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So obviously, if you want to make the big bucks online, you need to have your own product to sell. Okay, so obviously can do Affiliate Marketing. You can do CPA, you can the ecom.

You can do a bunch of different things, but nothing is more lucrative than just having your own product and just selling it, because you can keep 100 cents of the profits and obviously the more Traffic is sent to it. The more money you’re making so profits are literally limitless. So, that’s why you see all these big guys launching products after products or just maybe having more product than just selling it over and over and over again, because this is where you make the big money, and the good news is that you are getting nine done For your products with lead, sell, completed with sales pages, Thank You pages, giveaway pages and even Traffic.

So this is just a huge done-for-you pack where you can sell the product and you don’t have to host it. You don’t have to do the support. Everything is done for you and you again, you’re getting nine products which, in you know we can just maybe launch one a month and you’re good for the next nine months and again no support and no hosting. These are the two huge things because this is where you actually have to do most of the work okay, so let me share my screen and let’s jump into this, lead cell Review and, first of all, I just wanted to show you Fiverr.

As always, I like to do these things just to put things in perspective, especially pricing. So if you would want to hire someone to write a sales page and then to design a sales page for you, you’d have to spend a few hundred dollars. Okay per sales. Page, keep that in mind, so this guy says I will write you a long sales page $ 150. This lady says I will design one lead page, sales page, just one page $70 design plus copywriting.

You get $ 200 at the minimum. I’m spending more like $ 1,000 per sales, page okay, so just keep in mind you would have to spend at least $ 200 and you’re getting nine, so that’s already one five $ 800 and obviously that just the sales, but you will need. Thank You pages. Giveaway pages delivery pages and the product itself, and even if you’re, just going to buy PLR products, you’d have to buy like a pilar script and hire someone to rewrite it for you package it, etc, but just hire a script.

You have to pay like $ 8. For a super, simple software product, okay, keep in mind. This is just the script. This is not working software. You still have to hire a programmer, but again, even if we are just going to take $ 8 for the script, that’s eight bucks and you’re getting nine nut scripts, but done for your product. So this is an upper. You know a few hundred dollars right here and with that being said, let me show you the sales page and let me actually show you the pricing, because the price is super low on this and again keep in mind you’re, getting nine of these products-completed With the whole delivery machine, okay, so, as you can see, sales lead, sell, warning, free, hosting included for early adopters, only sell ready-made products automatically using game-changing software, one hundred percent done for you.

The easiest way to start your own online business, sell products, get free Traffic and make money online period, so they also included a Traffic source at free Traffic source with this. So this is just a complete package: okay, so you’re getting commercial lights, 235, plus the Plus software tools. You can sell as your own doing. For you, an offer pages built-in you can just connect your PayPal to it and it works automated free Traffic in any niche.

They handle delivery, support, and marketing easy commissions and no monthly fees. Okay. So so I’m going to show you the inside of the member’s area in the second. Obviously these guys have had tons of Pro behind, as you can see 60,000 dollars and 30 days, and this is not uncommon for people that sell software products. Okay, so scrolling down again, this is your very own. 99.9. Automated done for your business lead, sell, that’s the name of the product and it this is.

My lead sell Review, they’re going to have a little demo right here and obviously I’m going to have the same demo, both on my blog and on my youtube blog. I’M going to show you the inside of the members area, but I’m not going to through go through the whole demo, because it’s like seven minutes. So if you want to read the demo again, I’m going to have it available to you some more proof. Thousands of dollars, obviously, as you can see lead sell, includes all of these first of all, software products done for your sales pages Traffic on demand and obviously can sell all of this in a matter of seconds so you’re getting all of these plus tones more scrolling Down here, some more proof, some testimonials and again this would.

This is what thousands of dollars ok, so they have a little FAQ in the end and that’s essentially it so, let’s jump into the members area right now. So this is how it looks like this is where you control all the products. Ok, so, as you can see, we get the dashboard. We have total created, deals, total visitors, total clicks and conversion rates, so you can control all of it from within the software and then you can do one of two things, so you can create a deal from scratch or you can customize a deal that is already Done for you, ok, so, first of all, let me just click on a create deal and show you how this works or you’re just clicking one of these deals and then you have to obviously add all the images and the articles and everything else.

If you want to create a deal display or you can just use a custom, a deal that is done for you and just customize it ok, so, as you can see, we have all of these pages, and all you have to do is just enter your text. You know whatever he wants to do and, as you can see, these look really really nice. So let me just show you so this is one of these pages that are done for you. All you have to do is just add your Buy Now button right here.

Essentially, that is it, you know you have all this information right here, so you can use this as is or just customize it totally up to you. So obviously we have the article right here we have the down for your article or you can use your own article and all you really have to do is just add your Buy Now button or you can create these pages from scratch using the templates again. It’S totally done for you and it’s up to you how you want to make it ok, so that’s essentially it again in the full demo, I’m going to show you exactly how to go through every single step when creating these from scratch.

So that will be the demo article, I’m not going to show you this right here now. You are also getting training articles right here and, as you can see right now, there are no training articles because I’m shooting this Review article two days before Liesel actually goes live. So there’s nothing here, but you will kind of hang you’re going to get all the training articles. You need, first of all how to set up the pages: how to do the Traffic, how to sell all of it and it’s how to make money.

Okay, so training articles are included. Let me show you another page that was created from scratch, so you know this will be the name of the product or the the Eco her or whatever you want to do. This is a article, so it can be a Review and bonus article, a demo article. Whatever you want to add, then we have the deal price, regular price and the savings. All you have to do is just customize this button right here and you can do a giveaway or like any kind of a product promotion.

So, as you can see, we got days left hours left minutes, let’s head set okay, so this is how it looks like you know. These are the two pages that you can start promoting this web. Obviously you’re getting tons more as you can see going back here. You know we have all these designs and you can just create a design from scratch as well so you’re. Getting all of this, and the most important part is that you’re getting all these done for your products that you can sell with all the pages.

So it essentially, this is a completely done for your business, and all you have to do is just add your paper information into it, okay, so this is exactly what you can expect after picking it up again, the training articles will be included and right now, let’s Talk about the pricing because, as you can see, the price of the main product will be 17 dollars, which is crazy, crazy low, and actually, I think these guys could easily sell it for like $ 300 and still make a ton of sales but forever.

For whatever reason they decided to sell it for just $ 17, you know going back to no fiber and just hiring someone just to do the sales page going back even to just buying a script that includes PLR rights. You know you would spend so much more money, hundreds of thousands, if not thousands when just buying all of it. You can get all of this for just $ 17, crazy, crazy, crazy, low price. Even if is going to take this product and sell it on Fiverr, you know you can still make money this way.

So $ 17 is a crazy, crazy, low price, but keep in mind this is the early bird price. Okay, so let me show you the pricing. First and then we will talk about each one time offer or absol, okay, so oto 1. That will be the pro version $ 67 audio number 2. Additional training $ 37 audio number 3 resellers license $ 67 and OTO 4 IMX for $ 67, and as always on my blog, I have a full written Review. It will include the funnel that will include all of the bonuses and everything else.

If you want to read my Review instead of reading it right now, ok, so going back right here so 17 dollars, that’s the main product and you’re going to get everything that I just showed you in this article. Ok, so all the sales pages! All the Thank You pages, giveaway pages done for you, software products, so everything is included for just $ 17 again, I’m still not believing that this is so low that the price is so high on this, then the pro version you’re going to get access to this System and access to an unlimited number of products we’ve done for you templates and everything else without any limitations.

Okay, so that’s $ 67 for the pro version. Then we have the training package, so you’re going to get expert training on how to use this system for and getting it maximum potential. Okay, so you can start making money right away, get additional Traffic and it will include some additional formulas that will just put this on steroids. Okay, so obviously you’ll be fine with the main product alone. But if you want additional training on how to put this on steroids, that’s thirty seven dollars and then the resellers license is $ 67 and obviously this works in a super simple way.

You get 100 % of the Commission’s on a the whole fun okay. So both the main product and all the products in the funnel you can sell it as your own and keep one Harmsen of the profits to yourself. Now, there’s one more upsell IMX $ 67. They didn’t really describe it and information that I got. So I don’t really know what it is, but it’s $ 67, and this will be the last one-time offer okay. But that being said, let me mention all of the bonuses that I have for it, because I have some custom-made bonuses.

I have some software products. I have some doubles of the day order, the products for you now all of these bonuses will be delivered to you automatically and for free if you’ll decide to pick up lead sell through my link and Lisa will be coming, live at 11:00 a.M. Eastern on December 5Th now, if you’ll decide to pick it up, for my link, all you have to do is just click on one of these blue links. Right here, on my blog or if you’re reading on youtube click on the first link in the description that will take you to the sales page after Lee, sells goes live so after 11:00 a.

M. Eastern on December 5th. The second link in the description from YouTube will take you to my blog, so let me mention all of these bonuses. Okay, so, first of all, you’re going to get free, custom-made bonuses. These are additional tactics for generating more Traffic through SEO, through social media and through paid Traffic, so you’re going to get free custom-made bonuses, especially for this promotion, and this will just put lead cell on steroids without picking up the OTO.

That I mentioned – and you know you’ll just make all the sales that you need. So obviously they include some free Traffic with social media, but if you want to generate even more free Traffic and actually sell as many of these products as you can, that’s my free done for you – bonuses, okay, now you’re also going to get. Let me see here you’re going to get five six software bonuses for me, including the resellers license: okay, so you’re going to get ctrl, + V, pixpro logo, studio, vid, connect and bit promo pages, and also Facebook with medic, so six bonuses that are software bonuses with Their resellers license, so this is worth hundreds of dollars, you’re going to get the rapid niche profits.

It’S targeted Traffic cash search in newbie Traffic formula, which are values of the day awarded products, is all about Traffic. I’M going to get twelve additional bonuses with resellers license. Some of these okay, so you’re going to get local SEO leverage New Age SEO blackhat SEO get Google Traffic back link basics, Traffic explosion, 10 steps auditing, SEO skills, mastery Traffic inclination, recurring income course targeting Instagram article course and product creation, formula plus 8 additional ones, udemy Profits and some plugins so you’re going to get article, opt in WP blog book, WP buzz machine, flash pages link with scarcity lock and squeeze questions, so that will be a total of one thousand six hundred and twenty five dollars.

But you’re going to get my mega bonus on top of it and my mega bones is a total of 45 plus double use of the day and product of the day. Awarded courses and my mega bonus alone is worth one thousand five hundred dollars, and this will bring up to a total of three thousand one hundred and twenty five dollars now again, if you want to get all of these bonuses for free, all you have to do. Is just pick it up through my link and again you can just click on one of these blue links on my blog or, if you’re reading, on YouTube.

The first link in the description – and let me just mention that again this bonus will be delivered automatically to you, which means that you’re going to get it with your download of of leads sale. Okay, so you don’t have to send me any emails or you don’t have to pay me any receipts or anything like that. All you have to do is just go to your purchase history right here. So click on your icon then go to purchase.

History find the lead, sell page, then click on it and below the access. Your software button, you’re going to get you’re going to see another button. That will say bonus from art, okay, so this is how to get it and again lead sell. It is probably one of the best products that I Reviewed and if in the last few months, because this is a fully ninety-nine point, nine like they say done for you online business, okay, so down for your products, you know pages delivery, support event.

So you don’t have to do anything else, but just set it up at your Pay, Pal information and then just start selling and even Traffic is included. So I really really like it and again keep in mind selling your own software products is the most lucrative that you can sell online, maybe unless you’re selling coaching for like thousands of dollars – and this is like the next best thing – okay, so again, this is all Done for you, this was my lead cell Review.

If you have any questions, you can always leave me a comment. I will try to answer as many as I can. If you’re reading on youtube, please give it a like please subscribe to this blog, and I will be seeing you very shortly in the next Review. Article ciao


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