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How to Make Money on Twitter via Affiliate Schemes

Twitter is one of the most popular social media websites, providing users with a public platform to share news and post messages in short form, with just 140 characters available to get the message across. Trending topics and breaking news can often be found on Twitter long before they start gaining momentum elsewhere on the web, which provides a valuable opportunity for the savvy marketing affiliate to make money with Twitter by creating or re-tweeting trending content and interesting information.

If you are wondering how affiliate marketing on Twitter works, in this article we will share some advice and guidance on how to make money off Twitter by using your followers, likes, and viewed content to send traffic to your referral links. Read on to learn more.

Can you make money on Twitter?

If you are keen to make money, Twitter is a valuable resource to earn commissions from referral links placed within your content. However, before you can start making money on Twitter, it is important to understand how the site works, how to make the best of trending topics, and how to gain followers and likes to spread your message.


Here are the basics of how to make money from Twitter:

• Identify the type of followers that will be interested in what you offer, and make sure that your profile picture, header image and short description are all targeted to appeal to them.

• Begin gaining followers as soon as possible-building up a large number of followers is vital to the amount of exposure you receive on Twitter. We will talk in more detail about how to do this in the next section.

• Post great content that your followers want to read, and post regularly to keep your followers interested.

• Engage with your followers: post in response to their Tweets, ask questions in your own Tweets, and don’t forget to return to respond to answers!

• Use images, memes, trending topics, polls and all of the other tools that Twitter provides to engage with your followers and start a conversation.

• Do not take a “hard sell” approach on Twitter-social media users are there to socialise, and being overly pushy about the sales element of your content will soon discourage your fans.

• Be willing to use promotions, competitions and other marketing tools to boost interactions and gain clicks to your affiliate content.

• Always keep your cool and do not get into arguments or fights on Twitter; having an opinion on controversial content is fine, but be careful that you do not alienate your followers.

How to earn through Twitter

In order to make money on Twitter using affiliate marketing, never forget your goal: to get click-throughs to your affiliate content and so, earn commissions. Before you can get people to click your links, however, you first have to get your content seen by a wide audience that will be interested in it-and this means collecting followers and likes.

Having lots of followers to read and share your content is the key to making money off Twitter affiliate links, so here are some tips on the basics of how to do this.

• Follow lots of other accounts, particularly those that offer followbacks and/or that will engage with you.

• Post interesting and informative content that people want to read, and use this content to start a conversation.

• Make the best possible use of trending hashtags-look at the topics that are trending and make posts using these hashtags, in order to have them appear in the stream for the topic in question.

• Like, re-Tweet and comment on other people’s content-they will then feel more inclined to do the same for you.

• Consider investing in a service that can provide bulk batches of followers or likes for your account to get you started-having a lot of followers adds credibility to your account, and will encourage others. However, be speculative about how you do this, as Twitter often deletes fake and dummy accounts, and penalises those using them.

• Be prepared to invest a little bit of money in gaining followers and raising interest in your content by running a competition or other incentive for Twitter users, which requires entrants to follow you, re-Tweet your message or like your post in order to enter.

• Keep your content fresh and current, and updated regularly-but do not post constantly, because otherwise you will lose followers who feel that you are spamming their feed.

Twitter affiliate marketing

When you’ve got some followers and your Twitter feed has some good content, you’re all ready to go-so, how can you start making money off Twitter affiliate marketing posts?

The basics of earning commissions from affiliate schemes on Twitter are the same as they are anywhere else-you have to encourage people to click a link to the affiliate site, which means that you need to get your links seen by a large audience, and also, that the post accompanying the link must do everything possible to make the link seem tempting.

Here are four of the best ways to make money from affiliate marketing on Twitter:

1. Identify trending topics and post Tweets using those hashtags, with a good quality and subtle clickbait message alongside of your link. Try to ensure that your message pertains to the trending topic in order to provide plausibility-you may have to get creative here!

For example, if you want to promote a dating site and a female celebrity is trending, a link to your site along with a message like “wow, there’s a girl that looks just like #celeb on this free adult dating site, could it be her?” and so on.

2. Run offers and competitions on Twitter by providing a prize or incentive for people to follow you, re-Tweet your content or like your post. A great way to do this is by integrating a poll into your post (polls don’t count as part of your 140-character Tweet limit) with the correct answer being one that can be found easily by clicking your affiliate link.

For example, use your 140 characters to post something like “COMPETITION! To win (XXX) tell us (something that can only be found at your link) in the poll, and re-Tweet to enter! (Your link here).” Then, post your poll question with a range of answer options, including of course, the right one!

3. Start conversations and pose open-ended questions to your followers about things that are funny, interesting or clever. Get involved in conversations on other people’s feeds too. Twitter is a great place to pick up on trending topics, new memes and breaking news that you can piggyback, so make use of Twitter analytics and other tracking tools to stay ahead of the game.

Integrate your links into your posts naturally, and without spamming.

4. Depending on what type of affiliate links you are working with, you may wish to invest in some promoted Tweets or sponsored topics using the platform’s own Promoted Ads service.

This permits you to set a budget for ads and choose your target demographics, and Twitter will then showcase your selected content to your chosen audience, even if they are not following you. However, Twitter does notate that such posts and content are sponsored rather than organic results, which may somewhat interaction.

That said, for certain niches or very profitable affiliate schemes, it may still be worthwhile.

It is also important to make sure that the site or link you wish to promote falls in line with Twitter’s paid advertisement policies-for instance, while dating sites are permitted, sites and links promoting pornography, paid sexual services and explicit pictures and content are not allowed. You must ensure that your content and landing page are designed to comply with these rules before launching a campaign!

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