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Madeline Bigatton: Was missing Sydney woman murdered?


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A RELATIVE of missing Sydney woman Madeline Bigatton believes there is a chance the mother-of-two was murdered.

The relative said the family is still unsure what happened to the much-loved 48-year-old but fear there may have been foul play.

Mrs Bigatton, who is mum to a teenager and a younger girl, has not been seen since she left the family mansion in the southern Sydney suburb of Carss Park at 11.30pm on Sunday, March 25.

A close relative of Mrs Bigatton — who asked not to be identified — said while the family had entertained the possibility she had taken her own life or run away, they also believed she may have met with foul play.

He also believes money may have been a possible reason behind her disappearance.

Despite Mrs Bigatton previously telling a neighbour the family was cash poor, an investor in Mrs Bigatton’s husband’s Bitcoin business says there was no apparent shortage of cash.

The couple’s elder daughter boasted on Instagram as recently as a month ago about luxury hotels and overseas holidays, and the couple bought new cars last year.

It was Ms Bigatton’s black 2017 Kia Sorento which was found abandoned near a cliff top three months ago which has sparked rumours as to the reasons she has disappeared.

It is believed Mrs Bigatton had also undergone treatment for cancer before her disappearance.

Mrs Bigatton’s husband is Bitcoin entrepreneur John Bigatton, who last November addressed a lavish launch of the Australian arm of a company called Bitconnect which he described as “the stock market on steroids”.

Bitconnect, a crypto currency platform that once had a US currency market cap of $2.9 billion, withdrew from trading in January.

In John Bigatton’s online corporate biographies, he is described as “an International Speaker, Lifestyle & high-Performance Strategist” and a “Cashflow FX strategist”.

Mrs Bigatton’s Kia was located at Cape Solander, a cliff side lookout 20km away at Kurnell overlooking Botany Bay.


unconfirmed report

said that the health industry worker had left her wedding ring in the car and texted her husband to tell him before she disappeared.

A week later, two men found Mrs Bigatton’s car keys near the vehicle. Police are now keen to speak to these men, described as of subcontinental appearance, and to any others who may have seen Mrs Bigatton on the day she disappeared. has learned that Madeline Bigatton told neighbours

she had such severe money problems along with her husband

that she couldn’t afford to give a few dollars to charity.

A neighbour of the Bigattons in Sydney’s south, from where the 48-year-old vanished at night in March, said the mum-of-two told her: “We don’t have a cent to spare.”

The woman had been collecting for the National Heart Foundation when she knocked on the door of the Bigatton’s large house on Erang Street, Carss Park.

Mrs Bigatton, who along with her husband is believed to be a health professional turned investment adviser, bought the property in 2006.

The couple knocked down an old brick house on the land built a two-storey multiple winged home.

When the neighbour, who agreed not to name, knocked on the door, Mrs Bigatton opened up what look like a large, expensive foyer.

“When I told her I was collecting for the Heart Foundation, she said ‘We don’t have a cent to spare’,” the neighbour said.

She said that Mrs Bigatton told her, “We have our own problems and we have business problems. We have business debt.”

John Bigatton’s online business profiles say he is also a previously chief operations officer of Wealth Synergy, as well as a number of mind, body and sports-related businesses no longer registered with ASIC.

But Mr Bigatton and his missing wife have a current ABN number registered in the Carss Park postcode.

Mrs Bigatton was seen shortly before her disappearance near Kogarah Bay; she was often seen “on her morning walk or walking her puppy”.

The missing mum-of-two, who in photographs looks very youthful for her age, was “really into fitness”, neighbours said.

Five weeks after Mrs Bigatton vanished, relatives held a memorial service for her at a church in Kingsrove, not far from her home.

But Mrs Bigatton’s relative admitted the family did not really know what had happened to her.

On Tuesday, police released a photograph of Ms Bigatton and a plea to help locate her.

“Police and her family hold serious concerns for her welfare and are appealing for the community’s assistance,” a NSW Police statement read.

Mrs Bigatton was last seen wearing a khaki green singlet, three-quarter pants, and was carrying a black and white bag.

St George Detectives are appealing for the two men who located the keys, and anyone in the vicinity of Cape Solander at Kurnell who may have sighted her or her vehicle, to contact St George Police or Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.

Know anything? Please contact

38,000 Aussies are reported missing every year


Although most people reported missing are found alive and well, there remains around 2000 missing long-term.

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