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How To Use PPC To Promote Clickbank Products…

Pay Per Click or PPC is one of the most effective ways to promote affiliate products if it is done right. Not everyone uses PPC, many people will promote Clickbank products with article marketing, some with good SEO tactics and some with blogging, but those who really make a lot of money promoting Clickbank affiliate products usually do so using Pay Per click. Read on to learn the secrets to the success of those affiliate marketers using PPC.

Secret #1 – Choosing the Right Product to Promote

You want to promote products that are highly converting and have a high commission payout. To find a good paying, high converting product you want one that has a minimum of 20 gravity score. New products may come on the market and their gravity will start at zero, but leave these alone because you just don’t know how well they are going to convert and if they don’t convert well then you can lose a lot of money testing them.

Don’t worry too much about the competition. Even if there is a lot of competition for a product there is no reason why you can’t be successful with it. If you work smarter and harder than your competition then they will not be a problem.

When first starting out though you might want to stick with products that have a little less competition, these are the products that will have a gravity score of around 20 to 50.

Secret #2 – Be Original

To be successful with PPC you need to be original and keep away from all the ‘big’ keyword phrases that do have way too much competition. Although competition with a product isn’t a big issue, competition with keywords is. For example, if you are promoting a product in the weight loss niche, if you use PPC ads for the term ‘weight loss’ you will be commission PPC suicide, there is just too much competition. Instead, try using terms like ‘Using Treadmills for Weight Loss’ or ‘Fat Loss by Jogging’.

You want to look for keyword phrases that you can get a high positioned PPC ad for a low cost – preferably under $.20 cents a click. If the product you are promoting is in a less competitive niche then you should find a lot of keyword phrases that you can use, but if your product is in a more competitive niche then it will be more difficult finding those great keyword phrases.

You just need to try and look at the product from a different angle than others are using. Look for a keyword phrase that people will search for but not too many people are advertising for.

Secret #3 – Track your PPC Campaign

When you first start out with Pay Per Click you may lose money before making any money. This is normal and even the big guru’s will start out losing money with a new PPC campaign.

Often people will give up when they lose money and that is why they will never be successful with PPC. Those who are successful will not give up but instead will tweak their ads and their landing pages and continue to make changes until they increase their click through rate and conversion rates. Even though they lose money in the beginning, once they make a few changes here and there and get those click through rates and conversion rates high, then they will soon make that money back and much more. Soon they will have a campaign that is making them money on autopilot.

You need to track your campaigns meticulously, only use one keyword per ad group so you can track how every keyword is performing.

Secret #4 – Use Different PPC Networks

When you first start out with Pay Per Click you should start with the Google Adwords network. Do not use any other content or partner networks, only Google. Track your conversions and click through rates on Google and when you get a campaign that is converting well then expand to the partner network.

Once you have a profitable campaign you can then use that identical campaign with other Pay Per Click programs like Yahoo.

After you have set up your campaign with other PPC networks you can then try content network. Content network is less targeted and doesn’t convert as well which is why you need to be profitable with the other networks before moving to content network.


The main points to remember when promoting a Clickbank affiliate product using PPC is to choose a highly converting product that pays high commissions. Then be original and try to view the product from a different angle than most marketers are using. Track your campaigns meticulously and keep on tweaking them until you see results. Start off with Google Adwords and when that is profitable then move on to the other PPC networks. By following these suggestions you should be able to build up a good solid business by promoting affiliate products using Pay Per Click.

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