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Is My Guardian Angel Watching Over Me?

Angels are with you all the time and your guardian angel has been by your side since you were born and will stay with you until you depart your life here on earth.

Guardian angels are there to guide you in everyday life and have unconditional love for you, a love that transcends anything earthly.

You also have angels in your life who respond to you when you ask for help.

Unlike guardian angels, they are not with you all the time but when you need them they can provide the help, guidance and comfort you need.

Archangels are the ‘managers’ of angels and guardian angels.  Archangels will come to you in times of emergency and when there are bigger issues in your life.

Angels have never been mortals here on earth and should not be mistaken for spirit guides.  Spirit guides have once lived on earth just like you or I and then when they have passed to the afterlife they are given special training to help them become spirit guides.

Very often a spirit guide is a loved one who has passed, this could be before or after you were born. In essence spirit guides are much like angels and are also with you until you pass.  Spirit guides are there to protect, reassure and show you the way in life.


good psychic

can feel the difference between the presence and energy of an angel and that of a spirit guide.  Psychics may even see the auras of each in the form of different colours.

If you want to become more aware of the presence of your angels you need to try and open your mind and trust your instinct.  This can be difficult when we have learnt to believe only in what can be absolutely and scientifically proven.  However if you allow yourself to be more aware of  the signs angels leave for you then you will start to see what cannot be ‘seen’.

Angels often leave calling cards such as white feathers when they want you to know they are there as they want you to feel reassured you are not alone with whatever the issue is.

You can call upon your angels by just asking for help.  Angels are only too willing to be there for you it is their absolute purpose.  Angels often help several people at the same time even though those they are helping may be at opposite ends of the world.  This is because angels are of pure spirit and thus are not governed by time or distance, so never worry about how often you require their support. They are watching over you and are there to help.

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