How to Recondition a Lead Acid Battery

Published on May 5, 2016

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If the battery in the car does not work appropriately, you have to check it first. There is no need to get a replacement if you know how to recondition a lead acid battery. There are two different lead plates located on the lead acid batteries. If plates are exposed, the sulfur will be accumulated at their top parts. It makes the battery fail to work. The deposit of sulfate compounds can be removed if you rebuild the battery. The things that you will need to bring back to life the lead acid battery are the battery charger, flat head screwdriver, rubber gloves and distilled water.

1. Protection

The hands should be protected by wearing rubber gloves because you will deal with one of the most powerful acid. This acid is easy to burn.

2. Remove the caps

The lead acid battery top features the caps. Unscrew them using the flat head screwdriver. In addition, use the fingers to lift the cap.

3. Find out the cause

Whether lead acid battery is exposed to sulfation or not, it can be seen from the fluid level. It may be affected by sulfation if the fluid level is located at the lower part of minimum marker.

4. Pour distilled water

The fluid should be in the maximum marker level by pouring the distilled water. If you fill the distilled water beyond the maximum marker, it will inflate when charging process. It will not repair the battery. On the other hand, you make the battery fail to work.

5. Connect the battery with clamps

There were two cables located on the battery. Both are in red and black. You should connect the positive and negative terminal poles of the cables with two clamps after you remove the caps.

6. Recharge the battery

When you want to connect the battery with charger, choose slow charge over the fast one. The latter one will not help you to restore the battery power. Furthermore, connect the battery to power supply via charger. After you connect the battery charger with powerful supply, check whether it is recharged properly or not. Look at the display panel or charging light.

7. Remove the charger and clamps

Leave the charged battery for at least one day. It is recommended for people to leave it around two till three days if you want it maximally recharged. If you give more time for the battery to be recharged, the distilled water will be easily turned into sulfuric acid. After one day or 3 days, the battery charger can be turned off. Eliminate the clamps from terminal poles and plug from power supply.

8. Attach the caps

The caps should be installed at the top of the lead battery. Use the head screwdriver to replace the screws.

Moreover, install the reviving lead acid battery in the car. Check whether it works or not. The simple ways on how to recondition a lead acid battery will help you to reduce the cost for replacing the battery with a new one.

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