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We bring you a definitive list about

making money online

. Read it carefully and save it if necessary. Make a note of each of the ways to make money online.

When it comes to

business ideas

, internet is undoubtedly a world of opportunities. Many questions arise around this opportunity that is undoubtedly within the list of business ideas; but not everyone dares take the first step.

Make money online with Blogs

Making money with blogs or others is one of the most widespread ways to make money online. Anyone can create a personal blog, or one that deals with a specific subject, without the need to pay a dime for it.

A blog’s business model is the same business model as that of media networks, TV, magazines and newspapers. In other words, content is created depending on the platform (novels, news, in the case of TV, or current events, fashion, travel in the case of newspapers and magazines) and specific spaces are reserved for advertisement.

Advertisement is the main source of income of this business model, and in some cases, the only one.

The main free blog creation platforms are Blogger,, Bliggo, Tumblr, among others. Additionally, the main advertisement companies are Google Adsense, AdWords, Infolinks, Kontextua, among others.

Making money through Day Trading

Day trading

is a wonderful idea to make money in which all you need is an internet connection to get started. First and foremost, it should be interesting to know

What day trading is


Make money online with YouTube

YouTube is the number one and most visited platform on the internet for watching videos. In YouTube we’ll find all sorts of videos: funny videos, mystery videos, women who record themselves showing cooking recipes, math teachers leaving recorded classes on YouTube.

Most of these people make money on YouTube, and in many cases, the income they obtain exceeds the income of their physical job, and they end up making a living exclusively from the income they obtain thanks to the videos they record and upload on YouTube.

In order to understand what this is about, we leave a few videos with some of the best YouTubers (that’s how they are called). In a new article we will deal more in-depth in regards to making money with YouTube.

Karla (cooking)

(In Spanish)

Hola soy German (Entertainment)

(In Spanish)

Dross (Mystery)

(In Spanish)

Make money writing articles

This opportunity to make money by writing articles is one of the most popular ways to

make money online

. Its advantages lie in the immediate income, which is to say, it takes an average 4 to 6 hours to write an article, and payment for writing the article is immediate.

It is an ideal opportunity for people attending college who have the need to get income in a way that gives them a freedom to choose their own schedule. Writing articles will allow them exactly that freedom; anyone can write articles at midnight, in the morning, in the small hours of the morning or whenever.

Earning examples:

The example is based on a certain amount of articles written per week; in other words, the 5 business days of the week. Taking an average cost of 1.80 US dollars per 500 words.

500 words = USD 1.80

10 art x USD 1.80 = USD 18 after 20 days 18 x 4 =



15 art x USD 1.80 = USD 27 after 20 days 27 x 4 =



20 art x USD 1.80 = USD 36 after 20 days 36 x 4 =



Numbers may vary up or down.

Affiliate products

The sale of affiliate products offers an important income to the person dedicated to the business of selling affiliate products over the internet.

It involves selling the product of a third party and earning a percentage for its sale. The product up for sale is intangible; generally it involves pdf, video or audio versions on a specific subject such as “drum-playing classes”, “how to maintain a marriage relationship”, etc. The most chosen product sale platform in Spanish is currently ClickBank.

In another article we will deal more in-depth with this online business opportunity.

Make money online by programming

Learning how to program is something that is within everyone’s reach. This particular case requires a lot of discipline and commitment if you want to learn how to program on the internet through several courses which are available for free.

As a means to make money online, programming is among the most profitable ways to generate income online. From creating and founding our own professional ventures to working for important companies, or working as a freelancer.

Websites to learn how to program:







Code Avengers










Code School


Scratch 2.0

, among others.

Make money online by parking domains

Parking a domain involves acquiring a web domain and leaving it idle, without giving it any use other than waiting for an individual or company to get interested in buying the domain we have parked.

Obviously, when purchasing the domain, we buy at a lower cost than the one we sell at. Sedo is one of the main domain name platforms specializing in domain Parking.

Make money online translating texts

Text translation is another way to

make money online

by taking advantage of our language translation skills. Being bilingual offers great advantages in the offline world, and opportunities brought by new technologies add to these advantages.

There are many companies that promote their contents online, whether as a magazine or a corporate website. These companies are also seeking to expand their business to other languages, thereby reaching more people in the world. It is from this fact that the necessity to hire people to translate their websites’ content stems.

The business idea reached other companies who saw the opportunity to create translator communities online. These companies handle the reception of text translation requests, which are then assigned to a skilled user registered on their platform, who is paid for these translations.

Where can we translate texts

?; the answer is in the following companies.







One hour translation




In point 3 we mentioned the opportunity to make money by writing articles; in this case it is possible for whoever hires us to write articles to be also interested in translating them into other languages.

Make money with testimonial videos

This way to make money involves recording testimonial videos. They are commonly required by entrepreneurs or small businesses seeking to promote their business professionally.

Here we bring you an example

. In this last video, Rob Lopezz presents the characteristics of the testimonial video he will record and how much he will charge for it.

This way to make money can be promoted in pages like



Making money as a virtual assistant

This way to make money online is targeted at professionals or people with experience in certain industries. It involves offering online assistance to people with specific needs in industries such as fashion, gym, cooking, art and music, and beauty, among others.

This initiative was adopted by Google with the release of the website

Helpouts by Google

and bets on the use of technology as a new source of income for professionals or experts.

The novelty lies in that professional assistants should not necessarily be people related to technology; the minimum requirement is an internet connection and learning the basic functions of the virtual assistance platform, payment terms, etc.

In a nutshell, little by little technology starts opening up new ways for financial support for regular people through new

business ideas

emerging from technological development.

Make money with Dropshipping

It is commonly believed that, in order to sell a product, you first need to physically have the product (TV, PC, etc.) and once we have it, we can put it up for sale.

In the case of Dropshipping sales, having the product is not necessary, as isn’t purchasing it with our money.

The business method is simple to understand; nonetheless, it is not simple to perform.

It involves offering a product catalog online. The customer purchases a product at the sale price suggested by the catalog’s owner. With that money, the product is ordered from the vendor (mostly in India or China). The customer will receive the product he purchased in his country’s customs.

The remaining money between the sales price and the price paid to the vendor is the profit of the owner of the catalog.

The major difficulty in this business lies in the language barrier. Remember we will have to purchase from India or China. On top of this, the problem of not knowing the vendors is an additional difficulty, not having the certainty of them delivering the product.

Make money with the Forex system

Forex is a term which comes from the combination of the words “Foreign Exchange”. With this, we delve into the world of currency



It involves purchasing currency at a low price and then sell it after its price has gone up. The entire business is summed up in a few words; it seems simple: buy low and sell high.

In reality, it is anything but simple. The person who goes for this option must have a wide knowledge on the subject, in addition to staying informed nearly 24 hours about different political, economic, global events that may cause currency prices to fluctuate.

You can invest on Forex using many online platforms, and training can also be found online. In these cases, it is most recommended to research online forums and communities where debates and discussions are created on the subject, and the daily happenings of currency investment can be followed.

Make money in PokerStars

In other times, in order to play poker and make money you had to go to the nearest casino and inquire whether they had poker rooms. If they did not, you would then have to search for a casino that indeed had poker rooms, and only then start with the experience.

Nowadays we just need an internet connection and the usual skills as a poker player.

With this we are ready to make money by playing poker, with the advantages of being able to do so from anywhere in the planet having an internet connection.

Make money through Crowdfunding

Crowdfunding is a term that results from the combination of





collective financing


mass financing

. It is a way to obtain funding for a project or venture through Crowdfunding websites on the Internet.

The most well-known Crowdfunding websites are

(in Spanish) and


(in English).

Make money by selling eBooks

This is a way for

a professional to generate passive income online

by taking advantage of his professional knowledge.

The sale of eBooks (PDF) became most popular among professionals, and treat subjects such as learning to play the drums, physical training and relaxation techniques among others are part of the list of contents sold over the Internet in this format.

The world’s go-to website to manage the business is



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