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Bitconnect is another cryptocurrency that is like Bitcoin, it is currently ranked #13 on the Market Capitalization list with a market cap of $921,036,138.

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In this post I am going to show you how to transfer your BitCoin into BitConnect! Why do you want to turn your BTC into BCC? The reason you want to turn BTC into BCC is for the simple fact of Investing your BCC. Follow the tutorial and hopefully it will all make sense to you!

Step One: Make a BitConnect account

, just like the Coinbase account it is super easy to set up. Just click the link below to get started;

Below is what the registration page looks like, enter in your information and click continue and it will bring you to the home screen of BitConnect.

Your dashboard screen should look like this besides the Bitconnect Wallet which should say 0.00 when you first make your account.

Step Two: Scroll down to the “Receive Bitcoin (BTC) on the dashboard screen.

Step Three: Click Deposit Bitcoin (BTC) and a address will pop up. Copy and paste that address and then go back to Coinbase.

Step Four: Click the “Send” button under the “Accounts” tab.

A pop up will come up and ask for the address, enter that same address that you copied earlier. It should already have the “Withdraw From” selected to BTC Wallet”. In the amount section enter the amount you want to send and invest in Bitconnect (Must be over $100 after fees and exchange rates). I personally usually always just click “Send Max” to make sure I send every bit of BitCoin over that I can.

Step Five: The fifth step is to simply wait.

It usually takes about a hour to receive all confirmations and for it to completely transfer over to BitConnect. Once the Bitcoin has successfully sent over to BitConnect it will show up in your “Bitcoin Wallet”.

Step Six: Once you have the Bitcoin you need to exchange it for Bitconnect Coins.

To do this you go back to Bitconnect and click on the “BCC Exchange” and scroll all the way to the bottom to the “BUY/SELL BCC” section. Once you are here it should show your Bitcoin Balance on the left side, this is where you are going to buy the BitConnect that you are later going to invest. Ignore the “Units” and leave the “Bid” at the default unless you want to try and get a lower price for the BitConnect coins (I would avoid the troubles and just leave it at default). Click the “ALL” button next the the “Total”. This will make sure you get the maximum amount of BCC to invest. Click the green “Buy BITCONNECTION COIN” button at the bottom and wait for someone to sell you there BCC, the time can vary for this but once someone takes your order and sells you BCC it will show up in your “BitConnection Wallet”. From here all you have to do is invest that BCC!

Step Seven:

Once your BCC is showing up in your wallet you go back to the main dashboard and click on “Lend BitConnect”

Step Eight:

This pop-up will come up, and let me take a second to explain this, because this is where all the important information about the money you will be profiting is! Basically below it shows four different variations of lending amounts you can lend. The interest accrued is going to be higher the more you invest for obvious reasons. Capital Release is the time of the loan, so if I only want to invest $150.00 then the loan term is 299 days. After the 299 days I get my initial investment back, but what you make money off of it is the daily interest payout. You get daily interest payments from your loans, For a $100 loan you will usually get about $1.00 a day. I am not going to share strategies of making money on these sites as you can find many tutorials on youtube, I do plan on making a youtube video soon for strategies of making money on Bitconnect but for now this is just a basic tutorial on how to actually do the transactions.

If you click on “Volatility software interest” it will bring up the page below, on this page we have a lot of important things to look at before investing money. Number one thing to look at is the “Last 5 day’s credited interest”, This is showing the interest payouts for the last five days, that is the interest rate at which your going to get on your investment. The second thing that you are going to want to look at is the “Projected earnings calculator”, with this calculation you can put in the amount of money you want to invest and it will tell you based on the average rate of interest in the past. So using the same example of a $100 investment would lead you to making $296.01 in profit over the 299 days.

Now say you want to invest more money into BCC, say you have $12,000.00 to invest, lets look at the profit you could make from that.

Yeahhhh… So thats how much more you could make with a $12,000 dollar investment, and thats in just 4 months since it is more then $10,010.00 it gets a shorter loan term. So you are probably wondering how you get $12,000 to invest in, well you don’t have to invest that much and you can still make money fast. That brings me to the next thing. When you receive your daily interest payout it goes into your “Lending Wallet” which you can find at the top of your BitConnection screen. You will see this number rise everyday, this amount you can then reinvest and make daily interest on that, and you keep repeating this over and over, and you will see the number rise very quickly, especially if you keep adding in your own money as investments here and there.

That brings us to the end of this tutorial, Once you transfer over all the Bitcoins then transfer them into BitConnect coins you invest them by going to the main dashboard and entering in the amount you want to invest and accepting the terms and conditions. After that you have successfully invested your BCC and will begin receiving daily interest the next day. If you have extra money laying around to play with this is a great foul proof investment, there is really no risk involved in investing BCC other then the value of BCC or BTC changing drastically.

I hope you all learned something from this and can successfully invest money into BCC!

Click the youtube videos below if your still having a hard time figuring it out, they were some of the videos that helped me out when I started. (:

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