients and all my customers and notice one thing if they watch my mindset videos or their work with me on their mindset they are very likely almost 80% more likely to become a massive success in internet marketing.

So I want you to watch this very carefully I have three message for you right now: you have  already invested in operation 10k I want you to finish what we started.

You are already committed you have nothing to lose right now I want you to start thinking that this is the start step one to where you want to be okay and maybe where you want to be step 10 right are your step 1 right consuming the program a 1 news really understand that when you call me I want you to take massive action.

If you do not think massive action nothing is going to come action produces results if you want results you have to go and take massive action you cannot sit still and let things come for you, unfortunately it doesn’t work like that ok so that’s very very crucial they have to understand second mindset of abundance a lot of people in internet marketing tend to think that internet marketing is a short term business is a short term marketing you know it business opportunity like MLM sore or something that where you make quick money and tomorrow in other one be able to make money or again that’s the wrong mindset to have .

I want you to have the mindset of an entrepreneur to have the mindset of a successful business owner right.

I want you to have the mindset that you know when it comes to spending money investing into yourself and your business it’s worth it because you’re going to learn you can create results results like this take a look at my garden right here look at that okay .

so I want you to understand this does that is one zooming this video right here I want you to understand that everything is possible when you believe but before you believe you understand that in order to create an online business you have treated like a business if you don’t really like a business it’s not going to generate results for you right if you have to spend on one domain name don’t complain don’t create objections for yourself do not create limitation for yourself okay always always take action right me and matthew neer are more impassionate to help you.

I think you can hear it in my voice right I have a personal goal helping a thousand people and also 100 success stories this year okay and the only way I can get that is for me to tell you the truth honestly transparency no there’s no misleading claims no nothing crazy .

I said okay I own a company go khromov it that runs in air marketing okay what we do is that we run campaigns we’re and if on campaign to project the same thing that we’re teaching you today the same thing that you are going to London and the reason we’re successful is not because we’re smarter than you because I have interns working for me they can do a great job I have newly hired who do not have experience we don’t understand anything about direct response or internet marketing with seeing results for a company .

I mean most of money for a company what is the difference between them and you simple they are forced to take action every single day or they get fired right so what do you have on the line right now right isosurface how important is this for me right now okay I want you to treat this like a serious thing it’s for real serious one example is I want you to maybe give $1000 to your spouse and say hey if this internet marketing thing doesn’t work out he can keep that thousand dollar okay for my student are steep on Steve one did a fantastic job when he comes out he was so demodulator he fought so many guru courses programs software none of them work so what he did was that he had a thousand dollars he gave it to a friend of Heather’s and say hey it is internet marketing doesn’t work out if.

I don’t make more than thousand dollars in a month he can keep the thousand dollars and I’m gonna ask for you as for that right and he did exactly that in the first one thirty days he generated four thousand eight hundred and fifty dollars in total sells the Cobra in one thousand dollars of course but now he has the right hands and hired certainty in for him that internet marketing can work which leads to number three Arisaka certainty most internet millionaires are internet millionaires and when a Chris campaigns that that kind of content and they know that it’s going to make money they know that it’s going to create success for them because they have a certain teams like them.

Certainty is very very important you have to have confidence media they have confidence in operation can gather confidence in everything that we teach inside here once you have the confidence it will be easy for you to accept that this can work for you so have the confidence be confident in a way that you understand that this is going to work for you even if you’re not confident.

I want you to take it at least take it for now because after you’re seeing results you’re going to be confident about this you know that this would truly work for you okay this is the really works from a heart okay I do not have a script you can see both hands no script and this is all I have a bottled water right no script no nothing this is what I say to my students my clients high estate clients will pay me $25,000 to consult okay this is straight on my heart take this if you listen to me if you have the mindset to succeed you cannot be successful so three books I want you to read right now okay/

I’m going to rate Paulo Robbins awaken the giant within now.

I do not know how you’re going to get that boy you have no money go and read the summary online that’s poor you google for awakened Giants with in summary by Tony Robbins second book I want you rich I want to read Napoleon Hills Think and Grow Rich life-changing book amazing book the books our way to read Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki the life-changing book changed my life forever okay if you don’t have time to read book that’s fine.

 I will dedicate this two hours every weekend to the street books meanwhile go through the course together at the same time and you’re going to see lights of the day trust me on this I’ve training our students I’ve clearly enough success stories.

I know what it takes to become successful also solve this do you really want this if you want this thickness of action now


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