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How To Understand Your Traffic from Pinterest

How To Understand Your Traffic from Pinterest

Do You Really Know What Drives Your Referral Traffic from Pinterest?

There’s a good deal of confusion about what

drives traffic from Pinterest to blogs and websites

. An individual site will often see ebbs and flows in Pinterest traffic month to month or week to week. When this happens, it’s easy to jump to conclusions as to why traffic from Pinterest increased or declined. If you do that, though, you’ll generally be wrong.

The thing is: Pins can take weeks or months to go viral. This makes interpreting changes in traffic from Pinterest more difficult than it is for real-time social networks such as Twitter or Facebook. Often, a growth or decline in traffic from Pinterest is NOT due to something you did recently, but the impact of actions taken months prior.

This blog post provides an in-depth analysis of what drove one successful blogger’s traffic from Pinterest to change over time.

Hands-on case study:






How Long Ago? (wks)

Pinned by You





Commentary – Why do Viral Pins fade?


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