How to make a boat out of wood?

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24 Sailboat designs and plans, including:

Bannock: A versatile craft is yours when you build this sturdy pram-it can be sailed either cat-rigged or sloop-rigged,
paddled with oars or powered by a small outboard motor.








Biloxi Dinghy Sailboat Easy to build, small starter sailboat.
Blue Moon. 16-foot cruising sailboat that can be built complete on a low budget It sleeps two comfortably on 6 foot 4
inch berths, and there’s sitting headroom in a cabin that has space for a chemical toilet and a small stove. Very easy
to build.

Breeze-Baby 12 foot sailboat that actually planes with one person aboard. Easily to handle under her simple sail- this
would make an ideal FIRST boat.

Cat’s Paw Another 12 ft sailboat that is easy to build with straight side hulls. Very forgiving. Ideal boat to learn or
practice sailing in because she will forgive so many mistakes.

Crescent 15 and 1/2 ft sailboat for day sailing on a small lake, river, or protected waters of a bay. Of course, day
sailing doesn’t mean you can’t go for a moon light cruise. This boat is not equipped with a cabin, galley and bunks for
overnight cruising.








Dart A fast 13-foot sailboat. As a one design, class, or general-purpose sailboat. Jib and mainsail easily handled. Points
closely, foots quickly. Ideal for protected waterways. May be propelled with small outboard motors also.

Falcon is a general-purpose frisky 14 ft centerboard sailboat. It points closely and easily outdistances comparable one-design
class boats. This design is for those who want the very latest and best in small sailing craft. Seats 4 persons.

Graifen Ten Sailing Pram, ideal for learning the basics of sailing, also fun for more experienced sailors.

Gypsy 24 foot long sailer, 9 foot 2 inches beam, 6000 pound displacement, and seats 3 persons. Takes a 10 – 25hp motor.

Hobby Kat Really neat catamaran that is fast. Asymmetrical hulls and special trampoline supports, the Hobby Kat can reach
20 mph.

Jamaican is a fiberglass sailboard. Lots of fun.

Manu is a speedy 30 mph planing sailboat. With load of more than five passengers, boat reacts like any conventional
displacement-type sailboat. Length 20 foot with a beam of 6 foot 1 inch. Capacity 4 to 6 maximum.

Missile is a 19-foot racing sailboat. Small craft is designed for the backyard boat builder who wants competition or just plain
speedy sailing at minimum cost. 50 inch beam.

Petrel is a 16 ft sailboat that can be built as a day sailor or a overnighter with cabin. It is 70 inches wide. Either model is
constructed from the same basic design, and either model possesses unusual seaworthiness, stability, trim attractive lines,
speed and ability to handle well on all points of sailing.

Sea Mite is a 10ft sailor, an outboarder, and an all around shoal draft utility boat for protected what fishing. . This boat has an
inverted V bottom, 65-inch beam and a 3-inch draft which combines to give two slim hulls that move with the lightest of

Southwind is a 22-foot dory-sharpie. This is a small, shallow-draft sailing craft, which combines sea-worthiness with economy
and, with power, will make moderate speeds.

Star-Lite sporting an overall length of 27 feet 6 inches accommodates four people in 6 foot 4 inch bunks with enough space
for a private head and a working galley. You can live on this boat. The Star-Lite is a proven design, improved slightly from
the first ship built- the Tabu. You can build it, but it will take some work!

Tabu combines new materials with improved techniques of water dynamics, this sports sailor brings about a new concept of
high in the –water speed sailing. It rides over the surface instead of forcing its way through it. Length is 18 feet with a 5 foot 8
inch beam, 2 people with a hull weight of 175 pounds.

Tern is a flying sailor. Nature foots the power bill when the boat you build carries 72 square foot of sail. It is remarkably
stable, and packs as many as four persons aboard.

Zephyr is a refinement of a type of boat developed by the English for use in the rough open waters of the English Channel.
Speed, durable 14-foot international dinghy class sailboat. Light weight, strong, compact hull, and maximum water line length
for competition or thrilling sailing speeds of over 15 miles per hour. Will out sail boats twice her length and will keep going in
rough waters. The beam is 5 feet and the weight is 165 pounds.









Plus 3 more sailboats!!

36 Rowboats, canoes, and kayak designs and plans, including!

Anyone’s rowboat – Easy 12-16′ rowboat
Blue Bill Kayak – Canoe – 13′ combo kayak and canoe
Can’t Sink Dinghy – 9 1/2′ fiberglass dinghy boat
Canvasback kayak – Cheap little kayak
Car Top Boat – Lightweight rowboat
Cheap Canoe – 13′ canoe
Chessy rowboat – 15′ skiff, can be rowed, or driven with an outboard.
Cork Fishing Auto topper – 9′, 52 lb rowboat.
Folding Kayak – Folds like a book, can be carried on the roof of your car.
Glide Easy Canoe – 15′ Plywood Canoe
Handy Andy Rowboat – 10′ folding boat
Hunting Kayak – Shallow Draft 2 seater
Jolly Roger Boat – Small rowboat, great project for young guys
Jon Boat – Flat bottom scow ideal for fishing in shallow backwaters and weeds
Junior Dinghy – Easy to build, all-purpose rowboat
General Kayak – Another folding Kayak
King Canvasback – Lightweight kayak

King Fisher – 9′ Pram boat
Little Chief Canoe – Large Canoe, easy to build
Multi Use Skiff – 13 ft, 9 inch rowboat
Northwind Kayak Boat – 19′ flat bottom crusing kayak
Pedal Cat Water Bike – Cruising water bike, cool!
Pintail Duck Boat – Lightweight little duck boat
Plyak – Small, plywood kayak
Pod – 15 ft rowboat
Redwood Canoe – 74 lb, 16′ Canoe
Row and Sail Dory – Rowboat that can be sailed
Sea Skiff – 13′ 9 in boat, that can be rowed, or powered by an inboard, or outboard
Sea Midge – Snug, small, 3 way pram
Sneak Box Duck Boat – 12ft historic Duck Boat







Plus 5 more rowboats and 10 more Utility boats!!!

7 Runabout Inboard boat designs and plans, including:

Chum 15 footer This speedy inboard runabout is designed for a converted Jeep motor! 15 and a half ft long, 6 ft beam, and
a maximum draft of 20 inches. Designed to be used with an old Marined Jeep 60 hp engine.

Large Sea Skiff A 17 ft Seabright skiff. Can go 14 mph with a 5 hp engine, hits 20 mph with a 10 hp. 5 foot beam, 900 lbs

Nancy Jane 19 footer All purpose craft designed to fulfill a great variety of uses in one boat. With a length, beam, and depth
generous enough to be usable anywhere, this sea worth design provides a craft that may be equipped with a marine or
converted auto engine from 15 to 100 hp.

Panther 15 footer High speed inboard runabout. Here, veritable, is a projectile for waterborne space travel, and inboard
speedster with super clean and efficient running lines. With any automobile motor since the 50’s, speeds of 75 mph are
possible, with no sacrifice of stability.








Riveria 17 footer 6th place luxury boat designed for ski towing and all water sports is powered by your choice of 100 to 225 hp
auto engines converted for marine use.

Sea Scout 14 footer Sea scout is the type of boat its name implies, a small inboard runabout with single cockpit destined for
use by one to three people and for fairly high speeds with comfort not found in outboards and convenience comparable to a
coupe ashore.

Small inboard boat Just the size for little kids, this midget inboard has an outboard for a power plant.

26 Runabout Outboard boat designs and plans, including:

Ace 2 seater Speedy two-cockpit runabout for towing water skiers and general family boating pleasure. 12′ 4 ” long, 5′ 9″
beam, 200 lbs with all equip aboard except a motor.

All Purpose portable boat A winter eveing project for the sportsman who wants his own boat for next summer’s outings.
Inexpensive, easily built, a safe and satisfactory performer.

Banta 12 footer If you want a lightweight utility boat with a nice turn of speed and easy handling, build a “banta”. A boat like
this has a lot to recommend it, simple, inexpensive construction, a 1 man weight of less than 150 lbs, practically leak proof,
she’s a smooth easy sailer on any man’s river.

Bebop Kids 8 footer Small runabout for youngsters. Costs almost nothing to build.









Blitzen Speedy outboard runabout for Class B racing, beveled chines for safe high speed operation. 2 hull stules for same
basic design given – one for general utility, one for racing. Performs well with outboard motors of from 10 to 25 hp.

Blue Streak Prop ridin on her hydro-conic bottom, Blue Streal takes class “B” outboard motors for a merry spin in stock utility

Buzz A lightweight, easily handled outboard hydroplane, adapted to car top carrying, and designed for use with 5 to 10 hp
outboard motors. 11′ 1″ long, 55″ Beam, 22″ depth, complete weight of 135 lbs.

Cobra 15 footer Fin Tailed outboard runabout. Used with any outboard motor from 10 hp to 50 hp, Cobra will achieve speeds
of from 20 mph to 4- mph and will leave most kit or factory built boats well in its wake.

DragonFly II Her mama (Dragonfly I) was one of the speediest sweethearts of a speedboat we’ve ever seen. But daughter’s
new lines make her even speedier, and a more stable hydroplane.

Firefly You can go places in this speedy hydroplane, which is designed for the largest outboard motor available. Try your
hand building her. She’s guaranteed fun.

Flying Fisherman Fast outboard utility, 11 1/2 feet overall, with an easily driven hull, planked with plywood or thin cedar.
Jumping Jack General purpose small outboard runabout. Designed as a combination fold up boat and trailer. Power with
outboard motors up to 5 hp. 9′ 7″ long, 2′ depth, 3′ 10.5″ beam, seats 2 comfortable, and 4 rather uncomfortably.

Plus 14 more:

Maximus, Merry Maid, Meteor, Mustang 10 footer, Mustang 12-14 footer, Playboy 14 footer, PM-38 13 footer, Sea Fury 15
footer, Sea King, Shore Lark 13 footer, Small Skiff, Swift Swoose, Torpedo, Victory.

12 Paddle Wheel boat designs and plans, including:

Bicycle Pedal Boat Bouyancy and speed are 2 features of this bicycle boat. It consists of 2 pontoons and an old bicycle
frame. A blast!

Foot Pedal Catamaran Provides great fun to lie on the deck of this homemade catamaran, slip your feet into the toe-clips,
and paddle over the lake or bay.









Kids Paddle Pusher Sturdy well designed and easily built scow for active young captains.

Marty Paddle Colorful appearance and pedal operated paddle wheels keep Martty’s admirers standing in line for another free

Paddle wheel bass boat Ideal craft to reach the best bass fishing areas, where they feed in shallow water among spatter
docks. No propeller to foul in water weeds, and with a flat bottom and a 4 ft beam along its entire length, the draft is at a

Plus 7 more:

Basic Paddlewheel boat, Paddlewheel Peddle Boat, Paddlewheel Turtle boat, Paddlewheel Waterbug, Pedal Cat, Pogo,
Show boat.

9 Novelty boat designs and plans, including:

Battle Surfboards Fun galore with 2 or more of these little naval craft with shoot balls made of cork, or discarded tennis balls
or rubber balls!!!!

Cold Lightening A 100 mph Skeeter class Iceboat. Cheap! No special lumber required!

Corky A pint sized sailer for youngsters that can be built in a few evenings. Non-sinkable.

Floating Swimming Boat A floating platform that the whole family can enjoy on a calm day at the lake.

Motorized Surfboard Skim the waves in this motor drive paddle board. Loads of fun.

Pontune Your entire family can take to the water on this pontoon family boat for sun bathing, swimming, or fishing parties.
Plenty of room for the BBQ grill too.

Sport Submarine Great for underwater exploration. Be the only one on your block who has one.







The Thing Unconventional looking boat. Hard to describe.

Whizz Slick looking ice yacht!

5 House boat designs and plans, including:

Bayou Belle 25 foot 8 inch scow that can be built as a houseboat, sports utility, or a fishing boat depending on your offshore
pleasure. As a sports utility, she can be used for towing water skiers and for cruising. As a fishing boat she offers a stable
platform with plenty of elbowroom and storage space. Lastly as a houseboat she has roomy interior accommodations for a
leisurely life at sea. Beam is 8 feet with a hull depth of 38 inches. It is 1500 pounds with a capacity for an additional 3000

Budget Houseboat is like a camper that goes on the water. Its 20 feet long with a 9 foot beam, containing
300 sq. ft. of usable floor area. This means that while she can accommodate two in outrageous comfort, she can easily take
a family of four on an extended vacation and be entirely self contained. There are two full size permanent bunks in the forward
section of the cabin. The dining table in the rear section of the cabin, seats four and then drops down to convert into an extra
bunk. Cabin headroom is 6 feet and 2 inches and two cots can be stationed to the rear of the cabin area.

Float a Home A luxurious 21 footer that is very stable, relatively easy to build and with an interior arrangement which can be
varied to suit your needs. It has a 7 foot 3 inch beam and the houseboat can be powered with up to a 120 hp motor. An
extremely simple houseboat to build, it features a strong hull with a heavy keel and close-spaced framing. The craft is very
stable also because of its low profile.

Parti-O Boat The Patio Craft is about 20 feet long. The plans come with a complete material list. This is an easy boat that
would make a first time boat builder look like a pro.

Platform Boat You can build any kind of floating fun on top of it. Start with this easy to build pontoon platform and you’ll have
no trouble turning out a customized boat exactly suited to your needs. Big and roomy craft offering plenty of space. This
platform boat is 16 feet long and 8 feet wide. Complete material list is also provided.

12 Cabin Cruiser boat designs and plans, including:

Caballero was designed for the amateur builder who desires a roomy, fast, and comfortable cruiser without the
attendant high building and up keeping costs usually associated with inboard craft. 19 ft long with 6 1/2 ft beam.








Dolphin A 16 ft boat specially designed for those who move their craft about by trailer. The hull is light enough to be
transported anywhere by trailer and the boat is of a size to be easily handled. It will accommodate two persons for extended
trips or a party of 4 for day cruises and do it comfortably.

Eager Eve From 50 feet away you’d swear the Eager Eve was a luxury inboard cabin cruiser. A cover hides the outboard
motor that drives this efficient cruiser fast enough to keep up with our outrun nine out of ten inboards. 18 ft long, 6′ 1″ Beam.

Flight The Flight is a speedy outboard runabout cruiser whose construction is brought within the scope of the amateur builder
by the simple application of marine plywood planking. The benefit of plywood make this cruiser sturdy and useful for rugged
cruising, fishing, inland commuting or as a workboat. 19 1/2′ long, 5′ 6″ Beam
HaPenny A small V-bottom express cruiser that will really get up and go. Full bill of materials list provided and more.
Sea Angler The Sea Angler is a 20 foot cruiser of the deep V hull type that has gained so much popularity in recent years
because of its ability to provide a high turn of speed with minimum pounding in rough seas. At that time use of longitudinal
steps, or lift rails, was not understood and the engines lacked the power needed for this type of hull.

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