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about this repo

About Open Source Project Announcement

This project is a Vue.js project which changed to public on March 9, 2018. Fully access and can be forked.

Build Setup

install dependencies


serve with hot reload at localhost:8080

yarn run dev

build for production with minification

yarn run build

build for production and view the bundle analyzer report

yarn run build –report



1.How to start playing LinkIDOL?

To start your journey in the world of LinkIDOL, you need:

  • A computer or laptop with chrome or Firefox desktop versions installed;
  • Install MetaMask, a digital wallet for use with web applications;
  • ETH, a digital currency that provides support for LinkIDOL.

2.Install MetaMask digital wallet

To use LinkIDOL, you need to install Digital Wallet MetaMask. You need to top up with MetaMask to make your first purchase.


: The digital wallet like MetaMask is consistent with bank accounts – exercise caution and be sure not to forget your password or seed words.

3.Get ETH, your digital currency

US citizens only

: You can buy ETH in MetaMask. ETH is a digital currency that makes it possible for our games to run.

For others

: You will need to buy ETH from the exchange and then transfer ETH from your exchange wallet to your MetaMask wallet. Unfortunately, you can not just use the trading account to play with LinkIDOL.

4.Add ETH to MetaMask

US citizens only

: You can use the Coinbase widget to purchase ETH directly from MetaMask. It’s easier and does not require you to create two accounts.

For others

: You need to buy ETH from the exchange in common law currency. Copy your MetaMask address, click ‘…’ and then ‘copy address to pasteboard’. Go to Coinbase and click on ‘Account’ then select your ETH wallet and click ‘Send’. Paste the MetaMask address into the text box and enter the amount you want to transfer.

What is CryptoGame

CryptoGame, or blockchain games refers to a type of decentralized application made using blockchain technology, which goes back to the

Satoshi Dice

gambing game which was born in 2012 at the earliest.The game generates a set of random numbers between 0 and 65535 by setting different odds for several different transfer addresses and listening to the generated transaction hash when the user transfers to these addresses.The earliest games based on Ethereum smart contracts go back to the King of the Ether Throne.

King of the Ether Throne

。 Like many other Dapps, encrypted games also face the performance bottlenecks Scability brings.

So most encrypted games now only save the user’s assets on the blockchain.

About LinkIDOL

1.What is LinkIDOL?

Water Margin is a Chinese novel attributed to Shi Nai’an. Considered one of the Four Great Classical Novels of Chinese literature, the novel is written in vernacular Chinese rather than Classical Chinese.

The story, set in the Song dynasty, tells of how a group of 108 outlaws gather at Mount Liang (or Liangshan Marsh) to form a sizable army before they are eventually granted amnesty by the government and sent on campaigns to resist foreign invaders and suppress rebel forces. It has introduced to readers many of the best-known characters in Chinese literature, such as Wu Song, Lin Chong and Lu Zhishen.

Water Margin cards are the common happy memories of every 80 Chinese people.

LinkIDOL is a card game that buys the Hero card of the Water Margin on the blockchain and then can earn ETH Rewards. Through the smart contract technology to determine: Each card is unique, and corresponds to a Water Margin super hero! Once you have purchased a Water Margin Hero card, you now own the card. You can leave a message on your own card to express your attitude and show the spirit of Water Margin!

If someone buys your card, you lose ownership but earn more return on your investment into your MetaMask wallet.

LinkIDOL is up to date every day, and all players can take part in the game with a handful of ETHs on the go and earn even more than 200% of the proceeds. If you are a small player, we give you the opportunity to participate in the game and double the principal. If you’re a big player, you get a 20% your return on each hand, and you’ll continue to make a profit.

The player who gets the card will have the right to change the ad slot below the card.

So, in short, it’s a card game where the more you play, the more you earn.

2.Why do we build LinkIDOL?

We believe that blockchain is the future direction of financial development,

But most people do not understand the blockchain,

Not even optimistic.

So we hope more Chinaman, through the Water Margin game, to understand and be familiar with the blockchain.

As for why we want to use Water Margin Heroes,

Because Water Margin’s cultural status in the Chinese nation is extremely high, listed in the four famous, has a series of important symbolic significance.

The spirit of Water Margin not only represents the chivalrous spirit advocated by the Chinese nation since ancient times, but also dares to challenge authority and dare to resist. It is just like the challenge of blockchain technology to the real world.

3.Why do you choose LinkIDOL?

The generation after 90s all had a fond memory of trading water margin cards. Nowadays, based on smart contract technology, you can really have him! Get back the hero of your childhood.

4.The meaning of LinkIDOL

The generation of LinkIDOL is based on blockchain finance. Blockchain technology is considered as the subversive core technology of the next generation after the steam engine, electricity and Internet. If steam engines release people’s productivity, electricity solves basic human needs, and the Internet completely changes the way information is delivered, then blockchains, as machines for building trust, could drastically change the way in which human social value ​​are transmitted. The future of blockchain finance may change the pattern of traditional economy and usher in a new financial era.

5.How to purchase?

Open the card market to see the available cards, as long as you find the Water Margin Hero you want to have, click on it to enter the purchase page. The game (dApp) will show you how to complete the purchase to get the hero. After the transaction is completed, you will be the sole owner of this card.

6.How to sell?

The cards you buy can be bought by other players at any time, but they have to pay a higher price, and you get 15% to 100% of the proceeds. If you still want to snatch back your card, you can buy it for a higher price.

7.How to sign?

After you purchase a card, you click Edit to change your slogan.

Issue and price

1.Cards issue

Water Margin Hero cards have a total of 108. The system will be from February 17 onwards, will start gradually new, the specific price and time will be informed one day in advance.

2.How to ensure the scarcity of cards?

Water Margin Hero cards a total of 108 will be on a regular basis every day, with blockchain technology to ensure that only one of each card, with a high scarcity.

3.Cards price increase

(0, 0.02eth): increase 200/95

[0.02eth, 0.5eth): increase 135/96

[0.5eth, 2.0eth): increase 125/97

[2.0eth, 5.0eth): increase 117/97

[5eth, +∞): increase 115/98

4.Contract address


5.Future planning

In the Ethernet water margin card after the issuance of all cards, we will add more play on the basis of the Ethernet water margin card, please look forward to!


1.What is Ethereum?

Ethereum is a bottom system that can realize smart contract and open source on the blockchain. From the birth of Ethereum to in May 2017, more than 200 Ethereum applications have been born in three and a half years. Ethereum is a platform and programming language that enables developers to build and publish next-generation distributed applications. Ethereum can be used to program, distribute, secure, and trade anything: voting, domain names, financial exchanges, crowdfunding, corporate governance, contracts and most agreements, intellectual property, and smart assets that benefit from hardware integration.

2.What is ERC721 Token?

The core of ERC721 Token is “Non-Fungible Token”, which is non – homogeneity token. How to understand ” non – homogeneity”? LinkIDOL, for example, each card is unique. In principle, each card is a unique piece of code on the blockchain platform. Moreover, ERC 721 each token has an independent unique tokenid, for example, which is the equivalent of the unique id of each card in LinkIDOL.

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