How To Meet Your Guardian Angel

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One of the most common questions I receive in helping people to connect with the angelic realm, is “

How do I meet my guardian angel?

As far as questions go, this really is a great question to ask.

Consciously connecting with your guardian angels is a powerful step to take on your path of personal growth and spiritual development.

In case you are already wondering, or doubting whether you actually have guardian angels with you… Let me reassure you by saying, yes!

You absolutely have guardian angels! Everyone who is alive on the planet has at least two guardian angels whether they are aware of them or not.

With practice, persistence, and by learning a few techniques, you can and will learn to tune into the presence, love and guidance of your guardian angels.

Why Connect With Your Guardian Angels?

More than simply protecting you from harm, your guardian angels are some of your biggest allies in helping you on your life path. They are closely

connected with your higher self

, they are fully

aware of your authentic life purpose

and they are tuned into the truth of what is most important for you at soul level to accomplish, experience, and learn in your life.

Your angels love helping you and they are able and willing to assist you in accomplishing your purpose. Angels can also help you to align with increased joy, love, and vibrant well-being in your life.

Your guardian angels are there to help guide you through challenges and rough spots on your path, they offer comfort and nurturing when needed, and they help you to overcome difficulties you may encounter throughout your life journey.

Your guardian angels are always near, and with your permission, they will offer you the healing, guidance, and protection when you need it.

Giving Permission

Did you notice how I said they help you when you give them permission? You read this correctly.

Guardian angels

honor your free will

to learn your life lessons, make your own decisions, and even head down the wrong path if this is your choice. They truly want to help you, but they will rarely do so unless you ask for their help, and give them permission to directly guide and assist you.

Therefore, the first step to take if you want to meet your guardian angels is to



Your intention is hugely powerful. When you ask your guardian angels to come in and connect with you, or to appear before you so you can meet them, they will!

Keep in mind however, that angels are spiritual beings.

They do not have a physical form

, so while they will sometimes appear as physical beings, most often they will appear in spirit.

This means that when you ask them to appear before you so you can meet… They will answer your request, and they will appear. However, for you to become aware of their presence, you will need to enter within yourself to find the place in which you are able to perceive in the realms of spirit.

Before Your Meet Your Guardian Angel

I mentioned that you have at least two guardian angels… To start, let us introduce you to one of them. Then, you can simply repeat the process to meet more of your angels and spirit guides who are assisting you and looking out for you from the spiritual realms.

As mentioned above, the first step to meet your guardian angel is to ask them to connect with you.

I recommend finding a quiet, comfortable place, where you will not be disturbed. Close your eyes, and really focus on being present in the moment, by becoming aware of your breath.

Focus on consciously inhaling and exhaling. Be fully present in this moment right now.

When You’re Ready

When you are ready…

Think or say:

“I now ask my easiest guardian angel to connect with; please appear before me so I can meet you now. Help me increase my awareness and tune into your presence, so I can connect with your love, healing, and guidance.”

Once you ask, let go of any attachment to the outcome, and just focus on being, breathing, and becoming more and more aware in the moment.

Notice the light and love that is all around you:

Begin to imagine you are

breathing in light


⤞ Allow light to fill your body, mind and spirit

as you inhale, and as you exhale let go.

⤞ Let go of the past

and all that has been,

let go of the future

and what may or may not be.

⤞ Let go of thoughts, stress, and worries.

Let go and be present here and now.

Imagine your spinal column is filling with light, and shining like a pillar of light:


light shining below you

, and

flowing up through the bottom of your feet

, up

along your spinal column

and continuing

up out the top of your head

into the light of the Divine above you.

Allow yourself to consciously lift in the light as it flows up around you.

Go up with it into the higher vibrational realms of spirit.

Enjoy just breathing, being, and tuning into the light of the Divine that is now all around you, above you, below you, and within you.

Imagine your guardian angel sitting across you:

As you continue to focus within, tuning into a place of stillness, and peace within, now imagine your guardian angel is sitting across from you.

Become aware of your guardian angel through your

subtle psychic senses of feeling, hearing, seeing and knowing

. Through these subtle senses, you are able to notice the powerful, uplifting, luminescent presence of your guardian angel with you now.

Let yourself simply

become aware of and feel

the presence of your guardian angel.

⤞ If you’re not feeling anything yet

, ask your guardian angel to help you tune into them. Then refocus within, not trying to make anything happen, but rather just being open and aware. From this state of being, you can learn how the presence of your guardian angel feels and appears to you. It will likely be subtle, and it may feel like you’re making it up, especially the first few times you connect.

Don’t worry about this for now. Just remain present and aware, and with practice over time, you will learn to increase your clarity of connection with your angels.

When you ask your angels to connect with you, they will go to work to help you make the connection by energetically aligning your energy, and paving the pathway so the next time you ask, it will be even easier to connect.

Speaking to your guardian angel:

You can then ask; “

Guardian angel, what is your name?

You can ask this and more questions aloud if you like, or you can simply ask internally in your mind as your guardian angel can tune into your thoughts.

After you ask a question, return to the place of present moment awareness, as you are focused within, and notice the first name that appears in your mind.

This is the name of one of your guardian angels.

Next, try asking:

What do I most need to know now?

Remain present, aware, focused within and focused on your breathing, to allow the guidance from your guardian angel to appear.

You may see a mental vision of your angel, appearing like a distant memory before your mind’s eye. You may receive a burst of feeling, a flash of insight or knowing, or you may begin to hear, or simply receive a message.

The angelic guidance you receive will likely be simple to start. It may actually seem far too simple like:

“I’m here and I love you.”

Releasing Expectations & Embracing Light And Love

Release your expectations of what angelic guidance should be like, relax into the moment, and know that you are indeed in the presence of your guardian angel.

Often times the actual message from the angels is simple, but is backed up with a huge energy of light and unconditional love. As you practice connecting, and relaxing into the moment, more angelic guidance, and uplifted frequency of Divine love will become available to you.

For now, let yourself simply enjoy the presence of your guardian angel. Know that the more you think about angels, call upon your guardian angels, and practice connecting with your angels, the more real your connection will feel and the guidance you receive will become more accurate and powerful.

Whatever your experience, thank your guardian angel for showing up for you, and enjoy the increased light and love you’re now aligned with by simply tuning in, and meeting your guardian angel.

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