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How to Restore Lead Acid Batteries: Important Steps to Take

Knowing how to restore lead acid batteries is something that can significantly reduce expenses incurred from buying new batteries whenever the old ones die. Unfortunately, the amount of available information regarding the procedure is quite limited.

Due to this, many who want to know how this is done fail to find the needed information on

how to recondition and restore lead batteries

. So to help you out, this article provides some of the important steps in the process.

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Wear protective clothes

The first and probably the most important step that you should into consideration is the need to wear protective clothes. Lead acid batteries contain a number of chemicals, primarily acid and lead, which can harm you if you’re exposed to these and there is direct skin contact.

Having baking soda available while working on your lead acid battery is a safety measure because any spilled acid can be neutralized with baking soda.

If you are planning to restore this type of battery, you are advised to wear an apron and a pair of gloves, particularly those that are designed for handling toxic substances. In addition to that, you are also encouraged to wear protective goggles to protect your eyes from any of these hazardous chemicals.

Check the battery’s physical condition

A lot of experts in lead acid battery restoration commonly inspect the batteries that they are about to restore. They usually check if the batteries have physical defects like a melted plastic housing, burnt connectors, or warped battery sides. This inspection is important  since this allows you to determine if the batteries can be restored or not.

If a battery has no defects, there’s a good chance that it can be restored. If there are any defects, it can mean that the battery needs some repairs before it can be reconditioned. However, there are cases wherein the physical defect can make battery restoration impossible.

Wash the battery thoroughly

Many experts in restoring lead acid batteries strongly you to wash the batteries thoroughly since this will automatically remove some of the foreign compounds that prevent them from providing the expected performance.

This can be accomplished with the use of clean water, baking soda and dishwashing soap. There is a need to use baking soda since it reacts with the battery’s acid and prevents it from causing harm to the person doing the cleaning.

For a better result, it is also advised to use dishwashing soap along with an old toothbrush for scrubbing because it will help in removing stubborn particles in certain areas of the battery.

As soon as the cleaning is done, make sure that battery is thoroughly dried. This can be done by wiping it with a clean cloth.

Check, replace or refill the battery’s distilled water

Another important procedure that must be considered when restoring lead acid batteries is checking, replacing or refilling the distilled water inside the unit because distilled water plays an important role in allowing the battery to function well and any problem regarding the liquid’s level will affect its performance.

Given this fact, the water levels should be checked, and make sure that they are at the appropriate level.  The distilled water inside the battery should also be replaced or refilled when needed.

Have the battery charged

Finally, battery restoration will include a charging process because you need to charge this battery from its near dead state to one that is comparable to a new battery. Doing this also allows you to provide the needed performance for a longer period.

Aside from that, charging the battery is also helpful in checking if the restoration process really works or not. This can easily be determined since the successfully restored battery when charged will retain the charge supplied to it.

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Aside from the steps provided above, there are still a lot of important factors that must be considered in restoring lead acid batteries.

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