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Is Pinterest Broken? Shadowban? Not Working? Traffic Falling? – World Travel Family

For months, years even, my Pinterest traffic had been falling. I was something of a

Pinterest ninja a couple of years ago,

enjoying up to 1000 Page Views per day from Pinterest. Over time this Pinterest traffic has fallen to a pathetic 150 clicks per day.  Was my Pinterest broken? Had I got myself a shadowban? I’d tried everything to fix it, bouncing between Tailwind, Board Booster and hand pinning alongside a meticulously created spreadsheet. My pins were good and I added fresh pins regularly, I had 20,000 followers and was on some of the best group boards. I own some of the best group boards. I know


inside out, I own a very big travel blog, funding a family of 4 through my website and I was adding the required Pinterest hash tags, so why wasn’t Pinterest bringing me any traffic? There was a second element to this problem, Pinterest Analytics didn’t seem to be recording the same number of clicks to my website as Google Analytics. But I finally found some answers and I hope, maybe, I’m on my way back to increasing Pinterest traffic. I’ll just say up front here that I am not selling a course. Isn’t that refreshing. My current pinterest strategy, which has doubled Pinterest clicks in 2018, is at the end of the post.

Pinterest Not Working?

I’ll just say up front that I don’t have absolute answers for you here, it’s all supposition, but looking at my stats and graphs could be helpful to you in understanding what’s going on with your own Pinterest traffic. I think I’ve figured a few things out and you may be able to follow your Pinterest Analytics better after seeing what’s below.

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The Drop in Pinterest Traffic

Pinterest Analytics Not Working ?

Video on Understanding Pinterest Analytics

How To Check Pinterest Traffic in Google Analytics

Tailwind, Board Booster or Hand Pinning? Which is Best?

Pinterest SEO is a Nightmare and Thoughts on Pinterest SEO

Pinterest Favours New Accounts and New Content

A Pinterest Strategy That Works in 2018

How I Increased My Pinterest Traffic ( Finally!)

  • Fresh pins, lots and lots of fresh pins.
  • Intensive Pinterest hand pinning, almost every day, of my own pins mostly ( maybe 90%) using my Pinterest spread sheets to target new boards.
  • Prioritising the best pins, the ones that I know go well on Pinterest ( They are often technically the worst pins, too small etc., but they work. (NOTE the old size rules have gone out of the window, square or any 1:3 ratio is now best.).
  • Launching new pins in the first few days to all boards of mine and group boards they belong on.
  • I’ve left the sharing groups and threads. Pinning other people’s non-relevant , poor quality stuff wasn’t helping my authority as a pinner. Neither was hosting huge group boards, they’re gone.
  • Cleaning up my boards, removing the dross ( size hardly seems to matter by the way, some of my best pins are “too small”)
  • All new pins have images that show the destination or subject clearly, don’t forget the visual element of Pinterest SEO.
  • Board Booster for analysing boards and pins and deleting unwanted bad pins with no repins easily.
  • Looping via Board Booster on all big/popular boards.
  • Re-pinning the most productive pins ( as determined by Google Analytics and/or Pinterest Analytics) to any boards or group boards I have not yet pinned them to.
  • Auditing my pins on my blog’s board. Getting rid of the dross, deleting pins with few repins, re-pinning every pin on that board over the last month and totally updating my Pinterest spreadsheet.
  • Using Board Booster to determine the value of group boards. This is invaluable. (

    get Board Booster here

    they have a free trial)
  • Re-pinning pins ( and creating new pins) for all updated content. Posts are updated in terms of SEO using data from Search Console.
  • Auditing my own group boards using Board Booster’s tools ( Board Doctor and Group Manager) and data, getting rid of bad pins and bad pinners.
  • Deleted my biggest group board full of “junk” pins. A bold step.
  • If you need to buy

    Board Booster do it here, I think we both get benefit from this link


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