How to Increase Your Pinterest Traffic by 67.65% in 10 Minutes


I was never a big fan of Pinterest.

I just thought it wasn’t the right fit for my blog, so I didn’t pay much attention to it.

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First, why Pinterest?

Wait, Pinterest is a search engine?

How to optimize your Pinterest account for SEO

Pinterest growth basics

  • Wedding Venue Planning
  • Wedding Food Planning
  • Wedding Music
  • Wedding Traditions
  • Wedding Vows

How to grow your traffic with Pinterest group boards

How to automate your Pinterest marketing in 10 minutes per day

  • Use only my pins
  • Enable automation deduplication (this means your board won’t get junked up by duplicate pins)
  • Protection for viral duplicates – enabled

How to measure your blog traffic growth from Pinterest

Daily 10 minute Pinterest marketing schedule

  • Add pins to your secret boards (to keep scheduler running)
  • Tweak looping and campaign settings, like time of day for pins, day of the week, number per day… find what works for you
  • Look for new group boards to join
  • Schedule and loop your content to the new group boards
  • Track your follower and blog traffic stats to measure performance
  • Make sure your boards have 200 or less pins each and split them into new boards if they have more



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