Implied Volatility: Buy Low and Sell High


, whether used to insure a portfolio, generate income or leverage stock price movements, provide advantages over other

financial instruments

. There are several variables that influence an option’s price, or



Implied volatility

is an essential ingredient to the option-pricing equation, and the success of an options trade can be significantly enhanced by being on the right side of implied volatility changes.

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To better understand implied volatility and how it drives the price of options, let’s first go over the basics of options pricing. (See also:

Understanding Option Pricing


Option Pricing Basics

How Implied Volatility Affects Options

How to Use Implied Volatility to Your Advantage

Figure 1: Implied volatility of an option

Figure 2 : An implied volatility range using relative values

Using Implied Volatility to Determine Strategy

The Bottom Line


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